Highlights From Rafael Nadal’s Win Over Nick Kyrgios In The Wimbledon Second Round [Video]

Here are the highlights from Rafael Nadal’s win over Nick Kyrgios today in London.

Best Shots:

Match point:



  1. Really feel Kyrgios should be banned on circuit..to spit to sware to challenge an accuse Umpire that he hadn’t a clue etc etc etc…get rid of him as he obviously has an issue mentally

  2. Re: the K man (cave man?), a finger wag is not enough. Money-maker and encouragement of (the wrong type) of fans??? This justifies giving him a pass for throwing furniture and admitting to threatening a player? All this is bad for the sport. If RF encourages this by inviting him to Laver Cup, he is also culpable. Sick!

    • When caveman attacked the public, launched chair on court etc., RF disagreed with caveman being punished. With his logic of “long live the snake that does not bite me” RF has promoted Kyrgios and was the one who agreed with McEnroe already at Laver cup 2017 that he would be part of team Europe. So caveman who hates all and sundry respects even repeatedly has expressed his admiration for RF. The naive one in this setup is Rafa who does everything RF wants, including playing for RF’s brainchild Laver cup in Switzerland and going to Africa for RF’s “charity”.

      • I think it VERY insulting to say “Rafa who does everything RF wants.” As if Rafa is a child and can’t think for himself.

        Did you see the Laver Cup matches? The pictures? Rafa had a blast. If he didn’t enjoy himself he would have declined to play again, in my opinion.

        Whatever it may concern, I don’t have any doubt if Rafa feels he is being taken advantage of he will put his foot down and say no. He is a man with a formidable mind, on and off the court.

        RAFA ROCKS

  3. Comical how NK was complaining about the time Rafa was taking between points. Brad Gilbert said that in his first match vs. Jordan T. he was taking 45-50 seconds himself. A shot clock would be nice but why wasn’t that umpire enforcing the rule? Unless tennis cleans up their act I see myself giving up on the sport again after Rafa leaves.

  4. Congrats Rafa you have always been a true champion and set wonderful example unlike this spoiled Brat along with Tonic you let your Tennis do the talking and Kyrious did the Walking I’m from Australia but please don’t judge the majority of us bloody cringe at their names perhaps Barty will give us our pride back PS loved Rafa’s Number 1 finger sign true sportman

  5. Rafa’s chest may have been the opponent’s narrow-minded target, but our champ’s vision is virtuous and true. Vamos Rafael!

  6. Vamos Rafa. You let your tennis speak for yourself as you had to win this match and what the stronger statement it can be than this. Class never fades…..

  7. I agree with others. Kyrios admitted he wanted to hit Rafa in the chest because he’s rich and won too many matches Also rants to the ref. He should be fined and not be allowed to play Evie a total jerk He is a rude show-off. Rafa won’t lower himself to his level. Rafa has worked for everything This guy has natural talent but it is lost with his poor characters and lack of discipline. Congratulations Rafa. This was the one you had to win!!!!

  8. Enough of this circus. The antics are postcards from an asylum. If Wimbledon wants to maintain
    traditions, why let someone rave on? If you disrespect the sport this much, get out and let someone else become a multi-millionaire.

    • No… Moya is not in London…. Upon his agreeing to join the team, it was set up that Frances Roig would lead the team in coaching at Wimbledon and not Carlos… So Carlos stays back for this one.

      • Moya is always present at RG where the tournament is often a walkover for Rafa. What a bad agreement that his so-called important coach is absent from Wimbledon where he could really be needed. Hope Rafa wins with only Roig coaching him. Roig is in fact the most loyal coach to Rafa.
        Wamos Rafa, you are the best.

      • Puma… I’m not sure it was a “bad” agreement …
        When Toni was the coach he was obviously at every slam and most of the other tournaments… Perhaps when Carlos joined the team, Rafa deferred to Roig for Wimbledon……After all, he has been with Rafa over 15 years and Rafa perceives him as “important” as well…

        At the US OPEN …. for the first couple of days Roig is there with Rafa and the team and then Carlos comes a few days later… Then you have the whole squad there…. That’s how its been the last couple of years…

  9. Y is the draw so hard for Rafa??? So unfair. He has to deal with big players every round😡😡😡

  10. Nick has admitted to purposely trying to hit Rafa “square in the chest”.
    So is this what it’s coming to for this bum?

    I’m waiting for the Wimbledon to do the right thing and fine his a–!!

    • How much longer is this hooligan of tennis going to get away with his behaviour? First ATP should ban underarm serve which players who have no sense of fair play resort to. Secondly, the umpire of this match allowed Kyrgios to disrupt the match and umpires sould be more vigilant of bad behaviour. Finally this viciously aiming to damage an opponent should be punished. It is time ATP protects tennis and gets out of traps like Kyrgios just because he sells tickets. Kyrgios is bad for tennis fullstop.

      • I do agree This attention seeking behaviour is immature and would not be allowed in any other game. Kygrios may be a very good player but there are plenty of other players who work their socks off to compete in a mature manner to fill his place. His behaviour is so disrespectful to other players.

  11. Congratulations Rafa, tough match and very well played
    You are a champion and a legend
    Proud of you 💙

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