VIDEO: Rafael Nadal bangs his head at Wimbledon

Before stepping out on No. 1 Court, Rafael Nadal had this unfortunate moment in his warm-up. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt!

After the match, Rafa said:

It’s okay. Just a small accident.


  1. Sorry to say this but why didnt Rafa change his return position? 4 meters behind the line does not work against a serve and volley player.

    I just do not understand, why? Can somebody explain…

    • I don’t think anyone can explain this behavior. Rafa, after those 4-break points at 8-8, didn’t make an impression on the Muller serve at all. I hate to say this but the writing was on the wall towards the end. Rafa was completely unwilling to change his return game, and the no-tiebreak situation hurts someone with that adamant mindset.

  2. We should be gracious in defeat as Our Champ gave it all….I think Moya effect was clearly seen today as he saved many Match points first time in his career on grass but Muller Serve was on another level….Win or loss We are with you Champ!!!
    Don’t want to go too far but it’s now Rogers to lose
    I hope I am wrong!!!!
    Vamosssssss Rafa

    • Now I am. I stopped coming here during Rafa’s matches for obvious reasons.

      Now that Rafa’s match is over I feel for him. He must be thinking “so close.”

      The upside is that he got to play on a surface he loves. Earlier I said if Rafa loses, he should forget about Wimbledon in the future to concentrate on other surfaces. I await to see if he plays it in 2018. Rafa may try again and I will be behind him 150%.


      • I can’t stop thinking of that nasty bang Rafa got on his head before the match – hope he’s really ok and didn’t seriously hurt himself… 😥🤕😧😘

        The best to you sweet Rafa ❤️🍀 Tomorrow’s a new day ☀️

      • Me too, Rafantastic. I’ve been putting it way back in my mind because it really looked painful. Rafa laughed it off but that may have been a shock reaction. Geez, I hope he doesn’t have a bump on his head or a headache. That was a wallop.

        RAFA ROCKS 150% bumps and all

  3. Rafa, no one deserves that standing ovation more than you, and that’s even before you have clinched this match , which you will

      • Hi Rafantastic, I think I will be beach ready as they say after this match, as I must have sweated off at least two stone in the last 4+hours Lol.

  4. Levelled it like the true fighting champion he is. Take him down in the 5th rafa as I can’t stand much more.

  5. One can only hope that Muller has peaked too soon. Rafa looks a far better player in this 4th set – only issue is his turned ankle. I really hope he is not injured

  6. The Wimbledon crowd are a little subdued today , they need to start being a bit more active and get behind Rafa. Susie you need to get down to the grounds asap with a megaphone and liven court one up.

    • Lol Maria. Told you this would be tense but didn’t think it would be quite so heart pounding. Rafa got 3rd set and now needs to take muller down!!!

      • I know, I keep switching matches to calm me down , but doesn’t help when I see Roger claim his first set so easily.

  7. And Rafa breaks!!! Yay! I have to leave work now so can’t watch anymore, but will be following the scores and willing you on Rafa. Vamos!

  8. Thing is nearly all of Rafa’s stats are better (not the aces obviously 🙁 ) At least try to get to a tie-break Rafa! I haven’t given up yet, and neither must you!

  9. Come on Rafa, you can still do this.A drop of rain wouldn’t go amiss right now, and a quick check up.

  10. hope you are okay – that was some bang – all my best to my hero that always gives me pleasure to watch. Your 70 year old fan for many years. Go RAFA.

  11. He said he was ok as soon as he’s done it. Let’s hope he is. This is a tense match so far

      • Outch sweet Rafa, really do hope you’re ok – that was a nasty bang 😣😢😘

        Come on Champ – you can do this 🤗❤️🍀

        VAMOOS CHAMP! 🎾💪🏼

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