Rafael Nadal Is Back To His Old Serve

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In his latest post-match press conference, Rafael Nadal explained why he changed his service motion back to the old one in the past few matches:

It’s my normal serve. For a set number of weeks since Barcelona, I came back to my prior serve. I needed a bit more confidence. Mentally speaking, when you’re not perfectly on the spot, I had to recover somewhat.

I know that the service I had used before the clay season, before Barcelona, that this service is positive. I had served very well in Australia, Indian Wells, and Acapulco… and it gave good results. But here on clay, things are different. That’s why I came back to my prior serve.

After Roland Garros Rafa will again switch to the new service motion (the same he used at the from Australian Open) so that he can produce more velocity and immediately put opponents under pressure.


  1. Yes, on France TV 2 the commentators are good 😀 as they are there on the spot in the studio above Court Central, former players etc. Make good comments just the right amount. It does seem strange to see Eurosport matches without 😐 but at least there you can choose the match you want. ☺On France TV they switch from one to another but I did not like the way they stayed long on the Wawrinka/Tsitsipas match this afternoon and did not show much of Nadal s 😕 Even at the end they only went over to it at the last minute. 😦 There was an interview with him afterwards 😅 They make such a big thing of him being in Paris always and give him a party in the studio on his birthday it is surprising they do not concentrate more on his matches 😮 Fiona in Paris

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  3. I’m unable to watch any of Rafa’s match properly due t transmission problems when trying to watch it on the Eurosport red button. So frustrating. Is anyone experiencing the same problem?
    The Tsitsipas v Wawrinka match is very competitive though.

    • Yes I was having problems too. But towards the end of the third set it came on ok so frustrating though.

    • Hi Lorna,

      I am in the US and watched Rafa’s match on Tennis Channel Plus with no problem until the last game. Tell me about it, it drove me crazy……… Anyway, I was thrilled to find out Rafa actually broke serve again to seal the deal when I checked the result😁

      Happy Birthday to RAFA!🎂🎉🥳 Wishing him good health and happiness always!❤️

      All the best against Nishikori or Paire in the next round🍀💪

      • I had the same problem with TCPlus. It was working well until the last game. i do understand why TC wanted to highlight the Wawrinka v Tsitsipas match. I subscribe to TCPlus for just these occasions so I can always see Rafa’s matches. TC even went away from Roger’s match in the third set too.

    • It was OK for me on Eurosport Player – you don’t get a Eurosport red button on Sky, but can access it on a computer – but it’s so weird having no commentary! I always whinge that the commentators are annoying, but I miss them when they’re not there!

      • The American Tennis Channel commentators are as annoying as they come. If there was an option to get rid of the commentary I’d be on it like a shot. I do NOT miss them. In fact the most enjoyable tennis match I ever watched was on an espn livestream when Rafa played Ferru in the quarters in 2013 RG. I didn’t even mind that Rafa lost the first set! Just so happy to watch the tennis with only my own “commentary”.

      • I subscribe to TennisTv but unfortunately they don’t cover the slams. You do at least have the option of commentary or not – I prefer no commentary because I get sick of the non-stop verbal garbage from the commentators. If you were at the match live you would only get the line calls and the umpire”s call, and that”s all you really need. Unfortunately I didn’t get the red button option on Eurosport but I did enjoy the Tsitsipas/Wawrinka match. Looking forward to Rafa’s next match -that’s if It or Eurosport decide to cover it.

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