Injured Rafael Nadal set to return in three weeks from thigh injury

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal expects to return to action as scheduled in Acapulco next month after a scan revealed a tear to his inner right hip muscle.


A statement from Nadal’s publicist read:

Rafa Nadal conducted an MRI test earlier this morning at a hospital in Melbourne. The MRI showed a grade one injury of his Illiopsoas on his right leg.

He will be resting the next days once back in Spain and will start with anti-inflammatory physiotherapy. He will start his rehabilitation and pre-adaptation process to the tennis court in two weeks, starting progressively his training and practice.

Three weeks is the normal time to totally recover and he will resume his tennis schedule as planed playing Acapulco, Indian Wells and Miami.


  1. Oh dear Rafa, please make sure you are ready in 3 weeks. No more injuries and pain. You are and always will be the best tennis player I ever saw (70 years). GOD bless you for a quick recovery.

  2. Sweet Rafa, however much I love the game of tennis it’s not the same to watch without you Rafa. Even so I beg you not to return to playing before you are 100% fit and a bit extra … .
    I don’t know why Rafa is in such a hurry to return. Fans will be even more disappointed if he gets injured prematurely again and then be away even longer.
    As for Federer, he is a great player but he also has great “stars” and so luck. Now he is called Mr. Perfect. Watched a drop shot of his today – excellent, but still I’ve seen similar shots made by others (including our Rafa of course). Without the constellation of his “stars” and luck Federer would not be where he is today. Still very good but not with 19 and probably 1or 2 more grand slams more as predicted.
    Rafa get well soon and take as long as you require to be really really healthy and fit!


  3. Jean Sober,you read my mind about his stupid scheduling….exactly my thoughts…second AO should be the major goal…period!

  4. Bummer. So miss watching you play. Tennis not as fun. But good point it is small injury. Yet no injury is good. So hope for the best for you. Rest up take care many blessings to you



    LOVE AND ALOT OF WARM HUGS. GOD BLESS YOU DEAR. ❣💟💞💚💙💗💖💕😙❣💘💓💟💝💞💙💚💗💖💕💐🌸💮🏵🥀🌺🌻🌼🌷⚘🍁🍀☘🌿🌷🌼🌻🌺🥀

  6. In the meantime, Berdych is showing is why he is, and always will remain, a non major winner. What a loser performance.

    • Jean Sober,

      I said yesterday game set and match Federer. No way Federer is not going to win his 20 grandslam title. I dont see the south korea guy and cilic beating Federer. Cilic will choke in the final and play his worst match of the tournament. South Korea guy will lose simply in three sets because of nerves, exhaustion and too much respect for federer.

      That is what make the injury of Nadal so frustrating. Nadal has to win the french open and preform a miracle at Wimbeldon and win in new york to stay close to roger. I dont see him doing that.

      • Cilic has to get past Kyle Edmunds first, you never know. Edmunds has nothing to lose but everything to gain.

      • I don’t think Rafa is driven to pass Roger’s GS total. He does want to win a second AO, and you saw how upset he was when he had to retire. Rafa will always be my favorite player and I don’t care if he passes Roger or not. We all know that Rafa’s playing style takes more from him. Rafa is still the most exciting player to watch. I am very relieved that his injury may be relatively minor. If Roger wins the AO, he would pass Rafa as number one if Rafa skips Acapulco. I really hope Rafa can hang on at one for a while longer.

      • Yes va4favre, it’s stupendous that Rafa made it back to No. 1, considering his lackluster performance 2014-16. Reaching No. 1 yet again was an added bonus to his 2017 comeback. I couldn’t be happier for him.

        As far as him surpassing Fed in slams, I also agree. When questioned about being the GOAT, , or his ranking, he has ALWAYS maintained his main goals were to be healthy, to be happy playing, and to play competitively so the ranking will follow.

        The MOST exciting player to watch? Without a doubt. My reason for having become a fan.

        About keeping his No. 1 spot, it would be Gr8 but I’m more concerned about him coming back too soon and I know you too want a healthy Rafa. It’s the only way he can continue to bring us such happiness.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • What benefit would there be for Rafa to openly say that breaking the record of Fed is his goal. Of course it is his goal. As if winning the most RG’s was not his goal either? The first milestone that could be reached is the double career grand slam. Something that Fed and no one else either has. Chances are slim that Fed wins the double career grand slam, although with the current state of Novak and Rafa, I would not entirely count him out on the clay. But Rafa was stubborn and wanted to do the Asian Swing and Paris masters and WTF. He wanted too much and forgot that the Aussie Open was right after December. He played out his chances like a kid playing cards. In all honesty, this has been an amateuristic display in terms of planning and strategy by the Nadal team, right from the US Open on. We all know it.

    • De toutes façons tous les joueurs veulent gagner leur match autrement ils iraient à lla plage faire de la raquette. Rafa joue pour gagner il a l ame du gagnant contre n importe quel adversaire.

    • Yes, I hate when a player has water in his veins instead of blood. Berdych is a player content to be in top 10 or 20… He cannot be relied upon for a great, warrier type match. He is slow too.

    • Yes. This an opportunity for Berdych to take it to Federer. Instead he fissled away as usual. How on earth did he manage to throw away such a big lead in the first set? I’m but Berdych has missed the boat. Can any of the other remaining players in the draw stand up to Federer? That’s the question.

  7. Sendo asì…Rafa alegro dentro de lo k cabe…xk no es una lesiòn d gravedad ni d largo tiempo…d todas formas ciodate k tu ya no mos tienes k demostrar nada a estas alturas…ya sabemos k eres EL MEJOR D TODOS LOS TIEMPOS….VAMOSSSSSS!!!!!

  8. According to Rafa’s management, he has a torn anterior hip muscle. I don’t see the point of Rafa rushing back after three weeks to play Acapulco. Crazy. Surely the wisest thing twould be to skip this tournament to give his body as much rest as possible before Indian Wells and Miami.

    • Why play Apapulco which is a clay court tournament in the middle of hard court tournaments? Agree he should skip this and be ready for Indian Wells.
      Surely Carlos Moya can see the futility of this.
      Is this Rafa’s idea ? Or do his team agree on this action?
      Can’t understand it.
      I know he hates to disappoint his South American fans but he needs to put himself and his health first.

      • Was clay – it’s now on a hard court (since 2014). He’s in danger of losing his No.1 if he skips it but hopefully he won’t try to come back prematurely because of it!

      • There it is beverly, First of all acapulco is a hardcourt tournament it used to be a clay tournament. Second he doesnt want to dissapoint people. This attitude has cost him a lot in his career.

    • Lorna, yes… you are so right. His publicist said he will start getting ready to get back on Court after only two weeks. From what I have read this is a rare injury and also difficult to reach. I hope it is only a Grade 1 injury; the amount of pain Rafa seemed to be having makes his injury appear more severe.

      Regarding him coming back so soon, it is quite possible his team doesn’t want to announce too early that Rafa can’t play Acapulco. Ticket sales, etc.

      I will just patiently await [again 🤗] to see how this plays out. I just hope he doesn’t rush his return.

      In his presser he seemed to imply that this injury could be due to lack of preparation. At this point, no one can say for sure.


    • Rafa should focus on getting ready for RG. It hardly matters if he no. 1 or no. 4 in the world when RG comes round the corner. He plays way too many tournaments from end of Feb till June, basically zero breaks and then he is either injured around Wimbledon / US Open time or right after. He should learn from Fed.

    • I was thinking the same thing, Lorna!! It makes absolute sense to use the additional rest and not play untl Indian Wells

      • He will loose #1if he skip Acapulco, but who cares. His health and long term goals are more important. But Rafa is so stubborn….

  9. Wishing you a speedy recovery sweet Rafa ❤️🍀
    All the best champ #1 🤗😍
    VAMOS! 🎾💪🏼😘

  10. Hang in there Rafa! We need to see you play this year. Last year was wonderful!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  11. Hey Rafa, you were playing brilliantly at the AO until you were injured. Hope to see you in the AO next year.

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