VIDEO: Milos teaches Rafa how to do the YMCA dance

Rafael Nadal failed to join in with the dance made popular by the 1970s disco group The Village People, who released their hit song YMCA in 1978 to widespread critical acclaim.

Our champ seemed completely unaware of the arm movements associated with the hit song’s chorus while Milos Raonic and the crowd in Sydney didn’t have any problems with it.


This is for Rafa and all of us who don’t know how to do the famous YMCA dance:

Photo: Flickr, Video via Instagram: Abierto Mexicano de Tennis


  1. I always thought everyone knew the YMCA dance :-), then they played it somewhere whilst I was on holiday and I was amazed how many people didn’t! It’s evidently not a “thing” in Mallorca!

    • Or perhaps people don’t want to be associated with a song about straight and gay people coexisting in harmony in a communal space.

      I always thought of it as a fun tune to exercise to and still do but I’ve heard really nasty and homophobic comments made about it. I was surprised.

  2. Rafa has to fix his headband ! Much more important than dance movements . Good fun and good vibes between Rafa and Milos.

  3. It was Wonderful to watch them both having so much fun.vamossssssss Champ good luck AO.😘🎾😘🎾😘🎾❤️👍🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏

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