Wimbledon 2018: Sunday practice photos

A few photos from Rafael Nadal’s Sunday practice. His hitting partner was Feliciano Lopez.


  1. good luck to the first match! Vamos and win the game, you can do it…💪🍀💪🍀💪🍀

  2. Rafa all the very best for your first game tomorrow,

    Love and prayers,


  3. Good Luck Rafa have a good tournament do your best ( do your best you always do)and enjoy the joy of playing Tennis and winning go Rafa Go

  4. Rafa..wishing you a wonderful 2 weeks at Wimbledon. I will be stuck to the TV. Just sad am not able to travel as am awaiting surgery on my knees. My King of tennis, I, and all your worldwide fans will be your support right to the moment you have that Trophy in your talented hands, Then we will let you rest for a time and then you will head to the States. God Bless and keep you injury free. Vamos Rafa..🇮🇪🇮🇪💕💚🏸

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