VIDEO: It’s great to see Rafa hitting forehand winners again

Rafael Nadal blitzed Tomas Berdych all day with his ruthless forehand winners in Melbourne.


  1. I know my comment doesn’t belong here but I couldn’t keep myself from expressing my opinion and joy. It’s so funny how Federer and his fans are fuming over Stefano for taking the medical timeout without any apparent reason, totally forgetting that Mr Federer used the same tectic during Aussie open final in 2017. Now he got the taste of his own medicine. Now finally I can move on from that final. Got my closure.

    • Thanks for posting that as I had forgotten all about it. Tsitsipas was treated on court but didn’t Roger leave the court during his MTO vs Rafa? His “groin” problem?


  2. I did get nervous in the third set when his level dropped. My concern is a possible injury but it turned out ok. So yes more power to you Rafa!

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