PHOTOS: Rafa Mania hits Wimbledon again

Some people think that Rafael Nadal’s match is not scheduled on Center Court today because Andy Murray and Rogger Federer attract more fans at Wimbledon, but here is the proof that our champ has many loyal fans, too.


  1. Such a lame and untrue excuse, Wimbledon are so biased and out of touch. Rafa attracts the biggest following. Federer calls the shots and Andyis one of their own except when he loses.Then he is a Scot
    Sad to see him exit but he gave it his all. What a competitor, what a champion. Rafa forever.

  2. Brilliant match, you will be very disappointed in losing but you played superbly. You will allways be number one to me. Love you Rafa xx

  3. Getting worried now….
    No unforced error from Rafa still 1 set down…
    It tells us how Muller is playing good behind his serve only…. Come on Rafa

  4. Well that’s my straight sets theory out the window. C’mon rafa – it was just one break of serve. Muller can’t keep this level up. Behind rafa all the way!!!

    • That bump scrambled Rafa’s brains a bit. Now it’s time to get going Rafa, your head should be fine now! VAMOS!

    • Your right Susie, hopefully Muller’s level will drop and relatively soon. Rafa won’t give him the chance to take another set. It’s the second week , with the better players so I guess straight sets might have been asking a bit to much.. Rafa needs to be tested a little for when he plays the likes of Andy , Roger or Novak. Early days still , but Rafas’s Wimbledon journey will not end today of that I’m sure.

  5. Federer hasn’t won Wimbledon since 2012. Novak has won it three times and Federer still gets preferential treatment. Not because of fans, but because of the biased establishment. They do what they want.

  6. Never heard such a load of rubbish, Rafa is the most exciting player of them all, I am a Rodger fan as well but if I had to choose Rafa is top of my list.

  7. Some people say that? probably Federer’s fans LOL. If I recall well they usually alternate the court, I mean sometimes they have to play at Court 1 or Central Court

    • Julia, That is in the first week. Roger and Andy have only played on centre court and it is unlikely that they will ever play on court one now. Both Rafa and Novak have played already on court one. While I love Rafa, I have to concede that Andy and Roger are more popular in Wimbledon.

  8. You are Right sir….It’s not a Monday mania
    It’s a Rafa Mania
    Waiting eagerly for Rafa’s match
    God bless you

    • Have seen Rafa, Djokovic, fed and Murray play at Wimbledon…. and always the same – Wimbly & BBC are SO biased to fed and the scot – even in rankings and the draw. Just look who’s got the easiest again this year – yes, fed and the scot👎!!

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