VIDEO: Rafael Nadal in the new Movistar commercial


  1. Rafa is he playing in Acapulco or not?

    I hope all is well,

    Love and prayers,


  2. Cute video, but more importantly Rafa has withdrawn from Acapulco, because of feeling pain in the same place as during AO, apparently. I had no expectations of a title, but I really didn’t expect this. He looked good in the albeit brief practice videos I’ve seen, exchanging tweeners with Sascha, Rafa looked he was having fun. It’s really really worrying. Five months of being unable to do his best, semis of Shanghai was the last time.. and I’ll never forget the knee-hitting… Waiting for Rafa to post some news himself. I hope to have made a complete idiot of myself by posting this, maybe the Rafa haters who say he fakes injury all the time and he’s just saving himself for the clay are right… Anyway my choice whether to stay up to 2pm to watch Rafa play has been made for me 🙁 Hope you’re OK Rafa :/

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