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  1. Good luck you can do it you have already done it before you an again just keep your head init and you will win we are all rooting for you Rafa you are number 1 and always will be in my books Donna win or lose I hope to see you at Rogers cup in Toronto this year so I can finally take my first thing off my bucket list I thought I was going to do it at the Indian Wells tourney but you weren’t able to make it but like you I will never give up trying to see you play in person before I die and I am already 72 so it might not be that far away Donna I have been watching you faithfully since you won your first French open on your18th birthday and have followed your career ever since and what a career it has been I wish I had your perseverance and stamina and will to succeed I had a strok at 53 and was left with loss of the use of my left lef and left hand plus severe chronic pain and no drugs prescribed by doctors have been of any use
    This has certainly changed my life completely
    I try and have a good outlook but it’s hard I smile a lot and read a lot I loved your book you are an exceptional person and don’t let anyone tell you anything else I’ll shut up now and agai have fun and good
    Really family and friends are really all that counts in life and you seem to have your life full of them I look forward to meeting you someday although my friends and kids say it is a pipe dream but I am hot giving it updonna

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