Rafael Nadal Is Engaged And Getting Married This Autumn?

Rafael Nadal is reportedly getting ready to tie the knot to Maria Francisca Perello after a 14-year-long relationship!

Rafa is engaged to longtime girlfriend, Maria Francisca, reports Hola magazine. In fact, the wedding is only a few months away!

The pair plan to get married during the autumn in Mallorca and it has emerged that Rafa proposed during a loved-up trip to Rome last May.

Rafa has previously opened up about the pair’s plan to have kids, telling Hello! magazine: “Obviously, I have the intention of forming a family. I love children and I would like my children to do what they like.”

Maria is a 30-year-old insurance worker and business graduate. She also serves as a project director for the Rafa Nadal Foundation, the charity he founded almost ten years ago.



  1. Wonderful news . They are a beautiful couple , success and all that goes with it hasn’t changed their discreet , low key behaviour . They appear to be perfectly matched .
    I noticed a big diamond on a chain in recent months worn by Maria .
    Maria works full time with the Rafa Nadal Foundation and is bard at the Academy .
    I don’t the wedding plans have anything to do with imminent retirement .
    Wishing them both continued love , loyalty and joy .

  2. I am thrilled that Meri and Rafa managed to keep their huge little secret private for eight months. Eight months. Just fabulous because she is such a private person. Instead of an engagement ring she’s been wearing a necklace with a huge diamond since last May. They both fooled the media. Brilliant strategy.

    • I couldn’t be more thrilled. She is just perfect for him– I also noticed the diamond she wore on a necklace and speculated that it was probably an engagement diamond. Great couple, and I expect their kids will be amazing. God Bless Rafa and Mary!!

      • You guessed right.

        Brilliant tacticians both. I had to laugh at one of the articles I read [don’t remember if it was in English or Spanish] where the comment about the necklace was “probably a gift from Rafa,” prior to their public announcement.


  3. What WONDERFUL news! Congratulations to Rafa and Meri. Wishing this extraordinary couple a happy and fruitful marriage. I can already hear the pitter-patter of little feet.

  4. That’s great news! Such a gorgeous yet down-to-earth couple! Wish you all the happiness and continued success for Rafa on court! Love you both.

  5. Oh my Rafa, I am so happy for you and Maria. I wish you all the most of what life can offer. I don’t know Maria but you Rafa, are the world’s most humble and sincere young man and if you have chosen Maria as your lifelong partner I am sure she is well worth it. With so much love, Beebs Ali from Montreal.

  6. Wonderful! Rafa always said he didn’t want to have children as long as he was traveling and away so much. Could retirement be coming after the clay court season? Best wishes to the beautiful couple and their future beautiful children.

  7. That’s such wonderful news. Maria and Rafa are a beautiful couple. Much happiness on your upcoming nuptials in the fall. Meanwhile enjoy your engagement until then. I am so glad you gave Maria that wild card, Rafa! You and Maria are a beautiful, winning couple. Cheers!!!

  8. Rafa congratulation I am happy you made up your mind she is wonderful hope fully see you soon on tennis circuit

  9. Very many congratulations Rafa & Maria, what wonderful news that is & here is an early wish for a fantastic wedding in the Autumn you always look a very happy couple. Much love to you both. Xx

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