WATCH: An interview with Rafael Nadal – 2018 Davis Cup

Rafael Nadal reflects on his winning return to tennis in the first rubber of the 2018 Davis Cup.

Rafa on his performance…

“Obviously after a while without competing there is sometimes different feelings – some moments I played well, some moments I made big mistakes, especially with my serve. In general, I played well and I am happy for that.”

Rafa on how he’s feeling physically…

“All is good, I am happy about the answer of my body for this first match after a few months. Happy for the way I came back in front of my crowd, it was a great feeling to play here at home.”

Rafa on potentially facing Zverev on Sunday…

“I need to get a bit more solid with my serve, I cannot have mistakes with my serve like I did today, and Sascha is a very tough opponent. It will be a big challenge, but at the same time I am excited to play that match.

After a while without competing, that will be a good test for me too. I know I have to play a great match, and I hope to be ready to play a good match. I am going to enjoy the fact that I get the chance to play in front of my crowd, on clay.

Source: Davis Cup



  1. All the best Rafa for Sunday’s match,

    and I trust you enjoy yourself in front of your fellow country people.

    Love and prayers,



  2. Rafa’s footwork is much better than AO. He is slowly coming back. But at the interview later he said he was not 100% ok with the hip. Should Rafa take the Sunday match against Zverev?


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