Shanghai Masters Final: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Roger Federer?

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will be facing each other for the 38th time in their careers and for the fourth time already this season when they battle for the Shanghai title on Sunday.

Our champ is appearing in an ATP World Tour-best ninth final of the season (6-3) and the 111th in his career (75-35).

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Date: 15 October 2017

Match time: 4.30 PM local time / 4.30 AM EDT – New York, Montreal / 9.30 AM BST – United Kingdom / 10.30 AM CEST – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 7.30 PM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

According to ATP World Tour, Federer is seeking a second Shanghai crown (2014), whileRafa is vying for his first, having previously finished runner-up in 2009. A victory will almost guarantee that Rafa closes the year with the No. 1 ATP Ranking for the fourth time, as he would own a 2,760-point lead over Federer.

Rafa leads the overall head-to-head series 23-13. Our champ is 14-9 in final meetings and owns a 12-6 advantage in ATP Masters 1000 tournaments (7-4 in finals). It is their first encounter on Asian soil since the 2007 ATP Finals, when the tournament was held in Shanghai. Federer took a straight-set semi-final clash.

Here are all the matches they have played against each other:



  1. Ohh my – I’m “Fed” up with this 😣
    I so wanted Rafa to win his first Shanghai Masters 😳 – But congrats to Roger on todays win 👏🏻
    Keep on your unbeliveable stroll sweet Rafa and congratulations on what you’ve achieved. You’re amazing champ#1 – always a winner nomatter what 😍🥇
    And like you say Susie, onwards and upwards Rafa! 🎾💪🏼😘🍀

  2. It’s been confirmed:

    “Sebastien Grosjean has confirmation by Rafa’s entourage that he has pain in the knee because of the accumulation of matched on HC.”

    So gutted for Rafa and all us fans. This is exactly what I’ve been worrying since Beijing hadn’t even started.

    Don’t like Fed’s celebration too much. It’s clear Rafa is injured and couldn’t compete. Rafa would have toned down his celebration much more.

    • Oh no! Hope Rafa recovers well. I am going to avoid tennis sites and articles for the next week because can’t stand all the Federer worshipping.

    • One small mercy – i didnt catch site of mirka’s smarmy face today. That would have done me in totally today. As usual rafa is such a great sport both in victory ans defeat – just love the man.

    • I feared that this would happen sooner or later as Rafa has been winning so much on hard courts lately. I would dearly love him to win Paris and the WTF but I suppose we have to see how his knees hold up.

  3. Rafa was not his confident self today. Im hoping this 4th loss to roger this year doesnt dent it any further. I really wanted rafa to win this tournament but more importantly rest that knee and come back stronger. He is still no1.

    • No Susie. I believe it wasn’t about his confidence but his knee, the pain, the worries, the fatigue, the feeling of not being able to compete.

      That feeling was what hit him the hardest. He was broken mentally after the AO 14 final. Couldn’t recover for the whole year and even in 2015 when his injuries were healed, the mental injuries were still there and event more evident than ever. Such a sad episode in his career…

      This is what I’ve been talking about since the start of the match and also what I’ve been worrying after the USO.

      The Laver Cup confirmed his stubbornness/overestimation about his body and even mental strength. It’s much harder to say no, especially for someone like him with a long history of saying yes when he should have said no. 4 matches in 3 days on hard court indoor are no wise decision for any 31 years old player.

      Now it sounds like I’m complaining. I’m not. I’m just feeling so sad now, maybe will be crying when I’m alone.

      I have always trusted my observations and “instincts” about Rafa. That of course doesn’t mean I’m always right. But most often when I really feel worried, something happens.

      Stay strong Rafa, in your mind. Body will heal. Take as much time as you need or even more than you think you need. It’s so unfortunate but everything can wait. On the silver lining side, this may push you to take more action to preserve your body and longevity. Tennis needs you.

      • Federer was the deserved winner. Face it nadal has no chance on this surface against federer. Only djokovic can beat federer on a indoor surface.

        Nadal had a incredible run winning the us open and beijing but this tournament was just one match too long. Right now federer has become djokovic the second in nadal head. Nadal doesnt have the weapons to compete against federer. He doesnt have a djokovic return to return federer serve and he was bothered by a sore right knee.

        This is the third time this year that federer denied nadal history. Federer denied nadal a second australian open title, he denied him a first miami open title and know a first sjanghai title.

        Nadal has two chances remaining of winning a big title paris and atf. Lets hope that he dropped out from Basel and that another people will prevent federer from reaching the final in Paris and ATF.

        Hopefully Nadal will have a chance next year to win Sjanghai

      • That’s not necessary, mjus. I’m facing everything like I’ve always have. It wasn’t about winning or losing, I said this right at the beginning of the match. I’m only worried about his injury. That’s all.

        FYI, I’m also a Fed fan. Yes, one can be a fan of both. I was also crying happily for him after every round during the AO this year, except the final with that questionably repeated tactical MTO.

        As for Rafa’s game. Yes, I believe 100% that Rafa’s level and form are actually much higher than this. He couldn’t compete properly, “let’s face it”, to borrow your words. It’s a chain reaction. Fed was goating. But it also had to do with who he was playing. That’s should be closer to the truth.

      • Thanks Susie. I haven’t shredded a tear :). Still going strong. Only feeling sad and worried, which I couldn’t help.

        Hope we will hear from Rafa and his team about his condition soon. I can’t stand not knowing.

        Please send Raffy 2 kisses for me. Thanks Susie. Hope you’re doing well over there. 🍀🍀

      • Unfortunately I now know I was right about the leg-hitting incident yesterday. I don’t think I have ever seen Rafa do anything like that, but he was just frustrated with his own body, like, “damn you knee, why now?”. It’s horrible to think of him feeling like that. And today, having to walk out on the court to face his arch-rival in a final with a bandage on his leg after months of being injury-free, that has to be mentally damaging. The match was over before it started sadly.

        There is only one answer and that is to rest, but it must be so hard when you’re playing as well as he has been, not to carry on.

        It’s incredible that of his ten finals and ten thousand points this year that Rafa has achieved half of them on hard courts. He’s proved to his critics that he’s not only the King of Clay but so much more. I’m really proud of him for doing that but it isn’t worth compromising his health. I hope the knee issue is something that will go away with a week or two’s rest. So Rafa, please don’t play Basel, and maybe think twice about Paris as well.

      • Well put, jas_uk.

        In the QF I already noticed the worried look on his face. And maybe not coincidently he just wasn’t as sharp as he was since the USO, bar the Laver Cup.

        The decision to play a full – full hard court season was a bit overconfident from his team, I guess. Even in his younger years he never could sustain his form on HC from start to finish. It was always either fatigue or pain, injuries.

        It’s unfortunate for him that the majority of the ATP tour are on HC. But it is what is it and what happened happened. I just hope he and his team will overestimate his body anymore. No need to play a year long full season and especially 2 tourneys in 2 weeks. It’s simply too much.

      • I couldn’t be more proud of him as well. Just voicing my worry then move on and back to my optimistic self. 🙂

        I hope he will skip both Basel and Paris. Even WTF if necessary. No need to rush anything now. The YE #1 ranking isn’t worth his health at all.

  4. VAMOS SWEETHEART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) THERE WILL BE OTHER OPPORTUNITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) ALWAYS. CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL YOUR GREAT CHINA VICTORIES & MAKING IT TO THE FINALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) 🙂 : ) IT IS OK NOT TO WIN EVERYTHING & WE LOVE YOU RAFA NADAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) LOTS OF LOVE & HAPPINESS & KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) 😉 🙂 VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  5. Of course i want rafa to win every match he plays but i really wanted him to win his 1st shanghai masters. But it looks like its not going to be. Onwards and upwards rafa!!

  6. Rafa, who cares about Roger , you have been the dominant force this year with everything you have achieved and YOU will end 2017 as world number one. Shame Roger wouldn’t retire but I have a feeling while Rafas’s around he won’t .

  7. Rafa injured or not, I hope after this match, he will reconsider committing to improve his court position. It’s too taxing, and tough. He can still win with it, but one day things like this will happen again, because it has happened many times already.

  8. Yes, the crowd want to see a third set, but it looks like a repeat of Miami. Sadly, Rafa can’t cope with the combination of the closed roof, the quick surface and the accuracy of Roger’s quick fire tennis. Such a shame as I was praying for Rafa to pull it out of the bag!

  9. GO RAFA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) 😉 🙂 🙂 Still time….: ) 🙂 : ) : ) VAMOS SWEETHEART KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) XOXOXOXO LOS OF LOVE & HAPPINESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  10. It’s killing me, the worry about Rafa’s potential injury.

    While it’s good that Rafa’s serving very well now, his ground game is falling apart, which feels unreal to watch after all those months and most recently Beijing and Shanghai R2-QF.

    Like their IW and Miami matches, Fed’s thriving on sky high confidence.

    This is not right…

    • Sorry dear RNFs, this is pretty much over. No sign of life from Rafa except his serve, which obviously wasn’t enough to help him on those BPs. Hope he won’t get broken any more. It’s painful but mostly worrying to watch.

  11. Until Rafa finally beats Federer and djokovic his self confidence and mental strength will not be complete. There will be holes. There is nothing in his tennis that is not good enough or even better than those 2. But mental strength and self confidence is lacking.


  12. Roger must be feeling ultra confident, with his serve working so well. When Rafa gets his racquet on the ball it’s not hurting Roger as the balls are sitting up nicely for him. Plan B Rafa?

    • Plan B, get well Djoker, Federer’s natural predator:)

      Roger just seems unruffled by anything Rafa sends his way, whereas Rafa is scrambling all over the place to return.

      Let’s face it, right now Fed’s game is at a higher level than Rafa’s. Rafa must figure something out soonest, or else once again he’ll be holding a serving tray next to Roger.

  13. Rafa keep feeding those loopy balls to Fed in an unexpected serve fest match, which mean no to little windows. This is not right. Rafa isn’t playing true to form AT ALL. I’m dying to learn what happened with his knee. Yep, I notice some of his bad movements these 2 tourneys but didn’t want to mention it.

    • I’m gutted and can barely watch the match.
      It’s a serve fest largely because, thanks to the rain, the roof is closed.
      I hope Rafa’s knee is ok. That is the most important thing.

  14. It is a pity to see that Nadal and his team seem to have found no solution to the renewed 2017 tactics that have brought Federer three victories this year. I expected more of them after the successes of late…

  15. So gutting for Rafa , maybe he just has a mental block when it comes to Roger, but at least he doesn’t run scared of any tournaments like Roger did with the clay season.

  16. If Federer takes this first set, I’ve still not seen any indications that the second will be any better for Rafa. But hey, hang in there champ!

    Does Rafa’s movement seem a bit impaired, or are the balls coming back at him too fast for him to react? Roger also serving HUGE!

    • Yep Mac, Rafa is much slower in both movement and reaction today. No I’m not discrediting Fed’s great play, but it’s clear Rafa is not right. He’s having to rely on servebotting to survive. So sad to watch.

  17. Just can’t watch! It’s too sad!! This is typical Federer luck. Why why why does this have to happen to Rafa just when he has to play Federer.

    Just full of mixed emotions now – sadness, anger, frustration, dejection and helplessness.

    • The tape on Rafas knee, the serve that would have been an ace but was called out in the first service game, the roof being closed… This sux.

  18. Rafa doesn’t look happy at all. He doesn’t look energised and he seems a little overwhelmed by Roger’s quick start. I’m not sure he knows where to put the ball so that it’s out of Roger’s reach. We can only hope that Roger has a let down in form.

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