What is going on with Rafael Nadal’s right knee?

Rafael Nadal had to bandage up his right knee during his US Open clash with Karen Khachanov.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

After the match, our champ elected not to discuss the knee injury, saying:

Just something that I felt, but I try always during the tournaments don’t speak much about these kind of things.

When the tournament is over is better and easier to talk.

But my personal feeling is I going to be at my 100% for the next one.

Carlos Moya was in the stands watching and during the interview for ESPN he said:

Rafa’s knee felt sore but nothing to worry about.

Sometimes he feels it more than other but he deals with it really well so that’s not an excuse.


  1. Of course, I’m concerned I am even seeing that white tape around his knee, and I am hoping it is precaution to hold everything in place better. I have been closely following tennis since the mid 70’s; I’ve seen them all, all the great ones. No one compares to Rafael Nadal, he is the greatest I’ve ever seen in all these decades!!

  2. when i was at work yesterday i had this strange feeling that rafa would be in a lot of trouble. When i came home i thought the match was over then i realized it was still cary on. I have to say that rafa didnt play well. I am still worried about his returns they are way too short. Also his courtposition is not good. He also serve awful today and couldnt feel the ball well made mistakes with his forehand a lot.

    He needs to start playing better otherwise i dont see him winning the us open. I mean kachanov helped also a little bit with double faulting on crucial moments.

    Today it will krygios against federer and gasquet against djokovic. I dont see djokovic losing but i definity could see federer losing against krygios.


    • I like your observation. I felt the same. Very poor court position and taking the ball very late. Not his usual game but he survived with sheer brute force. I hope the knee isn’t an issue and Moya is able to see what we see and make the improvements. Go Rafa!!

  3. Rafa please be alright. Praying so hard for you to win.

    BTW, where are you Fan Love? I need you here during tense moments when I cannot breathe! 😀 Your positivity is refreshing!

  4. What a fantastic match! Really a good champ and never give up…and very humble, Vamos and win win win. Rest and relax ‘til the next match.❤️🍀🎾👏

  5. Rafa is the best ever at turning matches around as this win over Khachanov demonstates . I would much prefer to see Rafa play from ahead and I really think its just about getting the first serve in on most every service point . The knee didn’t appear to limit Rafa’s movement so I am hoping it won’t be a impediment in upcoming matches . Also , I believe Rafa should move up on the service line to take 2nd serves . Rafa is very good at returning from tge baseline .

  6. Well, everytime Federer is down and Rafa has got the chance to surpass him, the Tennis God simply shuts the door.
    This time Rafa did everything right. He skipped Cincinnati for the best shape for US Open but still this knee issue is gonna kill his chance to claim his 18th slam. We all know what happened earlier in Melbourne this year…

    This is just sad…

    • Let’s hope not. Rafa said he would be 100% for his next match. He came to defend his title but I hope he is not underestimating the condition of his knee. Keep your fingers crossed for 🏆#18.


  7. Worrying moments when the bandage applied , Great match by both players. Well done to Rafa for showing his mental strength, courage and character once again. Hope he rests and recovers to morrow. Congrats champion

  8. Tonight exemplified why we all love Rafa. It s the COURAGE of the man….the CHARACTER….and the sincere love and respect he shows to opponents . He is a gem. A shining example to me of how we should conduct ourselves on and off the court. Jean Palmer Winnipeg MB Canada but also an expat Brit from close to Wimbledon old enough to remember the greats of tennis whose example Rafa Nadal embodies. long may he reign .

    • Jean that’s nice to hear! Where are you from in London? Did you go to Wimbledon when you were living near? See any “greats” play live?

  9. The humidity may be affecting his knee and I hope that’s all it is. If he is injured I hope he gets a medical evaluation and then decide how to proceed. I hope he’s not in a lot of pain.


  10. So impressive tonight! You are such a champion and you never give up. You, my friend, are the reason I watch. Vamos!

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