Cincinnati R2: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Richard Gasquet?

Top seed Rafael Nadal begins his Cincinnati Masters campaign on Wednesday when he takes on Richard Gasquet in the second round. The Frenchman took down Australian qualifier John-Patrick Smith 6-4, 6-4.

Photo: Eric Bolte/USA Today Sports

Date: 16 August 2017

Match time: Not before 8:30 PM local time / 8:30 PM EDT –  New York, Montreal / Thursday 1:30 AM BST – United Kingdom / Thursday 2:30 AM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / Thursday 10:30 AM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa on facing Gasquet:

I have been playing great. I think I am practising well, too. I think I am ready to compete.

The numbers do not look good for Gasquet because Rafa has won 14 straight matches against the Frenchman and has not lost a set to him since 2008. Their last meeting came in 2015 at the Swiss Indoors Basel.

Rafa has four titles this year, including his historic “La Décima” at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell, Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters and Roland Garros. He has reached three other finals, including the Australian Open, the Miami Open and the Abierto Mexicano Telcel in Acapulco. He leads the ATP World Tour with seven final appearances.

While our champ won in Cincinnati in 2013, he lost in the third round in 2015 and 2016.

Good luck & Vamos Rafa!

Source: ATP World Tour


  1. So excited to see Rafa play tonight. I am very curious to see what his game will look like in Cincy.
    He has owned Gas so it should not be a problem (I feel jittery even saying that.) I like Gas a lot too, beautiful BH.

    • Well, AZ really is tired. Tiafoe ended his Concy bid.

      I hope Rafa has a strong win against Gasquet as a signal that he is back on track. Can’t wait.

      RAFA ROCKS #1

  2. Margo:
    Replying here to your last below:

    Yes, Did read “Can we Talk ….” Wonderful! There are some very funny video clips on her as well. Very sympathetic character. Also once saw a great doc on the New Yorker cartoonists–well actually on the guy (forget his name) with the best job in the world, choosing the cartoons for the mag every week. You see a fair bit of Chast in that. I get a New Yorker that isn’t mine about once a month courtesy of a bad mailman (but the mailmen change and I getting, strange!) My little present from the universe.

    I’m on the fence re. Nick, as far as liking him. But there’s no denying, massive talent and very interesting character. Tennis needs both, so on the whole, he’s good for the game. Even if he fails. He’ll be a cautionary tale. LOL

    Also, would you consider joining a site called Tennis Prose? It’s not wonderful (none of them are) and it’s overwhelmingly Fed fans (all of them are) but it’s a good format for chatting at length. Sometimes I don’t want to fill up these threads with too much non Rafa stuff, but it’s fun to chat with you.
    If you join I will be obvious, (under another name) the only other recent Rafa fan, go to new members thread if you do.

  3. Rafa I trust that Carlos Moya will be there for you in Cincinnati and that you will have the support from the stands.

    All the best for your first game against Richard Gasguet,

    Love and prayers,


  4. Rafa , Just remember to have FUN while you play and Enjoy the time on the court. No pressure just Enjoyment, I look forward to seeing you play just remember to concentrate and focus and play point for point and all will be well
    look forward to victory and smile that smile of your’s
    your fan

  5. Margo: replying at top for the usual reason to your last reply:

    Rafa lost to Mueller for the same reason he lost to Shap (though he played better against Mueller) and he said so himself in a post match presser–he played poorly on big points.
    I always look at match stats after a Rafa loss (and in general) and Raf outplayed Mueller (and Shap too) in every stat but BP conversions. With mueller he had something like 3 of 16 BP conversions. That’s ridiculous. His nerves still fail him at crucial moments. Except on clay, but he outplays opponents so definitevely on clay he doesn’t need to be clutch on big points. Opponents don’t even see BPs against Rafa on clay.

    Did you read the article on Nick in the New Yorker July 10? Very revealing! I gained a little more sympathy for Nick after reading it. Though after listening to Shap just talk about how amazing it is to be out there playing tennis with his idols, hard to have sympathy for a millenial whiner like Nick.

    Tennis is byzantine in its complexities. The more I watch the more fascinating it becomes in that regard. For two years it was utterly predictable, djok would win everything and what he wouldn’t win Murray would win; no young ones could break through.

    Now all that’s over. I truly think Fed is near the end this time. He’s had too many rebirths. The back is a huge thing. Djok will probablly be back in form but who knows. By the time he is back, he will have new ones to contend with. Nish and Raonic and Dimi (the so called gen useless) apparently don’t have it, all for different reasons.
    The young Russkies coming up, Medvedev Rublev and Karen K, may be contenders in a few years.

    It’s very interesting.
    As for Rafa, seize the moment please! There may not be another like this coming. USO, same.

    • Yes, I know Rafa said he didn’t play well vs Shap and Müller. By I want to know why? Many feel it’s his nerves acting up to cause him to lose. Previously, he and Toni were attributing his low confidence to his loses.

      This season he has won a lot yet he is losing matches he should have won.

      It’s like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg. Make sense?

      The New Yorker? Now you’re talking my language. I was not aware that Nick prefers team sports or that he possibly has scoliosis. Regarding the former, perhaps he should find a partner and just play doubles. By all accounts, he is a phenomenal talent. He will have to come to terms with himself and what he wants to accomplish.

      Yes, I hope Rafa can capitalize on this seemingly fortuitous turn of events.

      RAFA ROCKS #1

      • Yeah, I think nerves on big points accounted for both losses.
        Been reading the New Yorker for maybe 30 years now ….love Roz Chast!
        I’m not putting my money on Nick to pan out ( he won’t work hard enough) and i especially hope he doesn’t pan out in Cincy.
        But I like watching him play and I have gotten to like him more than I did at first.

      • I was thinking the same about Nick. I hope he doesn’t choose Cincy to showcase his talents.

        I am guilty of thumbing through its pages as soon as it arrives just to read the cartoons. Have you read her book “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?” I will read it, eventually.

        RAFA ROCKS #1

    • Lily, as of now Rafa is scheduled to play 20:30 local time. RNF will also post the time but please remember the time is subject to change.

      RAFA ROCKS #1

  6. More withdrawals. Nishikori has pulled out from Cinci due to yet another injury. C’mon Rafa. Seize this golden opportunity!!

  7. Unbeleivable opportunity for Rafa with Fed, Djok Murray Cilic out. I wonder if this will put added pressure on him, psychologically …
    We all know what he has to do on the court. Surely he will run into one player at least if not more dangerous than Shap was in MOntreal.
    The faster court here may make Rafa play more aggressively, which is what’s needed.

    Gas has never given Rafa trouble, he’s got the style Rafa thrives on.
    I wonder what Mueller looks like on HC, my understanding of him is that he is mainly a grass player.

    • Yes, most refer to him as a grass specialist.

      I was able to find the following results for his 2017 HC tournaments:

      Bribane: lost in R1 vs J Donaldson

      Sydney: Won vs D Evans after beating Dolgopolov, Barton, Pablo Cuevas, V Troicki

      Melbourne: Lost R2 vs Milos

      Dubai: Lost R1 vs Kohlschreiber

      IW: Lost R3 vs Kei

      Miami: Lost R3 vs Berdych

      Atlanta: Lost SF vs Isner

      Washington, DC: Lost R3 vs T Paul

      RAFA ROCKS #1

      • IYeah I don’t think he’s a problem.
        Kyrgios could be a huge problem. I thought he was injured, he’s always bitching about his hip, but I see he beat Goffin–though lately Goffin has also been kind of weak, so maybe that’s why.

        Tennis is so insanely unpredictable, and the field can change radically one season to the next.

      • Yep, the field can also change radically within the same tournament as we are now witnessing with Cincy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before. Have you?

        I didn’t expect to see either Goffin or Kyrgios back so soon. Nick purportedly has had injuries since he was 18. It’s a wild summer with so many top players out simultaneous due to injury. It’s also possible some are being extra cautious so as to be ready for the last slam of the year. The public is the last to know anything about anything.

        As far as Müller is concerned, I don’t pretend to know why Rafa lost. I think only Rafa can answer that contrary to what some here think they know. I just hope Rafa whoops Müller. Margo in NYC

      • Erratum: in last paragraph, should be “As far as Shapovalov is concerned…”

        RAFA ROCKS #1

  8. Well said Mjus. You are spot on. Like me, you have given positive criticism and people shouldn’t see it as a negative. It’s fantastic that Rafa will be no. 1 next week, but we want to see him push on and win more. The only way he can do this is to be relaxed, serve well, maintain a good court position, avoid hitting the ball short and try to finish off more points at the net. All of this has been said by many of us time and time again. It’s up to Rafa to execute it! If he wins Cinci it would be great, but I’m looking further ahead to the US Open in the best of five sets.

    • thanks for your comment lorna. I am a diehard nadal supporter when he is playing good i will say it when he plays bad i am not going to sugarcoate it. But my feedback is always constructive not personal. In my opinion if you practice too much you dont have enough confidence in your game look how he warmed up against coric he continued practice his serve like he was not sure about it.

      Nadal never knows when to say stop its like he is unaware of his age and still thinks he is 25 because of that attitude he made stupid decisions last year (playing a tournament while he was injured). While off course he had terrific season winning la decima i feel like he could have won more if he only willing to change little things.

      I am thinking about the ao final this year against federer. Leading a break in the fifth set that was his chance to win a second grandslam but when it got tense the old rafa was back passive, insecure and he lost. I am thinking about the miami final where he had the chance winning the tournament he hasnt won before. He blew that chance by playing same old, same old. Which means standing behind the baseline and returning awful. Also not converting the chances he got the same during the ao final.

      Then off course the muller match at wimbeldon. Where he had so much chances to break muller serve in the final set.

      I am going to repeat again. Carlos needs to be with him this tournament the us open and rest of the year. If he wants to win in new york he needs to win in cincinnati.

      The concern i have in new york is again when it gets tense nadal is facing his nerves. Last year he played pouille in the fourth round. When he faced competition he started to get nervours. When he had a break in the fifth set he still was not sure and when it got to a tiebreak i knew pouille was going to win that tiebreak.

      His nerves are his problem, mental strenght is his problem and the ability to play well under pressure and when its getting tense is what preventing him from winning more titles. Moya got to figure out a way dealing with these problems. And i mean what i said adding someone in your team who can give you tools on how to deal with this should be no problem.

      When comes to his game: his return and courtposition is what causing him the losses this year. Carlos needs to do something about this and get that out of his game.

      • Most of his fans seem to agree that lack of self-confidence plays a big role in Rafa’s most memorable losses.

        On the other hand, I often read that suggestions are made about what Moya should do. Face it, Moya has been noticeable by his absence. He has just exploited Rafa’s frendship to feel free to leave him without backup.

        Rafa should make a proper contract with a coach who believes in him and who can dedicate serious time to responsabilyties as a coach.


  9. the problem rafa is that you are practicing just too much. I mean 3 hours a day are you kidding me that is just too much.

    Improve your game rafa. Improve your return, improve your courtposition. Do some meditation execises for your nerves so that when it gets tense in a match you hold your composure and calm yourself down and still going for your shots instead of becoming passive.

    • Mjus, I agree with you that three hours is just too much. Moya was not in Montreal and neither was Uncle Toni. I wonder if they will not arrive until next week however? With so many of the top players out, Rafa certainly should have a good chance to win. It would be a big confidence builder.

      • I totally agree with those who find Rafa’s practice times excessive.3 hours a day will tire him no matter how fit he is. He needs all his energy for his matches. Just a slight drop in energy can make a difference in a successful stroke and a failed one , especially at critical times.
        Moya certainly had an influence on Rafa’s practice routines which may have had some effect on an injury free 2017 thus far but he is not there at the moment . I am sure he will be at the US Open but Rafa has to get through Cincinnati without exhausting himself first.
        It is great to see our hero back to number 1 but of course there will be some ( especially Fed. fans) who will say this is only because Fed. dropped out of Cincinnati. Rafa lost his number 1 spot through injury on previous occasions so this opportunity for number 1 now is his turn to have some advantage on his side. Also he was the one with the greatest number of points after Andy so he earned it.
        The US Open will be the big decider as to how long Rafa holds the number 1 position . However even if for only a short time I think no other player has held number 1 on four separate occasions. It will be another record our champ has broken.

      • You did mention Moyá’s shorter practice sessions in an earlier post. I had no idea he had reverted to longer sessions. Even Roig would know about the shorter practice sessions. Unsettling to say the least.

        For me, without a doubt, an injury-free 2017 is due to Moyá’s nutrition+rest+scheduling changes. You may recall Carlos admitting that it was hard getting Rafa to rest more. While the cat’s away, the mice will play. Rafa is doing what he wants to do instead of heeding his coach’s guidelines.

        And I have to agree that Rafa earned the #1. Good for him. No flippin default here. Hey, he could still be where he started at the beginning of the year, No. 9. He bounced aaaaalllll the way back to No. 2. Fed fans must be apoplectic 😱 about the new
        World No. 1.

        RAFA ROCKS #1

    • ——————————–
      Improve your game rafa. Improve your return, improve your courtposition.

      Bro, it takes practise to improve all those things:) I guess that’s why he’s spending all those hours on the court?? So long as he does not injure himself or gets too tired, he should be fine. I think these days much emphasis is on recovery, so I’m sure his team knows how to get him fit for matches.

      But yea, those nerves! It never looks good for Rafa when he’s 15-30 down. He needs to work on keeping his composure as you say.

      He will improve.

    • Yeah good point.
      One of the thing Moya changed when he came on was less practice time, way less, but more focused.
      I think Moya’s presence is crucial.

  10. Yes, he stands a chance now in Cinc 😊with the others inc. Federer falling out. Shame for them inc.our Monfils not well. Good luck to the others. Fiona in Paris

  11. i can not see that rafa is the favourite in new york. For me its still federer. What nadal needs right now is a win here in cincinnati. His first win on a hardcourt surface since doha 2014. If he does that then he can travel to new york in full confidence.

    I hope Carlos Moya will be there for him the whole tournament in cincinnati and off course the whole two weeks in new york.

    • Fed will not be the fav at all unless he is out of the back problem, and I don’t think he will be. He’s had that problem for quite a few years 2012-2014 off and on and it’s probably what brought his game down in that time.

      You don’t get out of longstanding problems in 2 weeks. Obviously Fed’s tear through 2017 retriggered it.

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