Injured Rafael Nadal withdraws from ATP World Tour Finals

Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from the season-ending ATP Finals due to a persistent abdominal injury and will take the time off to have ankle surgery.

He lost his place as world number one last week when injury forced him to pull out of the Paris Masters, with Novak Djokovic moving to the top of the rankings.

And Rafa will not get the opportunity to end the year on a high as he will not play in London, citing both last week’s abdominal issue and a long-standing ankle problem for his absence.

Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

“It has been a complicated year — very good at the tennis level when I have been able to play and, at the same time, very bad as far as injuries are concerned,” Rafa wrote in a series of messages on his Twitter page. “I have done everything possible to get to the end of the season in good condition, both to Paris and to London, doing things well, and I really wanted to play.

“Unfortunately I had the abdominal problem in Paris last week and I also have a free body in the ankle joint that has to be removed in the operating room today.”

“It is true that we had detected for some time and occasionally bothered me. However, since the problem in the abdominal muscle also prevents me from playing in London, we take the time to remove the free body and avoid future problems. This way I hope to be in full condition for next season.”

Get well soon, Rafa!


  1. Get well and fit Rafa! I pray for complete recovery so you will be good and ready come next season!🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

  2. Rafa querido. Lo mas importante es tu salud. Por favor cuidate y descansa. Desde Mexico te deseo una pronta recuperacion y obedece a los doctores. Te queremos desde Mexicl

    • No me explico si le estoy diciendo a Rafa se cuide y tenga una pronta recuperacion. Creo que es un buen gesto mio y un idiota me pone un signo negativo. Has de tener el cerebro pero en la cola. Mala leche sin educacion.

  3. Rafa is the best in my eyes I know there are a lot of tennis players that are very good but Rafa is exceptional no other can bring such excitement to the court like him. Get well soon Rafa can’t wait for your return.

  4. Rafa is still the greatest world tennis player after this necessary withdrawal from the ATP to play. After a substantial therapy and rest with this injury, he surely will be back in the court for the world to enjoy his prowess in the tennis court. Meanwhile, you can continue your benovolen† outreach to those in need and to your foundation project. God bless you richly, Rafa.

  5. Wishing Rafa a full and speedy recovery from his present injury and surgery.As of this moment I have just checked the ATP rankings.Rafa has played 13 tournaments this year as opposed to Novak and Roger having played 16.Rafa is No.2 in the world.I think this is extraordinary on Rafas behalf.This is why we his fans realize the brilliance of his superb tennis.Rafa has raised tennis to a new level.He is without equal.Only One Rafa.Here’s to an amazing 2019 for our champ .

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