Rafael Nadal Fans’ Twitter milestone: 100,000 followers

While we’re delighted to celebrate reaching  100,000 followers, we’re continually looking at ways to improve and make our followers’ experience even better.

None of that would have happened without your support. And for that, we say THANK YOU!

Twitter: @RafaelNadalFC

Instagram: @rafaelnadalfans

Always with Rafa! VAMOS!


18 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal Fans’ Twitter milestone: 100,000 followers

  1. Elaine Crowder

    Rafa you are there, so as I said previously it is one day at a time,

    and you look so fit

    so ALL the VERY BEST.

    Love and Prayers,



  2. PUMA

    All Rafa needs to win tournaments is self-confidence à la Federer.

    Rafa needs to stop being intimidated by competitors he is facing style his loss against Muller at Wimby 2017,



  3. Murray has withdrawn too from Montreal. Rafa needs a semifinal appearance to Become no.1 again. Sad for Andy but it was just a matter of time. He was clearly struggling.
    Come on Rafa keep playing well and get the no.1 ranking.You deserve it.


  4. Maureen Ryan

    I love Rafa! The consummate professional and role model. Rafa, you make tennis the great sport it is today! You are our King… the people’s King!


  5. Wow! Four of the top six seeds won’t be in Montreal as Wawrinka has also announced that he’s withdrawn. It’s so intruiging to see what’s happening at the top of the rankings. I hope Rafa will be the last man standing!


  6. Jeff Tuller

    This come back year for Rafa is so thrilling and amazing . I hope that Rafa has a great finish and regains the #1 ranking ! I am confident that he will play magnificent tennis and challenge in all the hard court North America tournaments .Vamos Rafa 2017 !


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