Here’s what it feels like to play Rafa Nadal

Beating Rafael Nadal is one of the toughest tasks in tennis. Canadian Vasek Pospisil shares his experience detailing what it feels like to face the world number one.

Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Vasek Pospisil:

I mean, he makes you go for it and play the highest of your level. He just makes you really push your level and play better than you’re used to playing. If you want to have a chance to win, you almost have to play like that.

Yeah, physically he’s at a very high level. Physical and mental parts are so, so strongly connected. Obviously then he’s mentally very tough, too, because he’s physically very strong. I mean, if you’re doing a good job on your fitness, not getting as tired, mentally it becomes easier to concentrate.

I know that from when I’m playing in different conditions that are more difficult and less difficult for me, mentally I can be completely two different players. If I’m not exhausted or tired, pretty stable. Because he’s so strong physically, also very strong mentally, yeah, which makes him very tough to play.

Source: US Open


  1. Rafa estas a un nivel muy alto….estas como con tus dieciocho pero con experiencia…osea dificil d ganarte…siempre contigo

    • I heard that. I think he was referring more generally to energy levels, rather than his knee. Everyone was talking about it anyway, so he probably thought why not address it, since it’s common sense.

  2. Congrats fellow Rafans. But Nadal needs to raise his level. Thiem then probably del potro and then nole or fed. Needs a Herculean effort to defeat all of them n this kind of lapses won’t help. Thiem played brilliantly today. It’s going to be a tough challenge.
    VAMOS champ all the best

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  4. The one good thing about this match is that he came through a tough round after injury doubt. He might be able to trust his body better next practice/match. Maybe get some more legs into his serve again.

  5. Start praying for the next round already! Theim looking very fresh. Best of luck for the next round Rafa! Vamos💪

  6. He’d better be playing a whole lot better against Thiem or I don’t like his chances.

    Although I suspect Thiem won’t fully take advantage of Rafa’s weak serving, as his court position is so deep.

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    • Rafa’s serving was topping out at 126 mph at this point last year. He’s like 15 mph down.

      Oh well, at least he broke again.

      He needs to go out and serve nonstop in practice tomorrow. Novak would eat this delivery for breakfast.

  8. Here’s a worrying sign as well – when failing to break, he struggles on his own next service game. That’s very unlike him, except 2015-2016 version Rafa.

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  10. Come on, Rafa, get yourself together! This should be an easy home straight… you’re making very heavy weather of it.

  11. basilashvilli reminds me of the way fognini played against nadal three years ago. Nadal keeps playing to the backhand knowing that the backhand is going very well today

  12. Just don’t take it to fifth please. Rafa seems fatigued and I m not surprised. We were exhausted just by watching the match against Karen. Look at the positive, at least no tape on the knee. Vamos💪

    • Would be interesting to know what caused his sudden drop in confidence and overall quality of play. Probably the physical issue that seeded doubt in his mind. Perhaps he wasn’t able to practice at 100 % yesterday because of it.

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