Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello upset about leaked wedding plans

Rafael Nadal and long-term girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello are set to get married later this year following the couple’s recent engagement. He proposed to Maria while the couple were on holiday in Rome in May, reported Spanish magazine Hola.

Speaking to ‘Diario De Mallorca’ Rafa revealed that the unveiling of the news has bothered him.

I’m not going to tell anything, it has bothered me a lot.

I never report any of this, I’m not going to do it now. You want to ask me about the wedding, right? I understand that you do your job, but I will not say anything.



  1. At the season’s first clay-court tournament and maiden Cordoba Open [Argentina], Guido Pella lost his bid to win his first ATP tour-level title vs compatriot J. Londero 6-3, 5-7, 1-6.



  2. Is Rafa living in a parallel universe? When you are in the media spotlight anything you do makes a story. I know Rafa likes to keep his family business private, but he must know that he like any other famous person will attract media attention. Sorry Rafa, you can’t expect immunity. The press have their job to do and only go by what’s fed to them. Rafa has utter faith and confidence in his family and inner circle of friends, so who knows who outside of them spilled the beans! Rafa and Maria should just accept that the word is out, get over it and move on. Best wishes to the couple on their marriage and good luck to Rafa for the rest of the tennis season.


  3. Rafa first off Congratulations to you and Maria. I am so happy for both of you. I can see your point about the media; but for your fans that love you and respect you in all that you do this is like the happiest news for all of us. I hope the Media leaves you both alone so that the wedding will go off with out a hitch but please for your fans post a couple of the wedding photos for us . We would truly be so happy to see you getting married and for the smiles on your faces and for a Wonderful new life together. I pray you get to go off somewhere that no one can find you and have a most wonderful romantic honeymoon together. Maybe your yacht and just stay on the ocean where no one can get to you both. Please don’t let the media get you all upset it is their job just like you with Tennis and you are so important in so many people’s lives that you just don’t see how far you reach everyone in the world. Congratulations and to a Wonderful New LIfe shared together and hopefully to a wonderful new family with kids.
    a fan always


  4. I can take the heat; so here goes. The following is my assessment/opinion about why Rafa is incensed that his wedding plans were divulged to the media.

    Rafa’s privacy has always been protected by his family, by Mery who is considered a family member, his fans, his team, the inhabitants of Mallorca, even airport personnel. So yes, his and Mery’s expectation of privacy were high. One neighbor is quoted as having said he’s afraid the wedding won’t take place on the island, according to DiarioDeMallorca. But where else could Rafa have his wedding and be protected as much as he expects.

    His anger must also be fueled by the traitorous revelation of his plans. I suspect it’s an outsider BUT I ask how much did Hola pay for this information? It’s a huge scoop.

    I am praying that his wedding day goes as planned, without a media circus and that they get to enjoy their very special day with family and friends.

    I am more worried about their honeymoon destination if they plan to travel.


  5. I’m sorry he’s upset, and I know they’re very private people, but I’m not sure why there’s any need to conceal the fact that they’re engaged. It doesn’t mean that the wedding’ll have to be splashed all over a celeb magazine: I can’t imagine them wanting that. I hope they don’t get a lot of unwanted media attention. Pictures of them at his grandfather’s funeral turned up all over the internet, which was awful – wedding photos are one thing, but not taking photos of people at funerals.


  6. For both of you, in advance, ¡¡¡Congratulation!! very ·Happy” about such kind of good News, C. Javier from the Canaries


  7. None of us has the right to tell Rafael when or if he should get married. He and Mery are intelligent people who know what is best for them. Marriage has certainly not hurt Federer, Djokovic, Anderson, Fognini etc. They probably would say it has helped them. As for Mery wearing an engagement ring it seems like this is not common in Spain. Could a Spanish person confirm this please?


  8. Congratulations Rafa and Maria. Now Maria can wear her engagement ring with pride. Just a couple of wedding photos please that’s all I ask. Wishing you both a wonderful day when it arrives and all the happiness in the world.


  9. This is not the time for him to talk about marriage.
    He should be thinking and devising ways of beating and dominating Novak Djokovic to re-establish hs legacy (or what remains of it).
    Novak didn’t marry Jelena until well after he was able to overcome Roger and Rafa. Now, Rafa should do the same thing too.

    I say the wedding plans (whether true or not) should immediately be suspended until well after Rafa has beaten Novak 8 straight times


    ENJOY YOUR TIME OFF AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO


  11. I am surprised at Rafa’s reaction… Did he really think he was going to make it to the alter with
    no one knowing but his family and friends? Come on now… Rafa got 8 solid months of privacy and that’s
    pretty good for a worldwide athlete who is loved, and respected by his fans, and his fellow athletes…
    I understand that this is very personal and very special to him and he doesn’t want all the hoopla and media sensation and attention that goes with this type of news. However, “news leaks” go with the territory when you’re a public figure. I know he knows it…he just doesn’t like it.. And 1 more thing… I honestly don’t think this is not about Rafa not wanting his fans to know… Rafa loves his fans… It is our group that holds him up…encourages him…supports him during all the injuries and during the lowest of times… and he truly appreciates it… He’s said it a million times… This is about the media… Ever see him at a press conference? Having to answer some of the dumbest questions … you can tell he gets a little annoyed having to answer the same question over and over again… At the same time he doesn’t want his words twisted so he says very little … Fast forward to now… Here come the reporters…the cameras…the questions… all about his personal life… He’s drawing the line the best he can …….for now….


  12. I was unaware it was leaked, assumed the couple announced. He can say nothing about it if he wishes, his choice & I respect it. Welcome to stardom, Rafa! Always be yourself & be honest, your great character will keep you steady in all of life, including leaks.


  13. Come on Rafa, don’t over react! Let your fans enjoy these fabulous news!

    It’s the best decision you made in your life! Your girlfriend is an adorable an outstanding human being. Congratulations!!!


  14. Rafa all your fans love your tennis and are interested in all aspects of your life. We are happy for both of you and are looking forward to seeing at least one wedding photo🇬🇧❤️


  15. Even among non-public figures, news of this nature is announced and public. They put it in the newspaper when you apply for a marriage license whether you choose to announce it or not. So not sure what his expectations were.


  16. Obviously, someone in his camp slipped the information. He’s also a public figure so he gave up his privacy rights. Not sure what they are afraid of with the information. We’re not going to all show up in Spain, in fall, for the nuptials. I’m very happy for them and Rafa is my favorite tennis player. But his reaction struck me as very childish.


    • Public figures do not give up their privacy rights! They just don’t want to be hounded with endless questions about their wedding, questions they probably can’t even answer yet even if they wanted to share it all with the media. Organizing any large wedding is a big deal! They are under absolutely no obligation to share any of this with Rafa’s fanbase or the media. Sports fans have no right to information about stars’ private lives. You seem to confusing your desire with his obligation.


  17. Rafa’s a class act, not a publicity seeking clown. I knew he wouldn’t “announce” his wedding in Hola!, of all places. I wish him and Meri happiness and hope they get the wedding they want and deserve.


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