VIDEO: Rafael Nadal signs fan’s prosthetic leg after beating Donald Young | Wimbledon 2017

Rafael Nadal defeated Donald Young to reach the third round at Wimbledon – and celebrated by signing a supporter’s prosthetic leg. He told reporters that it wasn’t the strangest thing he’d ever signed. Watch!


  1. Rafa – you are the best, number 1, always, no matter what, Keep up what you are doing.
    VAMOS Rafa.

  2. Rafa has posted a gorgeous pic of him and his equally gorgeous young cousins out on a bike ride in London on Instagram. 🚵💂So Cute!

  3. Does anyone know why Moya was not present in the box during the last two matches of Rafa?

    • Rafa said Carlos needs time to spend with his family and that Francis is the point man for grass.

      RAFA ROCKS 150%

  4. How lovely of Rafa and Andy to make a fans day even more special by signing their prosthetic leg, thousands may have their signature but this one will be extra special.

  5. Hi Maria England and jas_uk. Fabulous day on Centre court yesterday except it felt like I was in an oven it was so hot – that court particularly traps the heat. Thanks jas_uk for letting me know it was rafa’s fingers. For an awful moment I thought it may have been his wrist as I could see them bending over that area. Luckily it wasn’t. I have to say that I was riveted by Konta’s match. It was long and hard fought – over 3 hours I think and well done her. Sad to see Donna in tears after it though. Dustin Brown is a great entertainer and looks massive on court and has a great arm span but good result for andy. And rafa – last but not least – once again was magnificent live and in straight sets too. I’m speechless every time I am lucky to see him play live. A very long day but worth it. So tired today so I’m staying indoors watching Edmund v Monfils – good so far. Anyone know what time rafa is playing tomorrow?

    • Hi Susie , you certainly picked the right day to go, I’m so happy for you that you managed to see Rafa and some other magnificent matches yesterday.Rafa has certainly bought the Spanish weather with him, but I can’t imagine how hot you must have been, what with the sun and seeing Rafa Lol. I’m guessing you need a relaxing day now to recharge your batteries for tomorrow. Watching the same match as you , and Edmund’s has been playing very well even if he is losing , keeping an eye on Novak’s match as well. Susie go on you tube and watch Uncle Toni’s latest interview at Wimbledon , he’s such a little imp , but very loveable. Enjoy your day of TV tennis and have another great day tomorrow at Wimbledon , hope you get to see Rafa on his practice session.

  6. Rafa has faced countless adversities during his life so I am sure he wouldn’t give a second thought to signing a prosthetic leg. He has empathy.

    Rafa can appreciate his almost career-ending diagnosis when his tarsal scaphoid malady was finally diagnosed.

    It is no surprise to me that Rafa was happy to sign a fan’s prosthetic leg. He is a champion in more ways than one.

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

  7. Just when you think Nadal can’t be more perfect, he signs a prosthetic leg ❤️ !!!!

  8. What a genuine smiling gentleman who made someone VERy happy by signing the prosthetic leg.

    You are a REAL CHAMP INDEED.

    Love and prayers,


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