PHOTOS: Here’s what Rafael Nadal will wear at 2022 Australian Open

From next week Rafael Nadal will be seen wearing a purple t-shirt which has a white strip on the sleeves, pairing it with white/purple shorts and matching green/white shoes.

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  1. Anyone knows where I can purchase this purple jacket, please and please! So far I just found tennis warehouse, but they don’t have in stock either. Anyone knows?

  2. What about the aqua-blue hat that Rafa wore for the interviews in Melbourne? I don’t see that on the website. It’s a great color and great hat!

  3. Hi all, the pants rafa is wearing in the australian open is definately not the same. Also nike is not even selling the one this webiste said it was going to wear neither is selling the one he is wearing now. Instead, they are pushing the regular white shorts with the black nike and bull logo. Anybody knows why

    • For me , answer is simple. Nike has lots of pants from Wimbledon 2022 that are not sold because Rafa was off … So , they prefer to let people first buy white pants with black logo and in 2 months they will release the good version in aqua blue … and fans will paid twice

  4. Love the kit for the Aus Open! The pair that he wears on court has what looks like a 9 on the back of the left shoe. What does this signify?

  5. No way Rafa wears the cage4s…he wears customized cafe 3s…cage 3s are lighter and fit like a glove …cage 4s are heavy w awkward fit

  6. Is there any colour combo Rafa cannot wear abs look good? Not from what I have seen! Love his bright colours! Reflects his love for tennis!

  7. You can use any color you have a great color nice tan 👍❤️💪🎾👍❤️💪🎾

  8. I’m sure Rafa would say ” I not wear that ! ” if
    he didn’t like it, so I guess he likes it, and thats OK
    with me. Vamos Rafa!

  9. I love your outfit. Rafa we are holding thumbs. Just do your best. Can’t wait anymore for your first game.

  10. I love the colours, but not too keen on the sleeves. Would like to see him in a vest top again so I can drool over those 💪💪♥️♥️

  11. My impression is that Rafa does not get very involved in his clothes designs. Nike has developed a Rafa look, and he seems fine with it. The one thing I read is that Rafa likes bright colors and he looks good in them. I am not personally fond of purple, but it works for Rafa. I think the green/teal is too busy on the shoes, but that seems to be in these days. The one thing I will say is that Rafa’s clothes always fit him well especially his shirts. I just want Rafa to play well and be healthy.

  12. Purple’s a colour that signifies spirituality – what the world needs right now.

    Rafa has been an icon for me in the way he conducts himself as a fair and brilliant sportsman and as a human to look up to because of his spiritual values even outside of sport.

    Perhaps choice of purple is not a coincidence.

    • LOVE IT! PURPLE IS MY FAVORITE COLOR! Really more magenta ,but same family! My kitchen accent color! Aqua is my favorite shade of blue! Love him in cool colors will look so good against that caramel skin! Perfect for down under!!😍💯❤💪

  13. The retail price for the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 is 150 USD but Nadal plays with different shoes. That’s why I would never buy the Vapor Cage 4. Looking forward to the AO 2022 !

  14. Loving the shoes so much, but t-shirt and shorts are the same all these years just different color. It is so predictable from Nike and a little bit boring for the best tennis player.

      • I like him better in cool colors & bright colors! So does he,he loves color! While I love the black u have to remember the heat at th AO! Dark will attract! Also the shorts r not the same! They custom make them for him,except for derails how many ways can u change shorts?

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