Rafael Nadal: “I love Montreal” [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal speaks about why Montreal and Rogers Cup are special to him.


  1. Rafa you have come out firing on all cylinders, letting everyone know that you mean business this week, I am sure that you will be adding Montreal to your collection , and the Rogers Cup can be renamed the Rafas’s cup ( Lol ) and known as the place where you reclaimed the number one ranking . Loving the outfit and your fantastic tan , good luck on the rest of your match , I will be recording it as I need to get some 😴😴💤

  2. As a Canadian, I would love it so so much to see Rafa got to #1 in Canada. He only has to make the semis.
    But “only” mean’s beating probably Del Potro and Raonic. Probably.
    As many have said before on this site, Rafa got a terrible draw here. It’s Zverev that worries me most, as he faces him before (likely) Fed.
    There is virtually no-one in Fed’s half capable of creating an upset–if anyone it would have been THiem, now gone. Nish or Dimi in top form might have a chance but neither has done anything at allately.

  3. Rafa is facing Coric today and this is a stern test and difficult opponent having lost to him decisively last year in Cincinnati . However , the Rafa of 2017 is much better player than last year . I look for Rafa to assert himself early and get a measure of revenge for last year’s loss . Good luck and Vamos Rafa !

    • Jeff, It is true that Coric beat Rafa last year in Cincy, but Rafa had just returned from the Olympics. He had flown in directly from Rio with Andy Murray. He was exhausted. Borna saw that too, and was very muted in his celebration. I gained more respect for him that day. While I like Coric, today I want Rafa to win easily.

      • Yes , Rafa should win this match . He needs to be assertive from the start . Coric is a confidence player with lots of ability and athleticism . However , he is young and inconsistent and finding his game .Rafa should attack attack and attack . Vamos Rafa !

  4. Hey Rafa good luck in Montreal! Please do not lose early, because I cannot afford to be depressed this week:):) Thank you, and God bless you Rafa!! Get it done champ!!

  5. I wrote to Rafa that it is a shame that Marc and Feli Lopez have fallen,😢 Ferrer and Bautista following in the doubles. A SURPRISE about Thiem beaten by Schwartzmann, one less threat to Rafa. In Paris Monfils is following for us, others fallen. Gasquet pleased too 😀he was Rafa s junior friend. We are following the commentery here in Montreal, the French Canadian accent is strange, very nasal and harsh. I said the French players should be at ease there, speaking the same language. 😉 Fi in Paris

  6. All good wishes Rafa in Montreal. You are in fantastic form and enjoying your game.

  7. All the best Rafa for your Tournament in Montreal,

    Love and prayers,



  8. Good luck Rafa vamossssssssssssssssss. And have a great time in Montreal .🎾🎾🎾🎾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍👍❤️🏆

  9. Rafa is always so gracious and finds the right things to say. I have read in many places that tournament directors love him since he so easy to work with and is always willing to promote the events. We fans probably cannot appreciate all the extras that come with being a superstar. I really hope Rafa plays well, but most important that he stays healthy. A healthy Rafa is a happy Rafa

  10. Have a great time in Montreal and win some hardware. Always looking forward to seeing you.

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

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