Rafael Nadal: I don’t know if we can talk about a real injury

(Reuters) – Top seed Rafael Nadal withdrew from the Paris Masters shortly before his opening match against fellow Spaniard Fernando Verdasco on Wednesday, and as a result will lose the ATP No. 1 ranking to Novak Djokovic.

Rafa, who has not played since retiring injured in the US Open semifinals in September, cited an abdominal injury.

He said that he still feels fit to play, but doctors were concerned enough about the abdomen problem could become progressively worse if he was to play in Paris this week.

I decided I’m happy to be here and it has been a positive few days for my mental part too to be here again practicing with the guys. I enjoy that and I feel myself competitive but… I just can follow the recommendations of the doctor. I can’t go against that, in my opinion today especially before the tournament has started.

I don’t know if we can talk about a real injury. I can talk about a pain that bothers me overtime that I serve. It will not be fair to say it’s a real injury today but what is sure that if I continue then it will be a real injury.

Our champ needed to beat Verdasco to hold Djokovic at bay, but the Serb will now return to the No. 1 spot regardless of how far he goes in Paris.


  1. Karen Khachanov just won Bercy. WOWOWOWO denying Nole entre’ to the Nitto Finals. OMG

    Maybe he will defect to the USA. Probably not. He is probably being feted by Putin and his regime.

    Get that healing going Rafa. Your fans are suffering without you, this one is anyway.

    • So happy that Russian won. Hopefully great future for him. And,please don’t talk politics here…it’s tasteless.

      • C’mon Bis, your comment to me was disrespectful and tasteless. No politics at all in my comment regarding Karen’s win. Lucky for you I don’t take things here personally.

        I will translate the ONLY portion of my comment which you misconstrued as being political, since you didn’t specify:

        “OMG maybe he will defect to the USA. Maybe not. He is probably being feted by Putin and his regime.”

        Translation: Many athletes and non-athletes alike have defected from various countries to the USA; the most famous athlete being Martina Navratilova. Heard of her? Ever heard of Nuyerev or Baryshnikov?

        Then I go on to say “Probably not. He is probably being feted by Putin and his regime.”
        I can only guess that Karen is a big star in his country and what government wouldn’t be proud of its star athletes? Why should he defect to the USA when he’s got the support of his countrymen.

        Would you care to share what is political about my post?

      • You don’t need to translate your comment,Margo. I understood you perfectly well.And I don’t take things personally here either.
        “Many athletes and non-athletes alike have defected from various countries to the USA; the most famous athlete being Martina Navratilova. Heard of her? Ever heard of Nuyerev or Baryshnikov?”
        Yes,I heard of all of them ,but this happened in different time,last century, in the Communist era.We are talking about now.
        And,no…I am not Russian.
        But..” …Putin and his regime ” sentence doesn’t belong here in …comments about sports/tennis in my opinion. That’s set.
        Nothing personal.
        Vamos, Rafa!

      • Oh boy! You have conflated my sentences.

        You have suggested I may think you’re Russian; this never entered my mind;

        You have relegated the meaning of “to defect” to only a certain period in time;

        You have brought in the commies;

        You don’t know that Russia’s government is a regime.

        Again, my comment is not political.

      • Nobody asked you about YOUR opinion on Russian government and this page is for sport,not political beliefs….
        I know what I know(I visited the country couple times)and I don’t share YOUR belief ,but I will not go further because…again this is not a page for that.

      • But sweetie, I wouldn’t discuss my political views here. Never have, never will. You are the one who misinterpreted my comment. You are the one who is trying to make it political. Stop trying to bait me. It won’t work.

      • Dear Margo,

        Please, Bis is RIGHT! This is a totally apolitical sight and so, politics and its appearances in whatever form, whether as rhetorics or innuendoes, SHOULD NEVER be discussed here.

        Thumbs up to Bis!

        But, as always, we’d see………hmmn

  2. Whoaaa go Karen! What a fantastic display of power!

    I know Doker was ill, and could have won on another day…but in this case I’m glad the cookie crumbled in someone else’s favour. Poor Rafa has only had crumbs recently.

    And hopefully this will give the New Gens a kick of confidence. Maybe, if Karen starts denying Rafa later, I may change my tune… But for now, he gets a gold star!

  3. Ahh djoker and Federer playing semi tomorrow. It hurts so much😭. Anyone else feeling this pain ?? 😰

    • I follow those scores with one eye. I’m hoping Thiem can finally get his hands on a Masters trophy:)

      Djoker vs Federer? I’d rather Federer win:)

      • Well well. Khachanov put an end to all that! I should have figured something was up when he destroyed Zverev 6-2 6-1. Well done Karen!

        Such hatery I know, but it’s good to see the Djoker lose in a final. I still can’t get over what he did to Rafa in Wimbledon.

      • MAC…you made my day with that news…I just wake up and didn’t know. Fantastic news!!!
        Pain is still there for Rafa and Wimbledon in my heart too. I will never forgive Djokovic for stealing Rafa Wimby in the way he did it,very unprofessionally. I agree Djokovic is amazing tennis player, but that’s not enough for liking him. With his attitude he will never be the player I am rooting for.And he can win more in the end, but he will never with all his wins achieve the status what Rafa and Fed have.

      • I have the same thoughts Mac – I was delighted Novak lost the final. Shame he is still no1 though. And congratulations to Karen who thoroughly deserved the win.

      • Yes,Sussie…I am delighted too that Novak lost. I used to like the tennis player Nole,but I lost any respect to him after Wimbledon’s drama

  4. OMG!!!! Please, no more injuries for you Rafa. You are such a fine human being, and the best, most exciting tennis player i have ever seen. Get well very soon, the whole world is wishing you the best!

  5. Never seen Rafa look quite so despondent. Very sad to see but then I thought his body language was ‘off’ all tournament. Was hoping to see him in London but it looks highly unlikely he’ll play:(. Hope he has something in the tank for his benefit in Mallorca – sure it’ll be a great success even if he can’t play himself.

    Get fit and strong soon champion of champions. Siempre contiguous💪🏼

  6. Feel soooo sorry for Rafa (for his injury not ranking). I hope his whole body heals well and he can play well again. If his career wasn’t plagued with so many injuries – serious ones – nobody else would’ve stood a chance against him.
    I’m not worried about ranking just hope he doesn’t stop playing for a while still.
    Love you Rafa! Get well soon!!!

  7. It’s just sad and disappointed.
    So who will become the oldest year-end no.1 if Djokovic is the year-end no.1 this year?

  8. I’m a bit past caring who’s world no 1, and just want everyone to be healthy – it’s worrying that he’s got yet another injury. Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious.

  9. too bad for rafa you should only compete if you are fit. Now rafa lost the nr 1 ranking it will be impossible for him to get it back next year unless novak will be injured again or lost form. Rafa should focuss the remaining years of his career on expanding grandlsam titles

  10. Sad news ,I hope he didn’t get that pushing mud around… that s very heavy work,.I did wonder if that was wise at the time,just opening his academy to the victims of the flood was enough.

    • I doubt pushing mud around would cause an imminent abdominal muscle tear. Rafa said it himself, that only when he’s serving that he felt the pain and was afraid that it might lead to a muscle tear. He had that during USO2009, so I think he’s cautious this time round.

      I hope his team and his doctor help him to prevent such thing from happening, if not it’ll always be a problem for him when he has to comeback from injury. I still hope he’s fit enough for WTF; for the longer he stops the more difficult for him to get back on track.

      • I also hope that after a few days rest he can start practicing and training again so that he can keep up with the momentum he has built coming to Paris.

        I personally feel that Rafa was playing very well starting from the clay season and if not for him coming back from hip injury, thus his serve was affected imo, leading to him having to grind to win his matches, he would be winning more matches and more titles instead of getting injured again.

        I hope Rafa really improves his serve again (just like in 2017) so that he won’t need to grind to win his matches; the Wimbledon match vs Djoko was a winnable one if only he could serve better esp during that third set TB.

        Rafa is still capable of playing very good tennis and imo, when healthy with a good enough serve, he’s the only one who can stop or beat Djoko where it matters.

        I sometimes have the negative thought of wanting Rafa to retire from tennis for good as he’s always getting injured so often year after year. However, seeing how hard Rafa tries to come back time and again, I know he still has the desire to win and he knows he can still do better and achieves more than what he has done now.

        Here’s hoping that he and his team work on improving every aspect of his game, be it a little better or much more, and plans his schedule well to prevent any more injury in future. Best wishes to Rafa for a great 2019 – winning more majors, more Masters, the WTF and getting back to no.1 and year end. No.1 and defends all his titles he won this year and wins many more! Vamos Rafa!

  11. Wise to follow medical advice as they know you well. Best of luck-look forward to seeing you healthy and back on court.💪👍👏🤗❤️

  12. So sad to hear that Rafa will not be able to compete. Your health is more important, get better soon. You are still my No1 player and always will be😍xx

  13. Praying for a speedy recovery. Hope you get better soon. Become fit to compete and win many more titles to come your way. Win or loss always a Rafa fan. Vamos💪💪💪

  14. Rafa get well !!
    We feel sad for you but health is most important.
    No 1 or No 2 hardly matters when your health is so so important !
    Take care great man .

  15. Feeling sorry for you Rafa. Recover fast. We are all waiting to see you on court again. I was extremely happy, that you were coming to play, n the suddenly, the news that you withdrew.

    Never mind, we just need you to be heathy and fit.
    God bless you Rafa. Love you always. 💙💖💟💜💛💚💓💞❤💖💖💖💖

  16. World #2 after playing only half a season…. I can’t say I’m disappointed but I can’t stand to see him behind Chokovic when is injuries that cost him the ranking.

    • DearbGold Wolf,
      Rafa is a wise person, he knows he does not stand a chance against Djokovic or even a Fernando Verdasco in the first round. What to do? Simple – play the Ostrich!

      Whether healthy or I’ll, Rafa would have lost anyway.

  17. So very sad For you Rafa but you’re health comes first I have enjoyed all your tennis you have been such a joy to watch yes very sad for you 💕😘😇Gold Coast Australia 🇦🇺

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  18. Rafa lo primero tu salud…olvidate del ranking…cuidate y sigue adelante…siempre estaremos contigo!! siempre t seguiremos y querremos…CUIDATE!!!!!

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