VIDEO: Rafael Nadal denies he said certain curse words to Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon

Video from Rafael Nadal’s second-round post-match press conference from Wimbledon.


  1. Saw your interview when one of the reporters said that you cursed at K in Spanish which was false. I saw your match against K and I am so proud of you always a gentleman. K should be banned from tennis if he doesn’t get his act together. Such a waste because he is a great player.
    Rafa wishing you lots of health and Good Luck. Dios te Bendiga siempre.
    Tu fan Numero uno. Carmen😇🙏❤️

  2. Bottom line Rafa is a gentleman Kyrgios isn’t and although he is a brilliant player at times, his unruly behaviour is not acceptable in professional tennis especially at Wimbledon in the country that gave the world
    lawn tennis, he should have some respect.
    He needs to be spoken too by the Wimbledon committee about his behaviour,in future if he doesn’t change his childish attitude towards the game and officials then he should forfeit the match or banned, hes an embarrassment to the tennis community.
    It looks bad on his parents too.
    Rafa always plays in exactly the same manner, he takes his time if possible by the clock when serving,if he goes over its not intentional, hes not a cheat.
    Kyrgios knows Rafa plays like this,he should accept it, rather than keep on complaining and ruining his own game..he will never win a grand slam unless he controls his childish aggression.

    • I completely agree that Kyrgios’ imature, bratty behavior ellipses whatever raw talent he possesses. He has moments of brilliance, however, to be a serious contender in the Majors he must control his temper. He is his own worst enemy and is making a mockery of the classy traditions of the game. He needs to put on his big boy pants, suck it up and focus on being a professional at all times. Nobody ever said adulting was easy!

  3. I don’t understand why Wimbledon is not sanctioning Krygios in some way when he admits that he intentionally tried to hurt Rafa by hitting a ball at his body. That is not part of the game. Before he was stupid enough to admit his intentions, he could have simply argued that he was just trying to return the ball. If the media would pay much less attention to this very poor example of a professional tennis player, he might tone down his antics as a child would do when his misbehaving doesn’t draw his anticipated attention. There’s really no place in professional athletics for such a fool!

  4. “This was a win Nadal needed, one he earned with that devastating 1-2 punch of his lefty serve and forehand, his self-control and nerve.

    But in the end, that love and passion he mentioned had a little something to do with it, too.”
    [SOURCE: Peter Bodo ESPN]

  5. Rafa you are such an inspiration, a role model. Not only for younger generation but everyone. There is so much to learn fromyou. your humility,work ethics, behavior on and off court. You are a full package. Hats off to you. Vamos 💪💪💪

  6. Yes, the behavior of Nick is certainly out of whack…just like most people of his age. They seem to
    have less and less respect for any normal human. It is a product of our society today. It all stems
    from his up-bringing…or lack there of. So disappointing! I am so happy for Rafa..he deserves
    everyone’s respect, because he gives it! Long live The King of Clay!!

    • The officials of Wimbledon has got it wrong. They purport to be this classy club that frown on behavior such as that on display but fall short of disallowing and banning attempts to hit a competitor and ungentlemanly underarm serves. Society does not have control over family units that have failed in instilling respect, if not love for fellow humans and other creatures on this planet, but certainly the officials at Wimbledon can and should exert their will by non-acceptance of this grossly unacceptable, unsportsmanlike behavior.

      • After admitting in his presser that he tried intentionally to hit Rafa in the chest, do you know if Wimby will sanction Kyrgios in any way?

      • Underarm serves aren’t actually against the rules, and hitting a ball directly at an opponent isn’t technically against the rules either. Nick is rude and disrespectful, but they can’t actually penalise him for any of that. Being rude to the umpire is against the rules, though: he should have been given at least a warning for that.

  7. Way to handle the press, Rafael Nadal! More important focus-recharge for the next round. All the
    best. Thank you for not engaging in any war of words with NK-you are right-it would only encourage
    him to flaunt his instability even more🤯you are a professional on and off the court.🙏👍💪👏🤛❤️

  8. Rafa, thank you for being the consummate gentleman in your match today with Kyrgios…needless to say he lacks a lot to be desired as a professional tennis player in a gentleman’s sport. Sad 😔

  9. The young male Australian players are a disgrace to the game. Heard on the news that Wimbledon fined Bernard Tomic in his match against Tsonga because he didn’t play they expect a professional to play (he lost the entire match in just 58 minutes and apparently wasn’t even trying). And Kyrios is a complete jackass! So many young athletes who train and aspire for years to have the opportunities that these men have and both of them just squander these “once in a life time occasions” and I agree with Rafa they don’t respect the game, the other athletes or the fans!

    • The young Aussies aren’t all bad, just Tomic and Kyrgios, who get most of the press.

      • Yes, Alex de Minaur appears to be old school Aussie, thank goodness, and Barty, too.

    • You obviously know very little about Aussie male tennis players then, there are many more than these particular two, don’t generalise…sad people like you only take note of media attention and not fact.

    • Kyrgios and Tomic are idiots, but Kokkinakis, Millman, de Minaur and the other Aussie lads are perfectly well-behaved. Unfortunately, they get overshadowed by the “bad boys”.

  10. Another press conférence positive 😀 I listened to the Spanish questions toô also positive 😀 Nadal gave NK his due, talent and ability to play well did not mention behaviour. 😐 We all prefer to concentrate on the matches . 🎾 Fiona in Paris

  11. Great match Rafa, it’s a pleasure to watch you play you are so professional and you give it your all every match keep winning, Good Luck.

  12. This is getting stupid – I know the press are looking for a story, but all this “feud” and “grudge match” talk is ridiculous. I was very unimpressed with how rude Nick was to the umpire during the match, but hopefully the press will stop talking about him now, and focus on the players who are still in the tournament.

    • That’s exactly what Rafa said in the Spanish half of his presser. He told a reporter the more you talk about this it gives him a reason to act like that.

  13. If, if, if! When Rafa wants to make a point he does it sooo well.

    I have to say Kyrgios had nothing but praise for Rafa, no sour grapes. But there was no apology for almost hitting Rafa in the chest. He was asked if he would have beaten Rafa had he not gone out last night drinking. Nick gave a firm “no” and said that “Rafa was just too good.” “He chases down every point where I struggle to do that.” “He’s a champion.” Of course, Kyrgios’s praise of Rafa does not exonerate him for his poor behavior during the match but at least he’s honest in his appraisal of our world No. 2 to whom he just lost.

  14. I’m surprised he was able to keep his cool but he is the ultimate professional. Kyrgios is an utter jackass and uses his little antics and fights with the referee to try to make his opponent lose concentration. As Rafa admitted he did for the second set. Kyrios should have to pay for his childish behavior and outbursts. He is not fit to shake the hand of Rafa. He is not a professional and defininately not a gentleman for the sport.

    • Kyrgios is all that many tennis lovers criticise about his unsporstlike behaviour. At the end of the day, what is most shocking is that he gets away with whatever he feels like doing. He proudly announces he will serve underarm and he does so. He proudly announces he tried to hurt his opponent and he does not see why he should apologise.
      Wake up Wimbledon organisers who purport that this is a respectable tournament.
      Wake up ATP to protect the sport you purport to oversee.

      • WRONG #3

        Nick did not “announce he tried to hurt his opponent.” Never said that. Listen to his presser.

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