Alfred and Amaia meet Rafa in Barcelona

Earlier today in Barcelona, the lovely Spanish couple received the opportunity of a lifetime: to spend some time with Rafael Nadal, who wished them best of luck at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Alfred and Amaia (aka Almaia) have won the Eurovision selection at the Spanish talent show ‘Operación Triunfo’ and will represent the country at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with their love song ‘Tu Canción’ (Your Song).

Our champ told them that he is a fan of Operacion Triunfo and asked them about their life in “The Academy”, a Big Brother style house that was managed by a headmaster. He wanted to know were they in contact with their family during the show and how the final preparations go for the Eurovision, which will be held in Lisbon next month.

Their real-life love story captivated Spain for months — and now they’re among the top 10 favourites to win the Eurovision.


  1. Rafa how lovely of you to spend time with this delightful couple before they head for Lisbon.

    Best wishes to them and you for Barcelona.

    Love and best wishes,


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