PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal races through first round of French Open in win over Yannick Hanfmann

World No. 2 Rafael Nadal stormed into the second round of the French Open with a bludgeoning 6-2, 6-1, 6-3 defeat of Yannick Hanfmann on Monday afternoon.

Our champ did little wrong against the 27-year-old German qualifier as he improved to 87-2 lifetime on the Parisian clay, where he is attempting to lift a 12th trophy.

Rafa converted six of ten break points and saved all four break points while improving to 15-0 in the first round matches at the Roland Garros.

It’s always amazing to play here, the new Chatrier is very nice. It’s been an important place in my career.

I played a good tournament in Rome which was very important for my confidence. Now we’ll see.

The King of Clay will face another qualifier in either Yannick Maden or Kimmer Koppejans in the second round of the Roland Garros.


  1. It is a bit of a nuisance that out France TV 2 coverage of the R Garros starts at 14.55 ,it would be better at 14.00 after the news. 😕 Nadal s match today had just finished and they had an on court interview with him 😀 then. Fiona in Paris

  2. Congratulations Rafael! You are truly the king of clay! Good luck going towards your next match! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

  3. I thought Yannick was a Breton name. Why are there suddenly so many German tennis players called Yannick, and why are they all playing Rafa 🙂 ??

  4. Congratulations Rafa well don you can do it the best clay court in the world 🌎 🎾🎾🎾💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘🌎

  5. Congratulations Rafa, a job well done!👍👏
    Can’t wait to see you in round number two, good luck!🍀❤️

  6. With his colouring, Rafa looks good in anything, but this pale lemon looks gorgeous on him.

    Best of luck, Rafa. If you play as great as you look, this should be no. 12.

    • Yes I have already told him I love lemon on him 😀it is my favorite colour . Bravo for today s match 😀 watched on France TV 2 , wished I was there 😕 I have my ticket for tomorrow. I also wrote to Rafa Bravo for the other Spanish players today 😀 and our French ones like Gasquet Mahut Herbert. Fiona in Paris

  7. Oops! “.. didn’t.. “

    (Where’s the correction button when you need it? 😄)


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    • Gees! “Fan love”, you almost need more space/don’t have enough space for typing. -Wow! 😳😜🤣 LOL! 😂

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  9. Bravo Rafa! 👏🏻🥰

    Keep it going champ 🎾💪🏼 – Best of luck 🍀🤞🏻😘

    Love the thumbs up and little smile 👍🏻😄 – Glad you’re ok and din’t hurt yourself in that fall 😲

    VAMOS! 😍👑

  10. Reserve your energy Rafa!😍 if you can finish them early- MUCH BETTER. YOURE NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER, remember. Would 💖 💗 💖 to see u holding your 12th FRENCH OPEN TROPHY. VAMOS CHAMP!!!

  11. Yannick H seems like a nice guy, wishing Rafa a good match and asking if he was OK when he slipped. Thanks goodness for that thumbs up! Well played Rafa!! Another Yannick next. Vamos!!

  12. Good start of the tournament. Happy for that. Take rest and than good luck for round number two. Vamos Rafa <3

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