ATP rankings latest: Rafael Nadal maintains No. 1 spot

Rafael Nadal remains top of the ATP Tour world rankings with the 32-year-old, 17-time Grand Slam winner enjoying a comfortable margin over his eternal rival, Switzerland’s Roger Federer.

Photo by TPN/Getty Images

Serbia’s Novak Djokovic is in 10th position, after turning around from a long slump as a swathe of American tournaments swing into view ahead of the US Open starting late August.

Top 10 in the latest ATP Tour rankings:

1. Rafael Nadal (ESP) 9 310

2. Roger Federer (SUI) 7 080

3. Alexander Zverev (GER) 5 665

4. Juan Martin Del Potro (ARG) 5 395

5. Kevin Anderson (RSA) 4 655

6. Grigor Dimitrov (BUL) 4 610

7. Marin Cilic (CRO) 3 905

8. Dominic Thiem (AUT) 3 665

9. John Isner (USA) 3 490

10. Novak Djokovic (SRB) 3 355

In the newest ATP Race To London standings, Rafa is still #1 with 5,760 points.

Our champ is next scheduled to play at the Rogers Cup (6-12 August) where he is three-time champion. Tournament director Karl Hale confirmed that Rafa will play his first match in Toronto on Wednesday night (August 8).

Sources: ATP World Tour, AFP



  1. I wanted to know how many Rogers Cup titles Rafa won so I did some digging. I have also included the results of the other Big Four for those who wish to compare:

    Rafa (3)
    2005, 2008, 2013

    Andy (3)
    2009-10, 2015

    Novak (4)
    2007, 2011-12, 2016

    Roger (2)
    2004, 2006.
    [Sources: Rogers Cup, Wikipedia]

    Rogers Cup may have corrected the error by now, but they quoted Djokovic as saying he “was looking forward to defending my title.” The article was correctly dated 2018. If, if he did say that I am wondering if he has convinced himself he won in 2017. He wasn’t even there.

    As for the YE world No. 1 ranking, Rafa, and Nole are equal with 4 Player of the Year trophies each. Roger has 5.

    2008, 2010, 2013, 2017

    2004-07, 2009

    2011-12, 2014-15.

    Since 1973, only Pete Sampras has amassed 6 trophies, and consecutively.



  2. What goes up must come down:) Time was when I thought Djoker had so many points at the top of the ATP there was no way anyone else would be #1:)

    Great things ahead for our Rafa.

    So Federer has pulled out of the masters tournaments to rest? Hmm… I guess he should only play grand slams now. He’ll need a lot of rest:)


    • If Fed adheres to his post-Wimby statements, he will play Cincy. I don’t see him pulling out of the US Open but we’ll see. Then there is Laver Cup. It’s anyone’s guess what he will play after Laver.

      With the resurgence of Novak, Fed may be watching and waiting to assess his chances for more slams. I thought by now, so deep into the 2018 season, one of the twenty somethings would have won a slam. Not yet.

      I hope Rafa can defend his US Open title because there will be so many hoping to beat him.



      • I believe Roger has confirmed that he will play Cincy and the USO. Roger will lose 600 points by skipping Toronto, but he could gain points in Cincy. He pulled out last year due to an injury. I just want Rafa to play well and stay healthy. While Canadians loved Rafa’s loss to Shapo last year, I did not enjoy it. I do not want to think about the USO yet, since there will be much more competition this year. I want to just enjoy the two Masters first.


      • I want Rafa to stay healthy and play well also. I am also thinking slams, slams, and slams.

        Rafa is scheduled to play two Masters back to back. If he goes deep into Toronto and Cincy he will be playing practically non stop for two weeks. He will then have only a week off before the US Open. If he wins Toronto I hope he skips Cincy. I think a more rested Rafa will have a greater chance at defending his Grand Slam title at the US Open.



  3. Always super excited to have Rafa in North America. He is already practicing with the two cases of Penn balls sent to him by tournament director Karl Hale.
    [Source: Rogers Cup]

    Rafa means business for sure.



  4. Can’t wait till August 8… I miss seeing him play… It’s like an addiction, because he’s the most exciting and amazing Tennis player I have ever seen!

    Hope you’re getting some fun and some rest & relaxation in, And see you soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Well done Rafa, and I trust your rest and relaxation are going really well.

    Love and prayers,



  6. Great good luck on American swing,hopefully you can bring your kind elegant behavior to shine a more radiant light on the men of America,especially
    those in top command.May integrity and truth prevail.


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