[UPDATED] Roland Garros QF: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Diego Schwartzman?

Rafael Nadal and Diego Schwartzman will be facing each other for the sixth time in their careers when they meet in the quarterfinals of the French Open on Wednesday.

UPDATE: Play will resume on Thursday with Rafa two points away from winning the second set and levelling the match.

Date: June 7, 2018

Match time: 12 noon  / 10 AM EDT –  New York, Montreal / 6 AM BST – United Kingdom / 12 noon  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 8 PM AEST – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Rafa has beaten Schwartzman in all five of their previous meetings and dropped only one set in the process, in the fourth round at this year’s Australian Open. Our champ also beat him on clay in Madrid last month.

Rafa on playing Diego:

He’s No 12 in the world. It’s a match against one of the best players of the world today, so you expect a very tough match and you need to be ready to accept that it’s going to be a tough match and fight for it. I know what I have to do, but it’s tough to make that happen, because he’s so good.

Good luck and Vamos Rafa!

Source: ATP World Tour


  1. I am concerned that Rafa has injured his wrist since he called the trainer to bandage both wrists during his match with Diego. Hopefully it was just a small thing as he bounced back when he returned after the rain. It was so frustrating that the match had to be cancelled due to rain again as Rafa was 30-15 serving for the 2nd set. Whether this will see Rafa victorious in the 2nd set or whether Diego returns with renewed vigour remains to be seen.
    It must have been such a blow to Rafa to have the match cancelled just when it looked that he had regained his mojo. It was certainly a blow for his fans who have to wait another day to see what evolves.
    But whatever the outcome Rafa will always be my hero.

    • I have just read that Rafa’s wrists were bandaged as a precaution to stop water running down onto his racket handle. What welcome news that was. To-morrow will be sunny and fine according to the forecast , the kind of weather that suits Rafa’s game.

  2. It is one of those days where Rafa is completely off. It’s not gonna happen for him today I am afraid. The injury is bothering him for sure (mentally and physically).

  3. Oh no ! Lost a sert 😩 I hope he has nothing to his arms !!!
    Vamos Rafa !!!!!!!! You have to win ❤️

  4. Is it just me or is Rafa serving extra hard today? Meanwhile Diego has broken Rafa. Not a surprise there.

    It’s over between us Diego!

  5. Congratz to Muguruza on her quarter-final win over the self-proclaimed “cow on ice”. Perhaps there will be a Spaniard both in the ATP and WTA finals.


  6. Best of luck to Rafa in this quarter-final battle against Diego. Hoping to see him among Friday’s semi-finalists. GO RAFA GO!!!!!!!🎾🎾💪


  7. Good luck to Rafa. Diego, like Rafa, is a fighter.

    Instead of focusing on his game, pundits and others find it necessary to talk about his height. What small minds. Diego has overcome a seeming deficit by comparing himself to David of David and Goliath mythology. He was a child when he read that story and had kept its significance with him since then. Belief in himself. His parents must be proud.

    I hope he does well against Rafa, but NOT well enough to beat my champion.


  8. I saw the video of Schwartzmann dancing by the pool, and now I love him:):)

    But I do not love him enough to avoid saying this: CRUSH HIM RAFA!!

    Knowing Rafa, it will be the same old tentative playing style, adapting to his opponent, rather than coming out in full attack mode. So long as he gets it done:) Rafa should win.

    But wow… I actually stopped watching Djoker’s match when he was 3-0 up in the fourth set. With Djoker, that’s basically a done deal. Not anymore! How things change. But the Ceccinator played brilliantly! I hope he wins against Thiem, and in reward gets crushed by Rafa:)

    Rafa, you have some crushing to do!

  9. Well…it will not be easy tomorrow. The small guy is such a great fighter and player. It will be though match for Rafa. Hopefully he can get it in 3 or max 4 sets,so not to be very tired for semi,because to win against Cilic or Del Po….Rafa must be fresh. Good luck, Champ.

    • At their last encounter in Madrid which Rafa won in straight sets, Schwartzman exhausted him so much that the next day he lost in straight sets to Thiem. This time around fresh for having found and beaten his former opponent in 5 sets Schwartzwan will be fighting madly to hit the headlines as the player who defeated Nadal at Roland Garros.

      So please please Rafa get it over quickly;

      Wamos Rafa you are the best.

  10. Rafa good luck champ tomorrow you can do it vamossssssssssssssss champ all the way 🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️🏆

  11. Good Luck Rafa in your next match. Stay Positive and Focused find his weakness and play to it. Keep Hydrated and don’t hurt anything out there like your Leg, Wrist, Hip, feet or hands. Play and have fun and Enjoy each and every point. You are a Marvel to watch and you bring so many people Joy to see you play. Looking forward to seeing you play and win and Vamos .

  12. Ive just seen an amazing 4th set tie break in novak’s match and ge is out. What a roland garros this is turning out to be. Good luck to rafa tomorrow too.

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