VIDEO: Rafa’s Saturday practice | 2018 US Open

Three-time US Open champion Rafael Nadal is practicing on P1 ahead of his match tomorrow.


    • You are right, but he annoyed me during Friday’s match. It seemed to me that he kept telling about ways Nadal’s opponet should or could bring Rafa down.

  1. Oh my gosh that voiceover presenter is so relaxing. I felt better about life the universe and everything after being lulled by his soothing tones. Whoever he is I want him to take over commentary on any scary Rafa patches from now on! (Robbie Koenig can still do all the exciting bits.)

      • Heh heh yeah I can understand how he’s not to everyone’s taste. I just love his enthusiasm and positivity. Some commentators are a bit neggy about the players – talking about weaknesses in their game, speculating how to beat them, etc – and I like the simple enjoyment that Robbie brings to every player he watches. He’s always got great things to say about Rafa.

      • I think it’s a combination of his speaking softly and leaving long relaxed pauses, like there’s no hurry really…

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