PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Supports Team Europe Teammates | Laver Cup Day 1

Day One matches were entertaining and tense, but so too was the support players received from their teammates on the bench.

Match 1: Cilic def. Tiafoe 7-6(3), 7-6(1)

Match 2: Thiem def. Isner 6-7(15-17), 7-6(2), 1-0(10-7)

Match 3: A. Zverev vs Shapovalov 7-6(3), 7-6(5)

Here are some photos of Rafa.


  1. Rafa did his best in doubles, but sadly Tomas is not as skilled as Sock/Kyrgios. It was still an entertaining match and they kept it close p. I found the matches today to be very well played. I just loved ❤️ the black court. It was so much easier to see the balls. The Laver Cup has been first class so far. I can’t wait until tomorrow n

  2. RF and Borg must both be delighted. From a trump card for winning a tournament they made Rafa a victim by making him play doubles against one of the best tennis couples RF exposing once more his hidden agenda of demolishing Rafa during the Laver cup. Stupid Borg who wasted.

    • Hi puma – im in prague after watching the laver cup tennis all day. Borg knows what he’s doing. On sunday if its a draw – a doubles match of any combination will decide it. So he will put his best players on then no doubt. He also wants to keep his best players fresh for singles on saturday and sunday as all matches score 2 points on sat and 3 points on sunday. Only one point per match today. Im sure we’ll get to see that combo sometime. Lets hope anyway. Great stuff on court today. Really enjoyed it and well done nick k – out of everyone on both teams he was there supporting better than anyone else. He looked like he was really enjoying the whole day. Will try and check in tomorrow

      • Hi Susie,

        Much as I did once like Borg, I disaree with Borg knowing what he’s doing yesterday. If he did he would not pick Berdych as captain’s pick and would certainly not make him play doubles with Rafa against one of the best doubles teams, thereby wasting Rafa as he tried to keep the match going all by himself. If you are watching the tournament in Prague, were you not shocked by Berdych’s game or lack thereof? I kept saying poor Rafa and frankly felt more than anything else sorry for him. In addition, I think Borg had to precipitate a Nadal/Federer matchup whereas all logic would say that they should play on the last day. As I prefer the European team, I just hope that regardless of captain, they will win.

      • Hi puma – there will only be one set played of a doubles match as a decider on sunday only if there is a 12 – 12 tie in the score. If not then there will be a doubles exhibition match. So it would have been a waste to save the best doubles team till then i think.

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