Rafael Nadal injury latest: Ankle surgery went well

Rafael Nadal’s ankle operation that forced his withdrawal from the ATP Finals in London went well, he confirmed earlier today:

Hello everyone, thank you for the messages I received. The ankle surgery went well and from home I am informing you that we postpone the exhibition party planned for the victims in Llevant de Mallorca.

Rafa spotted leaving hospital with his right ankle in a bandage following surgery on Monday. He supported himself of crutches.

His surgery was carried out in Barcelona by doctors Jaume Vilaro and Angel Ruiz-Cotorro.

Dr Ruiz-Cotorro said of Rafa’s recovery:

Now there is a process of progressive recovery ahead of us.

It will be 48 hours very quiet, to see how it evolves, and then start moving the ankle and work a lot in the pool.

When a longer period has elapsed, we will start with charges and supports.

We will go at the right speed within what common sense allows us. Without hurry, but without pause.

I think we will reach the new season if everything goes according to plan. We are convinced that 2019 can begin normally.

Sources: El Espanol, Daily Express


  1. So happy to hear the surgery went well. Here’s to a speedy recovery .all of your fans are wishing you the best because you are the best!!!

  2. I am so glad your surgery went well and you are taking the important steps to ensure a full recovery. I am not saying, “speedy” recovery because it is way more important to take your time with regard to healing and re-gaining full strength on that ankle. Enjoy the rest of year 2018 with
    all your family, friends and team. Looking forward to a 100% healthy and “ready to go” Rafa in 2019.

  3. Encouraging news! I’m so relieved that the surgery went well and it ooks like Rafa has a very sensible recovery programme, so l can’t wait to see him in action again. I miss the energy he brings to the court and the way he’s raring to go like a greyhound out of the trap at the start of every match! Roll on 2019.

  4. Hi Rafa, thank God that your surgery went well. Wishing you a healthy and wholesome recovery. You are by far one of my favorite tennis players. Hope you are well to play at Indian Wells. I’m hoping to make that visit from New Orleans in March of 2019. Know how much The Lord Jesus loves you.

  5. Rafa so pleased yorr surgery went well, take care of yourself and and get well so we all can watch you play tennis again soon. God bless you.

  6. Rafa,so good to hear your surgery went well , I hope to see you back playing my favorite sport soon .

  7. Hello Rafa, I am so pleased your surgery went well and look forward to seeing you on court again next season.
    I have missed watching you. I myself am suffering from incurable cancer and the one thing that really cheers me up is to be able to see you play. You are a really incredible man, on and off court and if there were more like you in the world it would be a much better world to live in.
    Take care of yourself, all my love and best wishes I send to you, Thank you xxx

    Anne Walker

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  8. As a long-time supporter I wish you a successful recovery,
    Look forward to seeing you back on the court but only when you’re totally ready.

  9. Thank goodness your surgery was a success! I am looking forward to watching more tennis with you at the helm. Tennis is not the same without you in it. Great luck from one Gemini to another.

  10. Best wishes for a speedy recovery look forward to see you in action again take your time and take care from Gillian in New Zealand

  11. Rafa,
    I am so glad your surgery went well. Now for the recovery. Please be careful with it and don’t push it to fast. Water exercises are the best for it due to no stress on the recovering ankle. I and all your Fans are so looking forward to your return to the Courts and we will be patient . Take your time and recover 100% before returning so you can enjoy playing tennis with out pain and with a full season for everyone to enjoy seeing you win .
    a fan forever

  12. God Blessess You my dear Rafael🙏🙏🙏More success in your career. Love and Light…from Philippines

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