VIDEO: Rafael Nadal bangs his head at Wimbledon

Before stepping out on No. 1 Court, Rafael Nadal had this unfortunate moment in his warm-up. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt!

After the match, Rafa said:

It’s okay. Just a small accident.


  1. Rafa I didn’t see what sounds like an amazing match, but what I don’t understand here in Australia is,

    1)What did you do to your head
    2)Was it looked by a medical team to deem fit enough for you to play
    3)the first -2 sets suggest that you were not playing yourself.

    I am wondering if the match should have been canceled, as you don’t sound to have been very well to me.

    You did your very best Rafa, and I know and realize that you will be disappointed but I wouldn’t like to be playing 5 sets with a bang in my head either.

    Time for fishing, golfing and resting,

    Love and prayers,


  2. I had no idea that Rafa had hit his head SO hard just before the match!!! I fervently hope he has not suffered a lasting injury!! That would be SUCH a hard blow!!! Rafa has always worked hard to maintain a very high standard of readiness. It would be unthinkable to dwell on this accidental head event as a career-ending matter. Let’s hope this will NOT be the case!! Que Dios to bendiga, Rafa!!! Eres el Campeon Numero Uno!!!!!

  3. So there it is for all to see.

    Our good, old Aunt Maria (Siberian) was right after all!!!!

    I received a lot of satirical abuses and innuendos from Rafamaniacs here when Rafa was still standing after the first week, contrary to Aunt Maria’s popular prediction that Rafa would make the 2nd week. I was really embarrassed and I quickly went to meet my famous mystic Aunt to let her know that i was been abused over her failed prediction.

    Aunt Maria, as cool and unperturbed as a Cucumber, said, ”Maria sweetheart, rekax, let’s wait until Monday to see what will happen.”

    The rest is now history. Andy is next in line.

    As promised, we shall release ahead as from tomorrow the full result of the quarter final, semifinal and final matches. Please stay tuned.

    But as always, we’d see……………………hmmn

    • I Agree Rafa. has been playing some good tennis and yes he can play on grass Rafa. at his best can beat any player no matter what surface it is that he plays on, Muller has been playing better on grass then anyone this season better then Roger F. The Joker N J. and Andy M. this is the first grass court Rafa. has played on this season and still almost came back to win the match after getting a bad start did not serve well in set 1 or 2 got 2 sets behind but set 3 and 4 served much better then got to six all in 5th set could have been his match to win but it was not to be finally lost 5th set at 13, 15 to Muller I do not believe that Roger, Andy, or the Joker N,J. could have even come close to beating Muller today. Congrats to Muller on the win he is a gentleman and a good Person.

  4. I may get some opposition for this post, nevertheless I am going to put it out there.

    I don’t recall ever having used “disappointed” after a Rafa loss. For me, the word has too much of a negative connotation. Before posting I rechecked with my Oxford dictionary, considered to be the preëminent English language dictionary. Disappointed=sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one’s hopes or expectations.

    I doubt that Rafa’s team is disappointed. Rafa on the other hand may feel he let down his team, his fans, his family and himself; metaphorically speaking, that is a heavy burden to bear and one which saddens me.


    • I’m not interested in the Oxford dictionary definition of the word “disappointed” Margo and I don’t need an English lesson. All I know is that I’m disappointed in the outcome of the match in so far as Rafa lost. I could never be disappointed in Rafa himself because he is a fighter and I’m proud of him win or lose.

  5. Jason, we’re all disappointed but Rafa played his heart out and just came short. Muller stayed ice cool and played a very good tactical match. Let’s give Rafa credit for withstanding so much pressure.

    • That’s the thing…he did not withstand the pressure. He had Muller on the ropes several times, Muller was ready in 3 of his service games to be broken, he had what we call “a thick arm” – a tense arm that leads to crampy UEs, but Rafa let it slip and then played a horrid last game. In form Rafa, two time champ and 3 time runner up, suffered an unneccessary loss today.

      • jason,,

        rafa had 4 breakpoints in the final set at 9 all but he was in full panic mode and insecure standing behind the baseline. The reason is very simple rafa has a problem with big servers and serve and volley players because his return is the weakest aspect of his game. Carlos Moya will have a lot of work to do for the us open.

        Players like Murray and djokovic dont fear big servers because they have confidence in their return.

      • U r right mjus, most commentators here however are not interested in the technical and tactical part of tennis. They are “Take That” types of fans – they don’t know anything about music.

      • I stand by my words, so we have to agree to disagree and that’s that, Jason. Rafa found it hard to break Muller because, most off the time when Rafa had break points they were nullified by Muller’s heavily disguised serves, especially the ones out wide. Difficult for anyone to read and retrieve. Like Susie said, anyone would have lost against Muller today. Onwards and upwards to the US Rafa!

  6. Hi Susie, you’re right! My apologies .
    Just meant after 6 games each in the final set.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble but Muller, Brown and Rosol are only problematic for Rafa, not for the other multiple slam winners on the tour. It it what it is.

  7. Congrats on a terrific game Rafa. Did you hurt your head, because you did not play 100 percent in the first 2 Sets, but you made a real Rafa Comeback in the third n fourth Sets. You were serving terrific Aces, but in the final half hour they sort of lessened? You are aChampion Rafa, n the King of Clay, n I am very proud of you. I hope your head is OK. Vamos Rafa. Still lots for you to win. God bless you. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂⏳👑⛵️💥💥😀😊😇

    • Personally I think he suffered a bit of concussion from hitting his head before the game, I hope he has it checked out.

  8. Hello everyone,

    After watching the match here my analysis:

    This is a very painful loss to bear. I was moved by the standing ovation for rafa. I admired his fighting spirit and the fact he came back in match. He served magnificient today i have never seen him serving that well especially on match points.
    But on the other hand i saw a rafa in the fifth set in complete panic mode. He didnt moved well in my opinion and was very nervous and insecure. Especially when he had breakpoints in the final set and also the four at 77 in the final set. I really dont understand why he the whole time in the final set when receiving serve was standing 5 meters behind the baseline too me it was like the rafa of 2015 was back complety different then the first three matches and the whole French open. His returns were awful to watch and he allowed muller to play his own game. Not one time did he took risk with his returns.

    The whole time in the fifth set i thought that muller wil ultimately win. But the things in the quarterfinal muller will lose against cilic that is how it goes.

    This loss should not takeaway the great season he has so far with winning la decima. But if he had won this match he would have tanked a lot of confidence for the rest of the tournament.

    Take a break champ you are still the legend in my eyes go fishing or swimming with friends and process this loss and come back for montreal.

    If there is one aspect that moya should improve in rafa game it is his returns and courtposition. Without that i am affraid he is going to have difficulties in the future with big servers and serve and volley players.

    Come on rafa fans were are still with our champ there is still one grandslam tournament remaining. I know rafa is dissapointed but he will come back stronger

  9. OMG! I got this so wrong! I’m thoroughly exhausted emotionally and sad. Rafa fought so hard to come back from two sets down only to lose. He showed so much heart as always. Rafa had his chances in the fifth, but was always at a disadvantage serving second and was up against Muller’s varied and accurate serving. This will be a hard loss for him to take but I hope he can rest regroup and come back fresh for the battles ahead.

  10. The head bang was a bad start. Muller looked terrified before that happened and then Rafa laughed with him. It disrupted Rafa’s on-court persona and his going-on court-routine. Or perhaps I’m reading too much into it.

    Nobody can ever say you’re not a fighter Rafa. See ya at the next tourney, healthy, happy and continuing to play your best. You may not have caught the big one this time, but there are many more fish in the sea. 💜

  11. Actually so down cos I feel Rafa deserved to win just a bit more cos he came from behind trailing by 2 sets. He deserved a bit more luck. Maybe Federer could give him some of his.

    Rafa hope u keep up this level and go higher so that we see you playing well for a long long time!

    Chin up!


  12. Just very sad even though Rafa came from 0-2 to 2-2. Yes was too far behind and on some important and relatively easy points didn’t play well especially in tie break – as one could see by his expression.

    Really hoped he would’ve won CIA then confidence would. E very high and I’m sure he would’ve gone further.

    Anyway would’ve could’ve is no use now. Worst feeling of all – Federer or djokovic have better chances.

    Hope for better luck next time!

    • Rafa seemed to have trouble with the bounce and was not able to hit many passing shots today. There were more errors off his forehand than backhand, some, like the one up break point at 8-8, were just inexplicable (he was shocked too).

      Everything said, this was a battle royale, and it’s a shame that our champion lost. He was gracious in defeat, waited for Muller, and signed autographs despite the exhaustion and the mental anguish. What a great human being!

      Like the rest of the crowd here, I am waiting expectantly for him to start winning a few of these epic matches so he gets his mojo and confidence back for the US Open.

      I believe he can and will!


  13. Neither man deserved to lose that match. Sad for rafa but im proud too as it was a good fight. Oh well – onwards and upwards – we can take some comfort in this being rafa’s best wimbledon for some years. I do not want either novak or roger to win this title so I will be keenly watching their progress.

  14. Well played Rafa and Muller. Rafa you gave your everything I feel proud to be your fan but it’s tough this time I m in tears and I know it’s not of joys. Bye guys it’s 1:15 am here.

  15. Not again! Once again at Wimbledon…Nadal loses a match that he should have and could have won. Wimbledon magic for Nadal is just over it appears. Vamos toward the US Swing…

    • Sheer and utter disappointment. The draw was kind this year, but still it is over before the qf’s.

  16. I almost made my will today as I was about to have a heart attack…..But I love you Rafa even more Only bcoz of your Desire to never give up…..Love you
    Commiseration to all Rafa Fans here
    I think it was not to be…..See you all!!!

    • It is fortunate that my heart is strong or I would be in intensive care by now, What a match.!!
      It is 5-30 a.m. Tuesday morning here in Australia and the match is finally over but I just couldn’t go to bed before the final stroke was played. I have to be up by 7-30 to have an outing with friends so a couple of hours sleep will have to suffice.
      Muller is to be congratulated for his play, but the same for Rafa. He never gives up. Seeing him signing for fans after the match after being so long on the court almost reduced me to tears. He must have been so very tired and so disappointed
      I am so proud to be a Rafa fan. He does not need to win the match to win my admiration, He is a true sportsman, a role model and a gentleman.

      • Very well said like a true Rafan…..Love you all here… Please don’t be sad.Rafa we are with you in your loss or win
        Sooooo proud of You Rafa bcoz you made me a true fan of the sport due to your humble personality and Fighting spirit.
        Thank you Rafa

  17. I’m happy it’s finally over ! He fights back and that a good point ! Hope his head is OK !
    VAMOS <3

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