Rafa withdraws from Brisbane International with thigh strain

Rafael Nadal pulled out of the Brisbane International with a left thigh strain but hopes to be fit for the Australian Open this month.

I did an MRI and it shows a small staring on my left thigh. I tried to play, I wanted to play, but recommendations from the doctors (were otherwise).

It’s a small thing that can become a much bigger … when you compete the intensity on the muscle it can get worse.

I feel better than I did four days ago … It’s a risk to damage my body for one month if I play here.

I know it’s tough … I can’t thank enough the people who support me in my career — especially the tough moments.

It’s an important risk to not have the chance to play in Melbourne.

And if I don’t play, the evolution of the thing is going very well. I am practicing and I feel like I can give a good level of tennis but I can’t do my 100 per cent.

So I don’t play here and I probably secure that I’m going to be 100 per cent for Melbourne. Everybody’s telling me that it’s not a good idea to increase the possibility to convert the strain into a bigger problem.

Get well soon, Rafa!


  1. We know how it goes if Nadal has things like this prior to a major. Very small chance of going even deep.

  2. I’m not holding my breath for the Australian Open. I hope he’s OK, but it’s not looking good, and there’s no point trying to play best of 5 matches, in the heat, if he’s not 100%. I’m so sad about this: it’s one thing after the other.

    • So true setinthepast! I feel exactly the same. Don’t know what to expect anymore.
      I was lucky to see Rafa play twice in Aussie open last year. Second and third round matches. For me it’s a treasure forever. Praying a lot for Rafa. Vamos💪💪💪

  3. I am totally heart broken. Feel for you Rafa. Seriously don’t know ho you deal with situations like these. 💔💔💔😢😢😢

  4. Not the news I wanted to hear, but then again it comes as no great surprise after Rafa’s withdrawal from the Mubadala exhibition. Although I’d love to see him fully fit for the AO, realistically i’m looking further ahead.

  5. just play when u feel right, that’s good to stop when your body tell u to, rest and get well soon
    hope to see u soon and well

  6. why this happen most of the times before australian open …i strongly beleoves i he can play more australian open he can win here but uts sad that injury caught rafa even at the sarting of the season……rafa will definitely will not take chances for roland garros….

  7. I am so sad, but I was worried that Rafa was not yet ready for competition. While I am sorry for his millions of fans, I am most sad for Rafa himself. He is always smiling and gracious in public events, but he must have moments where he wonders how much more he can take. Luckily, he is surrounded by loving family and friends. I had so hoped that 2019 would be injury free for Rafa!

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