VIDEO: Rafa stops celebrating to console heartbroken Kohlschreiber

At a time when fans in Valencia started celebrating Spain’s 3-2 comeback win over Germany in the Davis Cup quarterfinals, world No. 1 Rafael Nadal took the time to console heartbroken Philipp Kohlschreiber.

Our champ came close to Philipp and offered him some encouragement.

In the video below, you can also see that Alexander Zverev congratulated Rafa.

At the end of the day, this is what makes sports special!


  1. Yes , i agree with what’s been said about David Ferrer. Not only did he win it for Spain, but he went over to Philipp Kohlschreiber as well to console him. He should have got more recognition and been mentioned alongside Rafa. Both are such lovely guys.

    • At least he has been praised by both the sports and social media so I’m happy about that. My grumble was to emphasize it was a team effort and David’s video was not included.


  2. A true mark of compassion and sportsmanship. Come on you players. It’s about time you voted for Rafa to get the Stefan Edberg sportsmanship award and stop bowing down to Fed.

  3. Wow! Simply can’t stop watching
    The video above. – It’s soo adorable and moving 😍❤️😘💖🤗


    Rafael Nadal: What Really Matters Is Being Happy Along the Way, Not Waiting Until You Reach the Finish Line
    [this is an animated children’s book]

    Rafa and Roger, Un recorrido por la rivalidad más importante de la historia del tenis

    Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal: The Life and Career of Two Tennis Legends

    Strokes of Genius: Federer, Nadal, and the Greatest Match Ever Played

  5. TO all the Spanish and German team our very best of Congratulations.

    SO being taught by his family and uncle Tony,we can just imagine that the number of young students learning at the Rafa Academy are going to learn snippets of how Rafa was brought up to be so humble and sportsman like.
    There will be a meriod of amazing tennis stars, both girls and boys, coming through.
    what a legacy from the Nadal family of Mallora.

    Love and prayers,


  6. That’s class act by Rafa. You think Roger or Chokovic would go console the loser? No way man… they’d be all caught up winning and celebrating. Rafa’s always had the best sportsmanship of these golden era champs. The best example was the EPIC 2012 Aussie Open Final he lost in a heat breaker. His runner up speech was class act and genuine even after such a hear breaking defeat. His 2017 Aussie runner up speech in another heart break was great too; it’s great to see him seeing the good sidenof a loss, smiling and joking when he had just lost a heartbreaker. It took Roger a while before he could muster up the same kind of class, because he was so dominant early on, but his 2014&15 Wimbledon runner up speeches were very class act unlike his 2008 Wimbledon runner up speech which was more robotic. Novak still has yet to work up the ability to be genuine in his runner up speeches. His 2013 USO runner up speech was the epitome of robotic…. I loved it lol!!!! Because you get to see what Novak is really like when the going gets tough.

    I hope the next generation is learning from Rafa.

    • I can tell you that if Federer didn’t use that time out, Nadal would have won at AO2017. Watch the US Open 2013 final at the middle of set three and then you will understand that Nadal was a fighter.

  7. watch till the end if you watch

    rafa and i both clap left-handed…not many people do. which hand is on top when you clap. i do maybe three or four things lefty…or used to. probably cant do anything but clap these days.

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    • Top class no doubt about it.
      I ‘m agree with you.
      You go Rafa 🇪🇸👍👍👍👍
      Well done.

  8. Rafa knows how losing feels, he’s such a good fellow to give hugs to console the losing team, Bravo !

  9. Rafa, you show us what it is to be a true sportsman. Tennis is very happy to have someone like you. We are all happy to witness what you bring to this sport. You show compassion to your team mates and even to your opposition. Even Kohl. What was a very nice gesture. Win or lose, you even have the time to sign autographs for your fans. When semi’s of the David Cup comes, I am voting for you and your country. VAMOS RAFA

  10. Rafa is a very compassionate man, he always has time for other players. That is what makes him special

    • Ferri is a wonderful human being too. No discussion about that. When you are a super star like Rafa, obviously he catches more attention and the limelight but that is not in detriment of Ferrer. They are both unbeatable examples of sportsmanship and good persons.

      • Hi RNF, I was talking about David Ferrer. There is a video on the Davis Cup Twitter account [April 8] showing David [2:01 minutes] after he won as he immediately headed toward Kohlschreiber. It was equally great to see Germany’s team members congratulating David.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • 😍 True sportsmen – Hearts of gold 💖

      My family and I were very lucky at the Davis Cup in Odense (DK back in 2015) to meet David Ferrer. – A so very sweet, nice and humble guy – and seemed a little bit shy too. He took the time to write autographs, even though he had a bus to catch 🚍😉❤️

      Unfortunately we failed to meet Rafa for his autograph, but we saw him on court and close up afterwards 😍🎾 Hope to get his autograph some other time and even meet him in person. – Would be a dream come true 🤗❤️

      To watch the Davis Cup in DK, was a very special and memorable experience 🎾💪🏼😃🇩🇰🇪🇸

      Oops, sorry for the great “harangue” LOL 😄

      • Rafantastic, luv the post…not at all “harangue.”

        David does exude those qualities you attribute to him. Happy you got to meet him.

        About Rafa, sorry you missed him and hope you get your wish to finally meet him.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Thank you Margo, for you nice respond 🤗🌷

        Didn’t even knew the expression “the great harangue” (googled it) 😄 – and I’m actually not sure, if it’s the right one for – in danish: “…den lange smøre” (kinda more “…the long speech” – maybe? 🤔). Anyways, doesn’t matter, you know what I mean 😜😂


      • Rafantastic you’re just too adorable.

        Yes, I got what you meant but to help you out since Google didn’t do its job, “harangue” means “a long AND aggressive speech” not in a good way but in a demeaning way. It is usually used for speech, not writing.

        You could have used “verbose comment,” or “lengthy comment”, or “long-winded comment,” in speech or writing. For example, “sorry for the verbose comment.”

        For someone whose native language is not English, you do beautifully.


      • Arww “tusind tak”, Margo! 😊🙏🏻
        Also “tak” for explaning the word “harangue” wich I can understand is not right one in this context at all 😉👎🏻
        You’re really great in expressing yourselves in many languages I must say 😃👍🏻

        VIVE RAFA #LEGENDARY CHAMPION #1!! 🥇💖☀️🎾💪🏼

  11. Rafa seems to be a special human being in every way. His humility in success or in defeat is so admirable.

    His example is just great for young people to observe and to follow. – hope and pray you exhibit this forever. Rafa

    Have a great season.

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