VIDEO: Are The Wimbledon Courts Slower Now Than Before? Rafael Nadal Says No

World No. 2 Rafael Nadal thinks that the grass courts haven’t slowed down as many believe:

I have been here for 15 years, and every time I am hearing the same – very slow, faster, slower than ever. For a player who is playing very well, they can feel the things perfect. For a player that is not playing that well, they feel slower or too fast because is difficult to find the timing out there. The surface for me is the same as always. I have been playing here since 2003. Honestly, I don’t see a difference.


  1. Yes, another positive Press Conference 😀 in Spanish the questions too 😀 However when they ask about the Big 3 dominating Wimbledon since 2003 they should have included Andy Murray as they used call them the Big 4 and we were all so pleased for him 😃👑 👑a Brit winning at last. Nadal should have won it at least twice more 😕 they Europeans have shared it. Fiona in Paris

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