VIDEO: Rafa is thankful for Maymo

During his on-court interview with John McEnroe, Rafael Nadal was asked if he would like to thank his fitness coach Rafael Maymo for helping in back to full health. Here’s what our champ had to say.



  1. Video speaks for itself. This is why we are here. Pure talent and absolute honesty. What the world needs now……….good luck in next match🍀Fight on, healthy and strong💪👊👍👏❤️


  2. well played rafa…feeling so good to see u play at this intensity and determination its always a treat to eyes watching u play… is a player out an out aggressive hittter….so i think rafa needs to change or vary the pace of the shots….vary the speed of the shot and should more try for drop shot…..also 1st set will be so important so holding serve will be the key ..rafa also shud try to serve and volley a little in this match and best u kbow what to do… luck rafa….vamos


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