Rafa pulls out of Indian Wells and Miami

Rafael Nadal has pulled out of the Indian Wells and Miami Open tournaments after aggravating the leg injury that forced him out of the Australian Open in January.


“Unfortunately, the injury I suffered in Acapulco before starting the tournament is in the same area as the one suffered in Melbourne,” Rafa said on his Facebook page.“I won’t be able to play in Miami or Indian Wells as I need to recover.

“It was very painful to retire from Acapulco and it’s very hard as well to not play in the USA. I will miss you and I will do everything that’s possible to be back there in 2019.”

Get well soon, Rafa!


  1. Please let this be the turning point of the season. No more cakewalks for Roger. In fact, Roger played only Cilic and Dimitrov this season, and the rest was just a bunch of nobodies. Along comes world no. 8 JMDP, the man who’s always injured on his wrist, and boom, down goes Roger. Now THAT is how good RF is folks. That 17-0 really tells me zero. It is time for Novak, Andy, Stan and Rafa to recover from their physical (and in Rafa’s case mental) injuries and get back on track.

    • Rafa…looking forward to the next tournament you’re able to play. Tennis 🎾 isn’t the same without you playing. Come back strong.

  2. Love Rafa a lot. Always my favorite tennis player, the greatest in my opinion. But…his decisions about his schedule lately are disaster. And I think he will not change unfortunately. So stubborn. Never learn from Fed. Maybe Federer is not my favorite tennis player, but without any doubt is the smartest one.That why he will achieve the most….unfortunately again.

  3. Regardless of any future tour, RAFA IS and always was THE REAL GENUINE GOAT!!! : ) All the bs favoring princess roger , who is clearly one spoiled atp player, seeing over again his pathetic aided process in each tour participation over all other participating players has got to stop at once! Tennis is a sport with fans and crowds. This is competition. This something fans look forward to witness winners based on their own merit. Their own skills. Their own relevance in highly competitive environment. And when one player gets over and over again privileges not extended to the rest of the top tennis players the actual matches by privileged player subsequently are a bore.
    This is unfortunate and makes zero sense particularly since Rafa draws world wide massive fan base, he is adored globally, and his matches sell out to full stadiums in every tour he participates.
    I trust that what really matters in the end of the day is the fact that Rafa is the most extraordinary talent in Tennis history! Indeed watching Rafa’s brilliant Tennis on all surfaces and witnessing his s classy, give it all beautiful Tennis is very very rewarding. In every match he plays, on all tours, big or small, Rafa’s matches are incredibly inspiring on many levels: a brilliant determination. Extraordinary Passion. Brilliant Skill. RARE FOCUS. His unbelievable Speed. Court presence. Net genius. Endurance. Creative solutions. Sportsmanship. Longevity. Giving it all and with such enormous fight with each point. Watching him loving the game…..radiating fun……he is the king of level of play and IMPROVEMENT …….constantly seeking ways to improve……doing his brilliant practices….. And on and on and on….. VAMOS RAFA NADAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE TENNIS GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) 🙂 🙂 WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) Lots of love & happiness and keep smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) 😉 🙂 VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  4. Tennis Magazine-France Rafa interview

    Q: Regarding the evolution of the game, we have arrived with a generation of hard hitters. How will you adapt?

    Rafa: I must play well, that’s all. When I play well, I think I am capable of countering any type of player. That was the case last year. If I can practice the way I want to, that will be the case this year. To do that, the priority is to be in good physical condition. It’s indispensable because the new generation is excellent.

    Further on in the interview, Rafa went on to explain that he hasn’t been able to practice the way he wants to, i.e., before his schafoid fracture and the discovery of his congenital foot problem. He has never been able to practice the same way since then. He said he has accepted this but it hasn’t stopped him from continually searching for ways to improve himself.


    • Tennis Magazine-France April issue
      Rafa was asked about his schedule.

      Q: Do you see youself playing less tournaments to reduce your injuries?

      Rafa: The problem is that if you play less, it is difficult to be at the top. You have to experience the competition. You must be subjected to all the components [of competition] in order to maximize your capabilities. In the end, for me in any case.

      Nevertheless, it’s important to have enough time to train. If you play less in a tournament but use your training at 100%, that’s not a problem, but if you play less and train less that becomes problematic.

      If you look at my calendar, I will have played only two tournaments the first two months of the year [this is before Rafa had to withdraw from Acapulco]. And 4 tournaments [after adding IW and Miami] before attacking the clay season at Monte Carlo. This is not tremendous. You have to adapt your calendar to results, to health, and the need to last.

      It is clear that Rafa doesn’t want to fall behind in the rankings. He loads his calendar forgetting he needs time to heal after an injury. I think therein lies a huge conflict within himself.


  5. Tennis Magazine-France [April edition]
    Subject: Spanish Tennis
    Rafa interview held on Feb. 13, 2018, at his academy.
    It’s lengthy, so I’m going to post separate Q&A portions of the interview. As no translation program is being used, it may take some time.

    Q: … you and Spanish tennis have achieved success for 25 years. How do you explain that?

    Rafa: Certainly, there are different reasons. During that period many generations knew success and without a doubt an effect of example. Aside from that, Spain has a great tennis school, great coaches, and great schooling.

    In general, Spanish players are humble enough to work hard on a daily basis. Perhaps we don’t have a federation as rich as others but in the end that may be a good thing. It’s fine to have beautiful buildings on one hand, but on the other hand it is also good to have to battle for success.

    The fact of not having certain privileges helps you mentally. If you are accustomed to practicing in less than optimum conditions, you will be stronger mentally if you reach the highest level where, there, you will find conditions perfect. Of course, that does not explain everything thing. There is also part luck, and happy coincidences.

    Bonne chance Rafa.


  6. Time to share some SCHADENFREUDE with others on the WTA tour.

    Sharapova was knocked out of IW in the first round by
    Naomi Osaka: 6-4, 6-4.

    I am curious to see who among WTA players will be choosen to participate in the AO 2019 opening ceremony. Stay tuned.

  7. I think Rafa could play most of the clay season, starting with Rio [next year], and still stay within the top 5. I doubt very much if he will settle for number 8.

    I would surely be in favor of Rafa playing clay and maybe the USO, Wimby no, and the AO is just bad for him. The heat could be a contributing factor for his woes there.

    The bottom line is that he must cut down on injuries to prolong his career.


  8. POSTED FEBRUARY 19 by a fan, it received a lot of likes but no comments. Thoughts fans?

    “If Fed thinks he is as good as some say he thinks he is, if Fed is as arrogant as some feel he is, and considering his current oldest world No. 1 status, who is to say he won’t try this year’s FO. It is the only slam he hasn’t won twice.

    “…. I don’t see him doing RG either but I’ve been reading articles suggesting that Fed may wait to see how Rafa is playing. If Rafa is not at his best, Fed may just throw down the gauntlet. Or, he may just rest up during the clay season as he did last year.”


  9. Federer again admitted recently that his dream is winning another French crown. The reason for his long (very very long) preparation for grass season last year is fake and also the injury prevention reason. Federer is wating whether Rafa could comeback at 100% so that he could sneak a French Open which would help him to become G.O.A.T without further debate.

    So please, Rafa, this time, be the best at Roland Garros. You might miss several clay tournament before but that’s alright.

    • DMTNA: before February 2014, I would have agreed with your post on Roger possibly waiting for a weaker Rafa, to grab his chances on clay. The landscape however has drastically changed. Rafa is no longer in Roger’s head, it is completely the other way around, and more extreme than it ever was for Roger when he was Rafa’s puppy. The last RG final these two played, could have gone Roger’s way, had he not choked away the first set after a huge lead. Roger stands a solid chance against Rafa on clay in 2018. Rafa, as tough as it may be to acknowledge, has the cold shivers big time again right now. He fears Roger in general and he is the last opponent he would want to face any time, regardless the surface. Nadal is an open book after all these years. His confidence levels determine his successes. We are riding a low one since October.

    • Jean Sober: I have to disagree with this. Ivan Ljubicic may have upgraded Federer’s backhand to a very high level of handling high topspin ball but the story would be very different on clay.
      The ball bounces extremely high. You could see how well Staminal was playing in the last 3 years under the hand of Magnus Norman. His backhand could destroy anykind of shot from a prime Djokovic but not Nadal’s in-form forehand.
      Last year, Rafa continually loses to Federer 3 times in a row so i believe if it wasn’t the surface disadvantage, Federer should have competed in French Open.

      Anyway, i am still doubt whether Rafa could be his best at FO. I have been following him long enough to see these things gonna happen. Rafa is gonna give all his power to 4 clay tournaments before FO and the injury might comeback… It’s not the first time.

  10. Rafa is now enjoying the break and the mental reload, that he should have taken in October and November, which would have allowed him to fully charge in December and then strike in January. He will probably be back when the clay season starts or even a bit later, which would allow him to skip Monte Carlo. I have followed Nadal for 13 years and I am really sure that this injury is not too serious. He just needs a good break and find the right motivation to strike back at Roger and get no. 17.

    • jean sober,

      not only canceling monte carlo but also barcelona and make his debut at madrid. But he is not going to do that because of nr 1 ranking.

      • mjus, exactly, and that way he will again show that he does not have his prios in order. federer and his team understand things much better. it is better to focus on majors. winning a major brings the points, and the confidence, and less risks on injuries. what rafa does is: play as much as possible, for points, and confidence (while each loss brings him down), and getting more and more worn out and injury prone. Rafa should be rather no. 8 in the world and win 2 majors in 2018, than winning 1 major, 5 masters and be no. 1. Nobody cares about masters and this no. 1 ranking (he’s never going to catch the weeks at no. 1 record). Majors, majors, majors.

  11. Apparently Rafa could regain the no.1 spot without even lifting a racquet. Roger has to reach the semi final of IW to maintain the top ranking. With DelPo playing so well and Novak returning, could this be the first of many pendulum swings?

    • Hi Lorna

      Will Rafa not lose points because he made the final last year and is not playing this year?

      Just being the hater I am, I hope Roger does not win IW and Miami. But how amazing will it be if he does? He makes the mid (or late?) 30s where I currently find myself seem super cool:)

      • Hi Mac. Rafa was beaten by Roger in the fourth round of IW last year, so Rafa could (at least temporarily) get back to no.1 as he loses only 90 points whereas Roger is defending 1000 points. Currently Roger has 10,060 points and Rafa has 9,460 points. 360 points are awarded for getting to the semis, which Roger needs to stay as no.1…….

      • Thanks for the explanation Lorna.

        For some reason I had it in my head that Rafa played Roger in the final of IW and also before the final of Miami.

        Good to see Rafa may get that #1 back. Even better, is knowing that he’s getting some much needed rest and charging his batteries.

  12. My guess as the reason for Rafa entering both singles and doubles at Indiam Wells……. A $1 million BONUS will be awarded to any player, male or female, who wins both singles and doubles. This feat has been accomplished only six times in tennis history, according the the BNP Paribas website. The money is being offered as an incentive to help recruit higher-ranked singles players to play doubles.

    I’m applying for wild cards. Where’s my racquet, darn it!


  13. I was afraid that this will happen. Rafa is fully responsible for what has happen to him. When you make a decision unlike your big rival not to listen to your body but pretend you are 25 instead of 31 and you decide to maintain your schedule that you normally play this is what happens to you. It all started after Rafa won the us open he decided to play the laver cup and then beijing he got injured in sjanghai but decided to play basel, paris and then a match at the atf. After he got injured in sjanghai he should have ended the season and focuss on melbourne he did not. And then also practicing 5 hours a day.

    Man this is so dissapointing for me as a fan but especially for rafa himself. I hope this is a hard lesson for him. I hope this will not a 2015 or 2016 season when he returns again to his mental problems. Here lays a big task for carlos moya who should give rafa emotional support i think he is better in his then toni nadal. The positive is now that nadal can build up confidence on the clay court season.

    I am going to root for novak djokovic and nick krygios because i want roger federer being defeated i dont want him to see winning the sunshine double again

  14. Nothing will diminish La Decima in my memory😍good luck with your recovery. We know and recall how you never give up. We look forward to your return on court. Tennis has been defined by your passion and achievements-thank you🙏

  15. I expect him to compete right back in Monte Carlo but please don’t rush it. This take just Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Rome. No Madrid please. Playing all 3 Master 1000s before French Open which is the most physical demanding tournament is not suitable for Rafa anymore, especially when he is caring a long time knee injury. Last year, Rafa did play Rome but got knocked out early which is also a positive point as he could have much more time to recover for the French Open.

    Take a full month to rest and reinvent your game Rafa. As he has nearly no time to both recover and prepare for grass season after FO. This year, i expect Rafa to be in the final of Wimbledon.

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