Injury update: Rafa will return, but will it be in Monte Carlo?

In an interview with El Pais, Rafael Nadal’s long-time doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro said that they are adopting a very cautious approach to the latest setback in the hopes of being fit and ready for the clay-court season.

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When you are about to compete and in your first training session (and) this happens, obviously it influences you and it’s hard. It’s in a muscle and not in a tendon, which would have been much worse.

The negative thing is that pain is back in an already affected zone and this is not something unusual. Rafa was practicing in a normal way and everything was going well. We need to be optimistic, because we have always been so, but also realistic and now, seeing what happened, we have to be as cautious as possible.

Rafa will be back when he will be doing well.

Cotorro said everyone was hopeful that Rafa would be back in time to compete on his favourite surface.

We hope that he will be recovered for the clay-court season, that’s the goal.

Rafa should rest for two or three weeks, then have a progressive recovery, but it always depends on how everything works. You have to monitor this injury closely, so we will go week-by-week, without rushing.

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  1. I will be so happy when Rafael can return playing in top form, and defend his titles on clay. Hopefully he will win French Open for the 12 time. He needs to show that he is indeed King of Clay.The warrior needs to be able to come back and play his best tennis with no injuries

  2. dtmna

    Dont hold your breath nadal will play madrid because the tournament is in spain and you know that he is a pleaser who want to make spanish people happy at the benefith of his health.

    Since nadal hasnt played for two months i dont think he is going to slow down because its clay season. So he is going to play all clay tournaments in order to protect the nr 1 ranking.

    And look we all know nadal needs match practice and confidence he wants to be the best clay court player (he already is the biggest one) Clay is always important for him.

    If i were the one advising him (offcourse he is not going to listen to me i know that) i would say skip monte carlo and barcelona play madrid and rome and the french open

  3. So King Rafa has come back to world number 1.

    I am very happy!

    Despite the fact that Rafa is very unlikely to hold the no.1 spot throughout the clay season as he has too many points to defend (like 4600?) but still this is something to celebrate.

    Federer again shows how he truly is. Trying to tease Rafa about playing best of five matches on clay but again, he skipped the whole clay season.
    He knows Rafa has to defend many points. I am curious whether Rafa could fall into that trap AGAIN? His health must come first. I say this year, Rafa should consider playing Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Rome before RG. Madrid’s court is too agressive for his knees.

    • Fed after his loss:
      “You take a break, get away from it all, and get back to practice court and work.”

      Kokkinakis has made statements indicating he has studied Fed very thoroughly. I wonder if that helped his win and his confidence.

      The NextGen is coming.


  4. federer has drop in form compare to last year and this year australian open. Its painful for me to ask but what if rafa had played indian wells and miami and had faced federer in this year melbourne and indian wells and miami would he had won. federer looks vulnerable

    nadal is nr 1 again. Federer will be force to play on clay and the french open. if federer continues this kind of form and vulnerability i predict nadal could have a chance this year at wimbeldon to pull out an upset

    • No roof and in bright sunshine during the hottest time of day. I think he ran out of steam. He just lost to a 21-year-old so I don’t think he wants to chance another early loss on clay instead of preparing for Wimby. But who knows…..
      He is probably very upset at the moment.

      When he lost IW to JMDP he said he didn’t know what the hell happened. I wonder if he knows what just happened now in Miami. I thought he would go deeper.

      Now it’s JMDP’s turn to do a Sunshine Double.


  5. Congrats to Kokkinakis who has just beaten Roger at the Miami Open, great to see him back on tour😀

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