VIDEO: Rafael Nadal getting ready for US summer

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal will kick off his North American summer hard-court season next month in Toronto and today in Mallorca he had his first practice session under the watchful eye of his team.


  1. Wow Jean! That’s extreme! I agree with Margo. It’s one thing to be critical of someone’s behaviour, opinions and attitude, but I think calling Nick trailer trash is way below the belt, wrong by definition, racist and totally uncalled for. Let’s keep comments like that where they belong – in the trash bin!

    • Please explain what is racist about calling someone who is showing low class type of behaviour trailer trash? What does trailer trash have to do with race?

    • The more I think about your replies Lorna and Margo, the more I think how disgusting they are. Calling someone a racist and extreme, as if it’s nothing. Do you actually realize what that means? Maybe it’s time that you look in the mirror (who is actually extreme here?). My comments on Kyrgios were absolutely not out of line given his history of really, really low class behaviour. But oh no, let’s call someone a racist for daring to speak out. It is UTTERLY disgusting. Why don’t you dare to explain what is racist about my comments? I think you are too ashamed to do so, because it will be impossible and you will shoot yourself in the foot.

      • Surely you are capable of Googling trailer trash? Or am I overestimating your intelligence?

      • Ah, Google should answer it for you. You don’t dare to do it as you know it is you who brought race in it. The fact that you look at someone’s race when the person is critized, tells us more than you’d like.

  2. Nick is an Australian of Greek and Malaysian descent. His mom is of royal blood and born a princess. She lost her title once she moved to Australia.

    His net worth is quoted as $10million, so I have to say he may have more intelligence than those who deem him unintelligent without knowing him personally.

    Before you call someone “trailer trash” do yourself a favor and show an iota of intelligence by using a dictionary. To use such an offensive, deragatoy, and racist label first ask yourself if that is an intelligent thing to do.

    As you can see, I have a proclivity for facts.

    • I am sure the princess is very proud of her son doing his little show with a bottle. I don’t know what kind of boxes you think in, but I don’t care if someone is the queen of England or Malaysia or whatever country. If your behaviour is as low class as the behaviour shown, I will call it what it is.

  3. “Why Rafael Nadal Should Win the Sportsmanship Award – Must Watch” This is a short article by Luigi Gatto in Tennisworld. The title sums it up. It features a video which brought a tear to my eye. Rafa last got the award in 2010. Come on players, stop bowing down to Fed. It’s Rafa’s time!

    • Lorna, thanks for that Luigi Gatto “Why Should Rafael Nadal Win the…” He is one reporter I enjoy quoting. The video certainly captures his great sportsmanship. Had it lasted longer you would have had to come and mop up the tears.


  4. Nick who? Best to Rafael in hard court season. Not only were fans disappointed at Moya’s absence at W, but there must also be a psychological effect for a player to look up and see his/her coach’s active presence.

  5. Just to add that Nick is the master at tanking, especially if things don’t go his way. Ironically, some of the most notable episodes occurred on grass at this year’s Wimbledon against Nishikori and against Gasquet at the 2015 Wimbledon. No one that has any passion for the sport will gave any of his throwaway, immature comments any credence.

    • He admitted that he is not committed to the profession and wants to play only until he reaches 30, then leave tennis to do something else. I don’t know if it’s his injuries that has kept him from reaching his potential or he is just “stuck” with tennis until he has enough money to quit. Maybe 2019 will see a mature Nick.

  6. In an interview with The Times the ever respectful, ever respected (joke) Nick Kyrgios gave an interview to TheTimes. In it he remarked “Wimbledon is as big as it gets in tennis. If you win Wimbledon you have gone to the pinnacle of the sport…..(Grass-Court tennis) is pure tennis at its finest. You have to be talented to play on grass. If you have a good serve and a good return, you get rewarded. If you come forward you benefit but if you do that on any other surface, you get punished. Clay-court tennis for me is not tennis at all. There is no creativity. It’s all about fitness and lasting out there. There’s none of the skill that is needed for grass.”
    What is this brat saying? Look at all the greats who have won slams on clay or any clay- court player for that matter. Don’t have any talent? As we all know, the fact of the matter is that the talented Nick Kyrgios is impetuous, impatient and lacks the stamina, mental fortitude and motivation necessary to play successfully on clay. What has he achieved, except negative notoriety? With his attitude he might just preclude himself from any awards at the highest level. Please Nick, do us all a favour and revert to playing basketball. At least, that way, you’ll only have to cope with having to play in on one surface!

    • Lorna, I would like to know how he came about that false narrative. A while back I checked to find out which tournament is considered the most difficult to win. The French came in hands down as the most difficult. That is why only one man has won 11 singles’ titles, Rafael Nadal. And some of the best players in the world never won a French Open. I am still waiting for him to grow up.

    • Nick the Greek is not very intelligent. That is a pity cause we already know that he has no class either. Trailer trash has as much right to be present on the court as any poshy rich kid, but it can have its fair share of ugliness too.

  7. I don’t know much about him but I think I want Pepe Imaz back with Novak. He has been fired.

    Long story short, Vajda felt Pepe was a “distraction.”

    Get this, Vadja said, “When you see the opponent, you must think where to hit the ball, NOT THINK ABOUT BUDDHA.”
    [Source: Daily Kick Sport 24, 7/24/2019.]

    OMG Hilarious… 😂😂😂😂😂
    I can’t stop laughing about his comment. We NEED Pepe back. Please sign the petition.

    • HAHAHA yea we need IMAZ back with Djoker. Where is the petition??

      I really hope this year will mirror the gloriously wonderful 2013 season when Rafa won the US Open series. Those were good times! Of course what happened next, Rafa won the 2014 FO and then took a break from winning slams until 2017:)

      With or without Imaz in Djoker’s camp, Rafa will figure out Djokovic.

      • Ahhh 2013, I was constantly smiling, and 5 years later Rafa is still at the top of the game.

        Yes, I believe Rafa will figure things out. He will not rest until he does.

        I am sooo impatient for August 8 to arrive. I hope the date is a good omen, it’s also absent Fed’s birthday. One oless headache on the horizon.


    • Maybe Imaz encouraged Novak’s “loving” boob throwing gesture to the crowd. I’m surprised Vajda hasn’t got Novak to ditch that sickly act, which is so fake.

  8. Rafa speaks to the Spanish press. My translation.

    “This Wednesday Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal has assured us that his objective during his professional career ‘Was never to win everything,’ if not ‘to be competitive each week and if I win, all the better,’ “the current world No. 1 clarifieda.”

    “Asked for the key to his success in continuing at the height of the tennis world together with the Swiss, Roger Federer and the Serb, Novak Djokovic although the three have exceeded the 30-year barrier. Nadal explained that he ‘treats it as ‘an exceptional circumstance.’

    ‘There are two options to explain the fact that three players are dominating the circuit during so many years and that we are in the first ranking positions during so many years.’

    ‘Either these players [Federer, Djokovic, and himself] have been special or those coming from behind are not sufficiently special. Those are the two options but I don’t know which one is correct.’”

    “Nevertheless Nadal considers that ‘There is a generation of gifted players,’ “they are going to replace them,” ‘whether because they will be at a better level than us in little time, or because of our age.’”
    [Source: DeportesRNC, Wednesday, July 25, 2018.]

    • Imo, many ways, not just both ways.

      First, the three of them are outstanding.
      Second, the players of Fed’s gen, ie Hewitt and Co. were not that outstanding.
      Third, the generation of Raonic, Nishikori &Co. that come after Rafa’s generation are not that outstanding.
      Fourth, the young generation of A Zverev, Chung, Tiafoe, Tsitsipas and Shapo are not ready yet to compete for major titles. This generation may produce some outstanding slam winners but may not have one dominant enough to win > 10 majors. The slam titles may be well spread out among this generation of players.

      Rafa’s generation seems the most outstanding as there are six slam winners so far – Rafa with 17 slams so far, Djoko with 13, Murray and Stan with 3 each, Delpo and Cilic 1 each – total of 38 slams won among them and they most likely will win some more if not many more!

  9. On Wednesday, 7/25/2018, Rafa planned to participate in a news conference to present his Rafa Nadal Open Banc Sabadell Challengers tournament together with María José Rienda, president of the National Council of Sports, and Miguel Diaz, president of the Royal Federation of Spanish Tennis.

    From what I have read, the ATP Challengers tournaments are a step up in providing participating players more favorable conditions with regard to lodging, pay scale, points, etc. I wish Rafa lots of success.


  10. Reynaldo, I am furious also but my anger is subsiding. I hope whoever is responsible gets his comeuppance, be it the tournament director, Novak, or the umpire. Rafa will be back in competition in two weeks when we can all cheer him on.

    P.S. I had to respond here because the reply link was missing.


  11. Rafa on playing the Rogers Cup: “I always love playing in Canada and I hope to see the fans out in force for my first match on Wednesday night.”

    The official draw ceremony for the 56-player field will take place in downtown Toronto on the afternoon of August 3.
    [Source: Tennis Canada, July 23, 2018]

    Wishing Rafa a gr8 hard-court season. His passion for playing tennis is unrivaled. My passion for watching him play and evolve is high up there too. May he continue in good health to win at the sport he loves.


  12. Talking a little more neutrally about serving… I was interested in something said by one of the Wimbledon commentators (can’t remember who, sorry). They posited that Rafa’s first serve was not a big weapon because it was not his natural “handed” arm; if he served with his right, it would be easier for him. Has anyone heard this before?

    I was under the impression that Rafa was ambidextrous: that he naturally tried playing with his left, rather than being “forced to” by Toni (as the common explanation goes). So it’s intriguing to think that one of Rafa’s greatest advantages (having lefty groundstrokes and direction-of-serve) might disadvantage him in other ways.

    I take on board the discussion below, about how his serve has been improved over the years. Just curious if anyone had heard a similar analysis above; and if so, whether you think there’s truth in it.

    PS some of Rafa’s fifth set serving against Djokovic was wonderful; I was super impressed.

    • Just finished reading an analysis of Rafa’s serve starting from 2005. The author stated that Rafa, like other lefties, has trouble serving with force but that he has improved so much more since 2005 realizing in order to win on other surfaces other than clay he had to do better.

      You are correct. In Rafa’s bio he stated that the story of him being forced to use his left hand is a fabrication. If I am not mistaken, Rafa does everything else as a rightie.

      At some point Uncle Tony told him no one plays like that and you won’t be the first. This had to do with Rafa serving or hitting with both hands or something like that. [Please someone here offer a correction.] Rafa chose his left hand.


    • Alex, FYI following is the article I referenced. I also found something from Bleacher Report:

      Article Title:
      The Evolution of the Rafael Nadal Serve – Analysis of the Nadal Serve
      [Source: Optimum Tennis, Undated]

      Article Title:
      Rafael Nadal’s Serve, and 7 Other Weak Shots Among the Top 8 Men
      [Source: Bleacher Report, Aug. 22, 2011]

  13. Being a fan of [but not over Rafa] del Potro, I read his congratulatory Instagram to Rafa and a thank you to his fans.

    “This picture says it all. I want to thank you for the love and support you gave me and respect and congratulations to @RafaelNadal for a great battle. Until next year, #Wimbledon.”

    The picture referred to is their embrace after the match.

    del Potro is also hard at work readying for Los Cabos.


      • He is such a sensitive guy and not afraid to show it. He’s got my vote except against Rafa. He said, “Rafa’s got something extra,” after his loss in the QF. Now how cool is that, after a loss!

        del Potro is so happy just to be playing after multiple wrist surgeries and being out of competition so long. He is just so appreciative of being world No. 4. His sincerity is so touching.

        RAFA ROCKS

  14. Great Rafa getting into your practice, for American tour,

    and I am sure the RAFA team have it all sorted out when to be there and support Rafa to the fullest and utmost,

    Love and prayers,


  15. Gorgeous looking Rafa 😍 – Enjoy your practice and have a great summer ☀️🤗🍀

    VAMOS CHAMP! 🎾💪🏼😘

  16. I’m so happy Rafa you are getting ready to play tennis your fans love you.👍👍👍🎾🎾🎾❤️❤️❤️

  17. I wish he would get a coach to teach him how to serve. We saw what happened at the Wimbledon semi-final. In addition Moya forsakes Rafa when he wants to thus adding insult to the injury of his uncle.

    • Harsh and unfair comment. Commentators frequently mentioned how his serve had improved. Nobody ” forsook” Rafa, Roig was there and I’m sure that Calos Moya was in touch by conference call. Have you a name? Why hide behind ” Puma”

      • Elizabeth Howard Why do you want to know his/her name? What difference does it make – everyone has a right to their opinion.

        All of use who read this site love Rafa, but that doesn’t mean a criticism is not allowed, if that is what someone thinks.

    • Rafa reached No. 1 again just as Carlos believed he would. Under Carlos, Francis and Titin, Rafa has won 3 more Slams, not to mention Masters. And Rafa continues to improve. Maybe it is you who has forsaken Rafa. Always negative.

      You don’t know the terms of Carlos’ contract with Team Rafa AND the academy of which he is the technical director, according to reports.

      A lot goes into coordinating a tournament and the academy will host its first ever Challenger tournament August 27-September 2. I cannot imagine Carlos not being heavily involved with such an important undertaking.

      Whatever the reason for Carlos not being with Rafa I am certain Team Rafa knows what they are doing.

      • If only Wimbledon officials opened the roof because it is an outdoor event!They sidelined Rafa! I am furious😡😡😡

      • Margo, I suspect that you are right about Carlos’ contract, but I have to admit being a little disappointed that he was not there especially the second week. I thought that I heard that Carlos will not be with Rafa until the USO. I have said that since Carlos lives near Rafa, he is able to spend more time with him year round.

      • va4favre, thanks but that’s just one of the possibilities I thought of as an explanation for Carlos not being at Wimbledon. I was so sure he would be there but I was wrong. Disappointed as well.

        Carlos was tired of traveling so extensively while he was coaching Raonic, so taking on Rafa was a very strong incentive. He wanted more family time he said. It certainly is fantastic for all concerned that he lives near Rafa.

        I don’t know if it’s just me, but during the last year I’ve noticed that Roig has been the voice of Team Rafa on many occasion. I wonder if Roig has been given carte blanche when responding to reporters. He has been with Rafa since 2005 after all. Carlos gives me the impression of being gentle, maybe even shy, and adverse to the spotlight. And we all know how Rafa feels about the press.👎

        I’ve been looking for confirmation that Carlos will be at the US Open, or sooner, but nothing yet. Will let you know if I find something but you are usually the first on top of things.

        As Rafa’s coach, coupled with his responsibilities at the academy it must be a Herculean feat. To insult Carlos goes beyond stupidity. My opinion. No, I don’t expect you to respond to this last paragraph. Just had to get it off my chest. 😬 I miss Beverley’s diplomacy.


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