US Open Final: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Kevin Anderson?

On Sunday, Rafael Nadal will face 28th-seeded South African Kevin Anderson in the US Open final.

Rafa, the 2010 and 2013 champion in New York, will be playing in his 23rd Slam final and third this year, looking to add the US title to his record 10th French Open. He has already secured the No. 1 ranking.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Date: 10 September 2017

Match time: 4 PM EDT – New York, Montreal / 9 PM BST – United Kingdom / 10 PM CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / Monday 6 AM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa never has lost to Anderson: He’s 4-0 lifetime, during which he has dropped just one set. When they met earlier this year in Barcelona on clay, our champ won in straight sets.

Rafa on facing Anderson:

It will be a very tough one. He’s a huge player with an unbelievable serve.

He’s had some injuries. So he’s a big example for the kids and tour to come back to the circuit. He’s playing the best tennis now in his career. I’m happy for him and I have known him since he was 12. It’s great to see him in the final of one of the most important events of the year.

It will be a tough one. I need to play at my best and I look forward to play with full energy and full motivation to try and play the best tennis I can.


Nadal’s, I think, one of the greatest competitors in sports, period.

He’s an amazing fighter. You know, he really controls the court well, you know, the few times I have played him.

I really need to be dominant and control proceedings as much as possible, because if you let him do it, it’s very difficult.



  1. Dear Rafa Nadal. So very happy for you. Words cannot say. I pray you feel great tomorrow – healthy, pain free, confident, and calm; and I hope you are feeling the ball very well too. God be with you and bless you. And the best of luck as well. Love you Rafa. Marylynn.

  2. Rafa, I hope that tomorrow you wake up again with the feeling that you need to play your best. And I am sure that you can, your play in the semi-final was stunning. Go out there with confidence and win it, Rafa. I knew from the moment I saw the 🔥🎾 years on your shoes that you were going to do well. You won’t underestimate Kevin, so, like that incendiary FDTL on your Instagram, get those fireballs lined up! Go Rafa!!

  3. The Illustrious family of Maria (Snake Island), her good, old Uncle Deep Thinker and her famous good, old Aunt Maria (Siberia) hereby congratulate and felicitate in advance with Mr. Rafa Nadal for winning the 2017 edition of the US Open, and for achieving his 16th Grand Slam title, the 2nd highest in the history of Men’s Tennis.

    Well, what else can we say in the absence of Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka. But like Floyd Mayweather enthused after his victory over Connor McGregor, ”A win is a win. Don’t matter how it was achieved”

    Once again, congrats to Rafa Nadal for the wonderful straight sets victory over the South African Kevin Anderson. More grease and power to your tennis elbow, Mr. Rafa Nadal.

  4. Rafa I am 72 years old and have been watching you and rooting for you since you were 15 years. You are a true sporstman and an inspiration. Tomorrow you play the final against my South African compatriot so, for the first time, I am going to be torn about who to support! Have a great match.

  5. I saw that picture of Rafa and Kevin when they were 11 years old. Sooooooo cute the both of them, especially Rafa. I hope for a nice competitive final and for Rafa to win his 16th grand slam of his career. Kevin will fight hard so watch out Rafa. Best wishes for the win!!!!!!!!!!


    • Yes, two adorables, both side-by-side smiling. Even then Rafa’s smile was infectious. It was Kevin’s wife who posted that pic on Twitter.


  6. Kevin has had a fantastic US Open, more than he ever dreamed of, but it ends on Sunday with the runner up prize. I was listening to the Telegraph Tennis Podcast and heard that he never had a tennis idol growing up. For so long, he’s been quite and unassuming, but he said he’s modelled his current attitude (fist pumping, vocalisation etc) on Rafa’s. What a compliment to his long time buddy and a man who is the greatest competitor of all time.

    Kevin won’t make it easy for Rafa, as he’ll be fresh and will try to impose himself with his serve, but Rafa is confident and will be prepared for the fight, as he knows it’s not a sprint, but a marathon. He’ll find a way to win to make it a hat trick in New York!

  7. dearest Rafael – your speech to your fans brought tears to my eyes. You are so humble and I am so proud of you always. Only wish you the best in the final – you deserve it. Love, your 70 year old number 1 fan for years.

    • Dear Rafa your fans ages range from young to old. I too have been a fan from the first time you started playing ( even though you were not always winning, I could see how exciting your play was) I am 73 years old. I am praying I will be a fan till I go to my grave.

      • You sound young at heart. Here’s wishing you last through to seeing Rafa teaching his children to play the game he is so passionate about. And yes, winning or losing his place in my heart remains intact.


  8. Rafa, Good luck tomorrow. I don’t know if I will get to see it on T.V. because Hurricane Irma is going to hit Florida and that is where I am. So if the power goes out I will miss it. I’m wishing you the best and to play like you did today. Change it up a bit he knows how you play since you have known him since you were 12. So throw a curve ball in when he doesn’t expect it and you will Win for sure. I pray I don’t lose power cuz I want to see you win the U.S. Open. Vamos Rafa

      • Kathie, just as Susie has said keep safe and hopefully you will get to see The World number One win the USO.
        If anyone is on Instagram, Rafa has recently posted , please take a look it’s brilliant . I will just say Superman ,take a look . I have posted the link , but it’s under moderation at the moment.

  9. That semi final was one of the best tennis matches ive seen for a long time. Will be missing the ladies final as i am out but will catch highlights tomorrow. But will be watching rafa’s final tomorrow of course and wishing him all the best for it. Be strong rafa you’ve seen how kevin serves and you can conquer him.

  10. Congrats Rafa – Amazingly played. The best of luck at the Final tomorrow champ 🍀😘 VAMOS! 🎾💪🏼

  11. Susie( and all Rafa fans) I hope you had a lovely sleep after last night’s brilliant match. Have you tickets for all 3 days of the laver cup in Prague? I have just seen some stunning photos of Prague ( I think you said you had visited there before) , that and also seeing Rafa and some other great player’s ( I know you can’t wait to see Roger and Mirka’s outfits Lol) it must seem like Christmas has come early.

    • Yes eventually slept and still on a high after last nights win. This will be my 3rd trip to prague Maria. You must go if you can as its one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Gothic type buildings in the old town square are magnificent. Yes ive got multi session tickets for all 3 days which in effect means all singles and doubles matches. Hmmm really looking forward to mirkas smirks and outfits – surely he will leave her behind for this one? Europe captained by bjorn borg and team is rafa, cilic, dominic, sasha, berdych and roger. Rest of the world captained by jonny mac and team is nick k, delpo, sock, isner, queery and dennis s. Milos injured so nick took his place. Should be some fiery tennis. Less than 2 weeks now. Im sure it’ll be shown on sky and that you will be watching!!

      • I so hope it’s televised in the UK , I’m sure it can’t come soon enough for you . Still we have the big event tomorrow to look forward to first .

      • Yes Susie it is being televised , I have just hit the record series link now. I will be expecting to see a big placard with Susie is here on the TV Lol

  12. I really hope that nadal will win tomorrow. If he wins it will be great boost for the rest of the season. I mean two grandslam titles since 2013 and after the two disastrous years he had it will be a great achievment.

    However i am not counting on anything. Anderson is serving and playing really well. And anything can happen in a final. I am not like other nadal fans who thinks that nadal has it in the bag. Yes nadal is the favourite but you know what he was also the favourite in the final of the australian open 2014 against wawrinka everbody including myself was thinking that nadal had it in the bag. And he lost the final because of a back injury and because wawrinka played his best match of that tournament. That final turned out to be disastrous for nadal. It broke him mentally and confidence and was the beginning of what turned out to be two very bad seasons.

    Kevin Anderson has a serve that is comparable with the one of gilles muller.Nadal needs to play against Anderson the way he played the last three sets against del potro. Serve well play agressive and flatt and change of courtposition

    But foremost I expect that Anderson will not give him a lot of chances to break his serve. So what he needs to do is stay calm and patient and dont panic about missing chances like he did against muller at wimbeldon. Muller took advantage of nadal courtposition by serving outside and then stepping in to finish the point. So i really hope that moya and toni nadal will convince him to stay closer to the baseline. This is very funny because all most all tennis pundits are saying that because nadal is staying so far behind the baseline the champ puts himself in a vulnerable place and is giving the initiative away to his opponent.

    So here is my prediction nadal will win in four sets

    • I’m with you Mjus… somehow I feel very apprehensive about this match. Of course Rafa will be bringing the kitchen sink with him tomorrow night:)

      But Anderson has been playing some very good tennis lately. I saw his semi-final match against PCB and his serve is looking like a very well oiled machine. Rafa has never lost to him before. Something has to give, right? Rafa had never lost to Wawrinka before that 2014 AO final:)

      But you know what? To the wind with all that. Rafa will expose Anderson and make his tennis seem very ordinary. His serve will be neutralized. Kevin Anderson seems like a solid nice guy, but your time is up buddy! Send him back to South Africa Rafa, to enjoy… (what’s SA known for again???) umm… some fine South African wine with his lovely wife. And diamonds… yes.

      Come tomorrow, we will all rejoice as Rafa wins his 3rd US Open in straight sets. Because why not?

      Get it done Rafa! Bring the intensity!

  13. Rafa take some time tor rest before your practice again, then all the best for your match.

    Love and prayers,


  14. Interesting fact delpo has half the number of winners and twice the ufes..go for the jugular and title..take no prisoners..I jus want the trophy to soothe the agony…go for it.never look back…

    • No predictions needed , Fact – Rafa Nadal will win the USO and send another gentle giant back to the land of fairy tales.

      • Stupendo Rafa Nadal, 😀 I am going to write to him , I prayed for him as always but this time el buen Dios smiled on the court. 😊 Del Potro has won it once US, good for him ! Of course praying for manana. 😊 Fi in Paris

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