VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Fourth Round Press Conference – Roland Garros 2018

Rafael Nadal talks about his straight sets victory over Maximilian Marterer at the French Open.


  1. Novaaaaak (I call him Novaaaaak cause that is how Rafa calls Novaaaaak) was too nervous on the big points. Only when he really had not other options, he went for winners when the heat was on. Painful to see but a great match. Thiem will put Cecchinato away easily. Let’s hope Rafa gets rid of Schwartzman and DelPo or Cilic. Like this post if you agree that Cilic is an annoying player just for what he did in last years Wimbledon and this years Aussie Open. Weak weak weak when he faces Roger.

  2. Cecchinato downs Nole. Marco is being referred to as a clay-court specialist. Out of his last 44 matches, 42 were on clay. I wonder how much steam he has left.

  3. Cecchinato utterly deserved to win the match ,so happy for him . No more love cupping from Novak , he has to send his love to the crowd , whereas Rafa would need to hold out his hands to receive it.
    Good luck for tomorrow Rafa

  4. Come on Cecchinato you can do this , send Novak back to Monte Carlo pronto

  5. As much as I would like to see a Nadal – Djokovic final, I can’t help but enjoy the success of the Italian Cecchinato a bit. He has taken a 2-0 lead against Novaaaaaaak, and Novaaaaaaak does not look as if he’s able to turn this around!

    • Djokovicz will turn it around and beg 10 times for RG crowds to applaud him as if he were a war hero. He will also do some lousy acts like breaking racquet, quarrelling with line judge or umpire to encourage himself to move forward because he fluorishes in violence.

      Wamos Rafa, you are the best.

      • Lots of players argue with their umpire but don’t tell them “you will not umpire another of my matches.”

        I’ve never seen him in a fight, what violence?

        The spectators like Djokovic and he likes to perform, so what.

    • Zverev would have lost to Thiem also when he’d been 100% fit. He’s not ready to be a real champion, neither physically nor mentally. Before having done anything at the majors, he’s already incredibly arrogant. I do not wish him well tennis wise for the coming years. Sorry!

      • I watch tennis because of an athlete’s game, not because of his/her behavior, or personality, or whatever. If a player’s behavior becomes so bad I just won’t watch that player. Like the time Serena threatened a lineswoman. I was appalled by the threat of physical violence. Never watched her after that until this weekend.

        To watch someone smash a racquet out of anger or frustration isn’t pretty but it’s a way of letting off steam.

      • Well his behavior against a journalist the other day was pathetic. The kid tried to be cool. Calling the man ‘mate’, subsequently acting condescending in a failed attempt to be cocky.

      • Are you referring to the journalist with the accent? If so, Zverev couldn’t understand him was my understanding and yes, he could have handled it more diplomatically.

  6. Happy Birthday for the 3rd June, 2018 Rafa. Hope you had a most enjoyable Day. God bless you throughout the year n grant you good health, success & every happiness. Vamos Rafa my boy, King of Clay. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂👑🏆🎁🍷xxx

  7. Wamos Rafa against Schwartzman, remember how he exhausts you so make it a quick three setter.

    Wamos Rafa you are the best.

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