Wimbledon 2019: Sunday practice photos

Here are a few photos from Rafael Nadal’s Sunday practice session at the All England Club.


  1. They are all there, the team in R Garros when he is in Paris , we see them outside the hotel. ☺ Maymo and Jordi like jogging round the block. 🏃 Fiona in Paris

  2. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) ALWAYS GREAT TO SEE YOU WITH ROIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) IT WILL BE A GREAT MATCH FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ): ) VAMOS AND ENJOY A BEAUTIFUL TIME SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) KEEP SMILING!!!!! : 0

  3. You are a force of your own!!! I can’t wait for you to win Wimbledon! VAMOS!! ❤️

  4. All Best Wishes to you Rafa Nadal!!! You are the Greatest Player in the World, and Wimbeldon is yours for the taking!!! Give em your All, and Great Things will happen!!! You are the Ultimate Role-Model for the kids coming up in Tennis today, and for those of us that have playing for years non professionally!!! You set the ultimate example in your top level of fitness, and your incredible Tennis strategy and game playing!! Go Rafa, Go!!!!! Best of Luck to You in Winning Wimbeldon 2019!!! Vamos!!!!

    • Very well said, Ray!! You’ve summed up Rafa perfectly. In my opinion, he stands head and shoulders above all the others for those qualities you mention.

  5. Yes, good news indeed. I was happy to learn that Drs. Jaume Vilaro and Angel Ruiz Cotorro were Delpo’s surgeons.

    It was Dr. Cotorro who found a solution for Rafa when his tarsal scafoid condition was discovered in 2005. When initially diagnosed, Rafa thought his career was over. Long story short, Rafa now has 18 Slams under his belt and seeking a nineteenth.

    I don’t know if JMDP knows Rafa’s story but if he does he’s probably feeling very optimistic with Dr. Cotorro in charge. I know I would.

    Fortunately for Delpo this is his first knee surgery. He initially fractured his kneecap last October at Shanghai but decided to let it heal on its own. This second fracture required surgery as we all now know. I think it was Lorna who said Delpo can’t get a break. I hope this is his last surgery. Altogether he has had five wrist surgeries and thank goodness his wrists seem to be doing fine.

    I would love to see more Rafa vs Delpo matches. I hope he heals well and completely so he can return to the Tour. Yes I miss him.

  6. Love your smile as always Rafa! Happy to see you working hard and having fun at the same time💪👍
    Good luck🍀 Vamos ❤️

  7. Rafa looking happy and relaxed. Just read all the ESPN “experts” predictions and only one person, Pam Shriver, is picking Rafa to win. Everyone else going with Rog and Djoker. Would be delicious for him to make them eat crow. My big wish for tomorrow: go Kohlschreiber!

  8. Rafa looks great….

    But on another note…. Juan Martin DelPotro had his second surgery yesterday in Barcelona…His doctors report that they removed a bone fragment on his right knee and surgery went well… Prior to surgery his instagram posts seemed so down as he wasn’t sure if he would be able to return to tennis… Now he looks forward to rehabbing to see if that’s a possibility…

    We miss you Juan and pray for a speedy recovery… We want you back on court!!

    • Correction he had the surgery last weekend and has been released from the hospital…

  9. Great pic of our Champion. Love the sleeveless shirts and those MUSCLES! 💪💪Can’t wait till Tuesday.

    • It is a slam and his main coach should be in attendance in my opinion. Every little bit helps!

      Go Rafa!!!

      • Rafa does not necessarily always travel with his entire team, be it a Slam or otherwise. The only person with him 24/7 be it in Mallorca, in Melbourne, in Paris, in Cincinnati, or in Shanghai, the only constant is Rafael Maymò, his physio since 2006: that’s thirteen years. He is also Rafa’s confidant.
        [SOURCE: Rafael Plaza ATP Noticias]

        RAFA ROCKS

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