Rafael Nadal beats Karen Khachanov, will face Dominic Thiem in Monte Carlo quarter-finals [PHOTOS]

Ten-time champion Rafael Nadal has booked his place in the quarter-finals of the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters.

Our champ beat Russian Karen Khachanov 6-3, 6-2 in an hour and 19 minutes. With today’s triumph, he has improved to 65-4 lifetime in Monaco, and 393-35 on clay.

Khachanov held his own at times in the opening set, but Rafa moved through the gears and claimed his second comfortable victory of the week after his opening win over Aljaz Bedene.

After the match, Rafa said:

A good victory. Straight sets against a difficult opponent. That’s the real thing.

I think I played little bit better than yesterday [against Aljaz Bedene]. My serve worked well and my forehand was better than yesterday. (via ATP World Tour)

Rafa, who is chasing a record 31st ATP Masters 1000 title, will next face Austrian Dominic Theim, who knocked out 2013 and 2015 champion Novak Djokovic, 6-7(5), 6-2, 6-3 in two hours and 29 minutes.


  1. Rafa I watch your much you p,ay so good vamosssssssss and good luck champ tomorrow 🎾🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍👍❤️😍❤️

  2. Excellent match Rafa! So happy to see you move around so well. And looking relaxed on your favorite surface. Best time of the year for me. I enjoy tennis so much during this period. I even enjoy life more in general when the clay season is on 😊Good luck for the match against Thiem. vamos!!!

  3. Rafa well done and the very best for tomorrow too.

    Love and prayers,


  4. Rafa played really well and winning in SS was important. I was very impressed with how Thiem played in a tough match against Novak. Yes, Thiem did beat Rafa in Rome, but Rafa was very tired. Thiem was also hitting every line. Tomorrow will be the “real” final so I hope Rafa prevails.

    • I don’t think Thiem has a chance. Rafa is more than motivated after being sidelined for so long. And yes, today’s Rafa is not Rome’s 2017 tired Rafa. I wish he had skipped Rome.


  5. I am happy again to say CONGRATZ to Rafa. I didn’t think Khachanov would win a set but thought he would score more points. Glad the match was quick.


  6. Good to get it won in 2 sets . Moving well and confident .
    Big match to morrow but still back our great champion. Vamos Rafaaaaaa you light up tennis 😋😍

  7. You guys see that??? Chokovic is such a wuss. He knows he’s gonna get his ass beat so he loses to Thiem on purpose. When Rafa was hurt he manned up and took his ass whooping like a man. Chokovic is trying to preserve that head to Head advantage he got when Rafa was hurt. Chokovic is learning from Wusserer. Run from Rafa especially on clay so you don’t get your ass beat. Pisses me off. I want to see Them play as many times as possible before they retire because there aren’t many years left. Chokovic and Federer are denying us that and it’s irritating 😠 .

      • I can’t man, did you watch Chokovic not even try? He didn’t run for balls I’ve seen him get to in the past . He didn’t even stick his racquet out to try to volley some “passes” that he easily could have gotten a Racquet on. I want him and Federer to man up! Like Rafa! That’s why I like Rafa. He tries his best even when he knows he’s gonna lose, even when his best is not where he knows he is capable of. He was injured in Shanghai, taped up his knee and lost to Roger for the fans. That’s some courtesy. Now, I have to see Rafa beat on Thiem. That’s not right for the fans. I want to see him beat on Chokovic! To me, Slams are all that matter at this point. Win a slam and it matters no matter how easy, because slams are the gold standard. Winning Monte Carlo or any other non slam isn’t prestigious to me anymore unless he kicked Rogers or Chokovic’s teeth in. I definitely enjoyed Rafa’s Win, but I want to enjoy the tournament, not just Rafa’s matches. How fun the tournament is to watch depends on the results of other players too. Chokovic dogging it because he’s scared to lose to Rafa took the level of the tournament down a few notches for me. Before I was 98% sure but now, I’m 99.9% sure Rafa will win the whole thing barring injury. Chokovic is the better player (vs Thiem), I want to see the best face each other. Is that too much to ask for Chokovic to try his best? I don’t think so.

  8. Great match. Good luck for tomorrow against Thiem – the two best clay-court-players right now. Vamos Rafa <3

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