Is Rafael Nadal a fan of the new Davis Cup ideas?

The Davis Cup could be transformed into a one-week, one-location, 18-nation World Cup of Tennis in a major overhaul aimed at enticing the best men’s players to play.

Photo: Davis Cup

Reaction to the plans has been mixed, but here’s what Rafael Nadal told Spanish media in Valencia:

The change that arises, whether it goes well or not, is good to be considered. If there is a change, there will always be positive and negative things.

If it is approved, the option to play at home is taken away and it is a pity. The revenues of our Federation are the majority of the Davis Cup.

With a new competition, you have already guaranteed annual money. The best players compete every year and we are all involved.

I think it would be nice but not perfect because there is nothing perfect. This competition deserves an injection of energy.

The proposal will be put to a vote at the ITF annual general meeting scheduled to take place in Orlando in August.



  1. interesting concept, interesting way of changing,but I think there are so many countries where some people NEVER get to see tennis at all, that it would be a great pity to change Davis cup, as those places where it is held give locals, an opportunity at least to see high quality top tennis in their city.

    What was outcome of Spain V Germany, nothing today on this site so far,

    Love and prayers,


  2. I love Rafa, of course, but I don’t agree with him on everything. The Germany v Italy tie was just incredible! I had planned to watch a little, but ended up watching the entire event. It was Davis Cup at its best. I could see some changes in DC, but moving away from the home fans would be a shame. There are many countries that do not have world class tennis except for DC. I love watching the rabid fans. I could see skipping DC during Olympic years, for example. I really doubt that the reform proposals will be approved.

    • I had read some of Rafa’s comments earlier that were more supportive of the ITF proposal. These actually sound like he may have had second thoughts. I don’t see how it could get any better than the past weekend’s matches. Rafa also committed to play in Sept too, assuming no injuries. Will Rafa still play Laver Cup?

      • Va4favre, I too remember reading articles in which Rafa was very much in favor of the changes in format. But the following is something else.

        The new name for Davis cup is to be “World Cup of Tennis Finals.” Along with all the noted changes in format, there is also to be a round-robin stage and then a knock-out stage. Sounds like the ATP Finals to me. The ITF announced a 25-year partnership, worth $3bn, with investment group KOSMOS to fund the tournament. According to ITF president David Haggerty, “Our vision is to create a major season-ending finale….” Again, sounds like the ATP Finals to me.

        Footballer Gerard Piqué, Rafa’s close friend according to reports, is founder and president of KOSMOS. Total player prize money for 2019 is quoted as $20 million.

        The ITF board has unanimously agreed upon the proposed changes. The world’s individual federation members will vote mid- August with only a two-thirds majority vote required for passage.
        [Sources: MARCA;; TheGuardian;;]

        The above appears to be only a peek at some of the machinations going on. In RNF’s post about what Rafa had to say, Re….”new competition,” and something about players being guaranteed money every year led me to hunt for explanations for his comments.

      • Va4favre, I wasn’t too far off.

        Here’s what Rafa is quoted as having said in the RNF post, “With a new competition, you have already guaranteed annual money.”

      • So far only Nick Kyrgios said he will play. I have been checking publications in Eng, French and Spanish.


      • Va4favre, it is also possible at the time Rafa initially expressed support for the then proposed Davis Cup changes he was not aware of more changes to come. I have come to conclude he is pleased that changes are even being discussed; something he has been in favor of for a long time.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • Oops, obviously I meant Germany v Spain. France v Italy was not bad, but nothing like Valencia.

  3. Depending on how the votes go in August, this may be the last year France participates in Davis Cup.

    Next year, Davis Cup may be held in Asia. Players have been promised $20million if they play under the new format. One tournament, in the form of a World Cup, with 18 teams united in the same location.
    [ April 9, 2018]

  4. Please do not change the. format of Davis Cup. The atmosphere and excitement cannot be matched in the same way with a single tournament. Possibly play it over two years to allow more top players to play.

    • Hazel R., Davis Cup is trying to attract more top players but I can’t see how these proposed changes will do that. Rafa himself said that it has been years that Davis Cup hasn’t had top players participating consistently.

      What I would like to know is how the players would vote, for or against. They are the ones who will be bringing in the money in terms of tourists, locals, and buying power.


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