WATCH: Rafael Nadal asked about controversial Wimbledon seedings, Kyrgios, and Murray’s comeback

Rafael Nadal speaks to the media ahead of his first round match at The Championships 2019.


  1. Glad to see here all the confidence for Rafa to win Wimbly, despite seeding issues. Re the latter, why didn’t they just seed RF #1 and be done with it. They have created bad will for themselves anyway.
    I’ve been enjoying watching the 2008 Rafa/Roger Wimbledon match and it’s interesting. I think both of them are better now (especially Rafa), and make fewer errors (especially Roger). Then I happened to see on YouTube the first match that they ever played together when Rafa was just 18. So interesting to see that Rafa still plays successfully the same sequence of shots he played in that very first match! Check it out.

  2. Sorry for the duplicate comment. I have no idea how that happened. It’s good reading though😂😂😂

  3. Two notable quotes from Rafa’s pre-Wimby presser:

    “It doesn’t matter if I am two or three. The ONLY thing is to win. Each win prepares me for the next match.”

    “I don’t know Nick. You can ask me about Nick if I win my match and he wins his.”

    Gotta love the Rafa. He means business and he’s NOT playing around. Glad he’s so upbeat and positive.


  4. Two notable quotes from Rafa’s pre-Wimby presser:

    “It doesn’t matter if I am two or three. The ONLY thing is to win. Each win prepares me for the next match.”

    “I don’t know Nick. You can ask me about Nick if I win my match and he wins his.”

    Gotta love the Rafa. He means business and he’ NOT playing around.


  5. Could we perhaps get past the seedings issue – as Rafa has clearly done, from his interview on Sky this morning – and focus on the tennis? It has not affected anything whatsoever. Had Rafa been seeded second, he would still be faced with playing Roger in the semis and Nole in the final. It’s very bad luck that he’s got this rough draw with Kyrgios and Shapavalov and Cilic, but that has got nothing to do with being seeded third rather than second – he could have got the same draw had he been seeded second or even first. It’s time to move on and enjoy Wimbledon fortnight. Vamos Rafa!

  6. If reporters were looking for a story re Kyrgios, they were stopped in their tracks. Good for you Rafa!

    And I’m glad Rafa called out the ATP. I suggest the ATP demote Wimby to a Masters for not respecting rankings 😂😂


  7. “Be Strong, Be aggressive,Be Offensive minded, SERVE n VOLLEY PLS, AVOID long Rallies…this is GRASS! MENTAL STRENGTH….. YOU HAVE IT CHAMP!!! Now..We will PRAY. VAMOS RAFA🥰😍😂

  8. I BELIEVE IN YOU, RAFA YOU WILL HOLD THE WIMBLEDON TROPHY THIS 2019!!!! On a personal note the blatant favouritism by Wimbledon Officials to give FEDERER the 2nd seeding is OUTRAGEOUS! Why not give him the trophy without even playing…just my opinion. Thank You. LOVE YOU RAFA FROM SYDNEY AUSTRALIA

    • Roger sells tickets. Gotta keep
      him in tourney longer. They all know it. He’s a great competitor but let’s be real.
      A Slam tourney playing games
      blatantly? Blemish to a respectable and royal tournament. Shaking my head.

  9. RAFA is strong now ! He will be fine. I was happy that he got a slight break at Rolland Garros ! Novak isn’t really at his best , just my opinion !
    Its ur year Rafa ! YOU CAN HOLD THIS TROPHY FOR 2019

  10. In essesnce, Roger got Rafa’s draw for Wimbledon. There should never be one set of rules for Wimbledon.and a different set of rules for the other 3 grand slams. Too bad the practice of favoritism on one specific surface over another surface is still practiced at Wimbledon. Ironically, the grass court season is the shortest part of the calendar year for tennis. I read that many of the players don’t even play the week before Wimbledon if at all.

    When I look at the atp and wta rankings weekly there is no mention of any specific surface over another. Ranking is based on all tournaments no matter what the surfaces.. All surfaces should be created equal. I guess Wimbledon remains antiquated in their thinking. The tennis federation should definitely review this issue in order to establish fairness and overall compliance going forward. This practice puts some what of a stain on those tidy whiteys at Wimby. Of course I will still watch as I love the sport of tennis so much!

    • Exactly Diane. There has been talk about this before the French Roland Garras. Now the band-aid fell off and the Wimbledon wound is visible.
      The most respected Slam.

    • How typical Federer when interviewed about seeding, while confessing that Wimbledon seeding was not always like this year, he justifies it as he obviously profits from crooked seeding. Crooked because first seed follows ATP rankings with Djokovic, when it comes to second seed who should be according to ATP rankings world number two Nadal, Wimbledon converts to its quirkyness and places Federer before Nadal. This is, to say the least, nothing but scandaleous. Anyway whatever Wimbledon does to favour RF, he will never ever win 12 Wimbledon titles.
      Wamos Rafa, you are the best.

  11. You can do it vamossssssssss champ and good luck 👍 💪🌎😘❤️

  12. Rafa you always answer media question with sincerity..just taking one match at a time..idiotic questions by some can you possibly answer re Kyrgios until you’ve played Sugitto (wrong spelling)..

    • Yes, a good press conférence 😀 quite positive, I listened to the questions in Spanish ☺ Also positive 😙 Fiona in Paris

    • Rafa delivered the perfect response to the Kyrgios question, giving the reporter a neutral answer and little to feed off.

      He will take nothing for granted in his first match against Sugita. Looking for a solid start from you, Rafa. Good luck champ!

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