Battle thoughts: Rafael Nadal v Frances Tiafoe | Australian Open 2019

Rafael Nadal and Frances Tiafoe discuss their upcoming match and each other.


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  2. Congrats Rafa!!!!! You deserve it!!!!

    Next is tsitsipas who mixes things up, is aggressive and rather accurate. Watch his matches carefully. Mouratoglu is going to give him a lot of advice how to play against you. I’m sure with Carlos you will plan a good strategy against him too!!!

    I wish you the best – better and more than the best against him and always!!!

    You’ll always be my champ!! Be confident, aggressive and sublime!!!

    Love you!!!


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  6. Rafa always keeps me on my toes. I usually get him right and hope that I got him right this time too.

    In no way am I questioning Rafa’s last injury in 2018 before pulling out of the Tour. But this gave Rafa an opportunity to take an extended leave, if you will, to prepare for the AO and to WIN it.

    Rafa fans know very well how Rafa rushes back to competition after an injury. No so much in 2018. And that’s a good thing.

    Rafa has been away from the Tour but not away from the Court. He has been getting ready to WIN the AO. I have never seen him so relaxed and happy, interview after interview, at any time. He is oozing confidence and that confidence should help him into the semifinals and ultimately onto the winner’s podium.

    I was not excited about this AO at the beginning because I was worried about his fitness. But after seeing him play and watching his interviews I can say that Rafa is on a mission like no other. This just feels very special to me. I haven’t been this excited about a tournament in a long time. As one fan said, “Bring it on.”


  7. I’ve never listened to Frances speaking before… such a deep voice and he called Rafa ‘Nads’ 😁 He has an interesting backstory; well done to him for his achievements in tennis, which is often seen as a rich person’s sport. I guess Rafa will have found about it now, after the interview question.

    But today it’s all about what happens on court. I get nervous when Rafa plays an opponent for the first time, but Frances will be nervous too, because he will not have faced another player like Rafa who is so unique. Vamos!!

  8. Vamos Rafa from USA. Tiafoe is from my country, but I will be cheering for the man, the beast, the GOAT … Rafa Nadal. You can do it! You are the reason I love tennis. Best of luck and health to you.

    • Same here! Tiafoe has done well but he’s never played anyone like Rafa. The first meeting is always a shock to the system.

      • Exactly. I wish I could remember which player said it, but the description of playing Rafa for the first time was along the lines of, “I thought I was doing well against him, but then the warm-up ended…”

  9. Great to see that Francis Tiafoe is doing so well in this tournament, but i think that the fairytale ends against Rafa as Rafa has the stamina and experience to win their battle. Meanwhile, Novak is still battling hard against Medvedev who is holding his own. I’m hoping that this match goes on and on and on!

    • Hi Lorna. I think Medvedev has given up the ghost against Djoker:)

      I would love to see a Rafa-Nole final, but I wonder if Rafa is ready to beat Djokovic yet. Right now from what I’ve observed at this AO, Rafa’s game is superior, but the mental edge is what gives me pause.

      Raonic blew Zverev away which was a surprise! Maybe he can give Djoker a tough challenge.

      • Hi Mac. Well done to Medvedev who showed he could rally with Novak, but his inexperience of five setters showed in the end. Like you, i’m not sure how Rafa would do in the mental game against Novak right now, so I’m not hoping for a Rafa – Novak final at this stage, but it’s most probable. I want Rafa to have the best chance of winnining the title, so someone or something needs to take out Novak before the final. I’m hoping that he won’t have enough left in the tank or, at the very least, he needs to be softened up by being pushed all the way. Raonic has the best chance of doing that, so let’s see what unfolds.

  10. I like Francis and great to see him doing so well . Life hasn’t been easy for his family , however Rafa will always be my number one as a player and person on the tour .
    He has the overall game to win and is fit and confident. Wonderful to see the buzz he brings to the game .
    Vamos Rafa , with you all the eat 🍀🎾👍🌟

  11. God speed Rafa! Tiafoe is good but not that good yet. Rafa’s experience should win the day. Rafa in 3 sets.

  12. I will be watching you today, God be with you, I will be praying for you to win, & God take care of the body ,good health,, I am/have watched every match since you started, – you are my star!!!
    Watching from Centurion , near Pretoria South Africa.

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