Wimbledon 2019: Saturday practice photos

The UK is having its hottest day of the year, but this is not a problem for Rafael Nadal as he is coming from a sunny Mallorca. The only problem for our champ today was a slippery grass at the All England Club. Here are some photos.


  1. I would like to see Rafa skipping around rather than running around on grass.

    On clay Rafa glides or slides around beautifully; on HCs, he could use his natural speed and athleticism to run around but on grass, running around on slippery surface may lead to falls or slips. I think by taking little steps or skipping when moving is a good way to prevent slips and falls on grass.

    Both Fed and Murray have very good footwork on grass, I hardly see them fall down or slip on grass.

  2. I hope no one took seriously my suggestion that Rafa wear cleats. Gimme a break. That was just wishful thinking: anything to protect Rafa’s body and his chance of lifting that trophy.

    In fact, what Tour players cannot wear is regulated by the ATP and other various organizations. But Wimbledon takes it miles further with the mandatory “all white”. I do like the all-white outfits but think it should be a choice.

    How did the whites come about? Supposedly so perspiration marks wouldn’t show up on players’ clothes while playing. Dduuuhh!!

    Some years ago an ATP player was forced to change his tennis shoes because the soles were orange. Or was it red, I don’t recall. Geezzzz!

    Put those cleats on Rafa and sprint to the finish line.

    Wishing Rafa a SAFE AND HEALTHY voyage through Wimby. Like Roger said, “If Rafa is healthy ANYTHING is possible.”


    SIEMRE CONTIGO [a fan here always says that and it sounds so much nicer in Spanish]

  3. I like the white watchband for Wimbledon!

    I’m sure Rafa is wearing grass shoes. Spikes, etc are not allowed as they would damage the fragile grass.

  4. Rafa dont worry about how you seeded.God knows and the world is very much aware that you are #2 in the world.Blessing you are.wish you all the best and good health.

  5. you need to wear either cleats or spikes on your tennis sneakers just like the soccer players wear. Be careful out there Rafa and please don’t injure your self over stupid Wimbledon they don’t deserve to see you play after putting you as 3rd seed when clearly you are 2nd seed. Why hurt your self over a place that disrespects your ranking. They aren’t worth the air you breath. stay safe my Hero

  6. Ggeezzzz Rafa, get those cleats on. Be careful Champ, I want you in tip-top shape for your third 🏆 Wimby campaign.


  7. Rafa hopefully you ok after the slips at practising this morning Vamos Champ xx

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