VIDEO: Rafael Nadal talks about head injury after French Open camera accident

Earlier, Rafael Nadal was on the Tennis Channel talking about his 89th career win at the French Open.

Our champ also revealed he sustained a head injury after being hit by a camera walking on court – but thankfully he is not seriously hurt!

Wimbledon was my fault, 100 percent. Here was the fault of the camera. It was moving to the side when I was going. I went on this court a couple times and it never happened. Something changed with that camera.


  1. Charmingly honest and forthright. Enough accidental mishaps in entering the court, Rafael. You
    seem relaxed and ready to face the challenge. Good luck. Thank you for all you have given to tennis; your academy looks amazing👊💪👏👍😍🍀❣️


  2. VAMOS SWEETHEART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):) HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND LOTS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!:)🎶🃏🍒🎺🎵⛳💝☀😃 GO RAFA GO!!!!!!!!!!:) IT AILL BE A BEAUTIFUL DAY AND A BEAUTIFUL MATCH FOR YOU!!!!!!!:)


  3. Oh by the way… it’s Roland Garros and it’s Rafa’s birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAFA, THE KING OF CLAY!!!!! Wish you win your 12th RG Trophy!!! GOD BLESS!!!!


  4. Of course, it’s Rafa, the King of Clay time again! And for Rafanatics like meeee… all eyes on TV when it is his game time. I enjoy so much watching him play, he is in control of his racket, focused and play tough & intense! GO RAFA TO THE FINALS & TAKE THAT 12th RG Trophy!!!


  5. Rafa keep up the Amazing play on the court. You are so enjoyable to watch play tennis and you have brought back the love of the sport to so many people including me. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and send all the Happiness your way. you have an exciting month of June ahead of you and I’m so Happy about what is to come. Happiness to you and your Family. Enjoy Life to the Fullest.
    A Fan Forever


  6. Keep it up king Rafa stay aggressive and also keep cool as you always do champ Vamos Rafa n Hala Madrid well done Liverpool you can have a lend of Our for a year nearly halfway to our Lucky 13


  7. I thought Rafa accidentally walked into the camera but I had it wrong. This is what Rafa had to say according to

    ”Wimbledon was my fault, 100 percent,” laughed Nadal. “Here was the fault of the camera. It was moving to the side when I was going. I went on this court a couple times and it never happened. Something [changed] with that camera.”

    “Nadal later revealed the incident resulted in a cut on his head.”

    Now I’m livid.



  8. Love the smile! So funny too with the camera moving. Not a safe place to put camera ….. dangerous ! Vamos Rafa. So special to be playing for his 12th trophy!


    • setinthepast, I believe it was the top of the door frame leading to the court. He was jumping up and down. At first he seemed startled then broke out in a laugh. I guess I was more hurt than he. LOL



  9. K no sea nada ese incidente.. T deseo todo lo mejor para k puedas realizar bien el torne… ADELANTE!!!


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