VIDEO: Nadal beats Millman – highlights | Wimbledon 2017

Watch highlights as Rafael Nadal beats John Millman in straight sets to secure his place into the second round of Wimbledon.


  1. Great analysis/observations on Rafa. A few excerpts.

    Headline: “Rafael Nadal rediscovers Wimbledon swagger..”

    “Unusually for a naturally born dirt-baller, he can adapt to the stuff as seamlessly as the bulls whose horns are emblazoned on all his shirts and shoes.”

    “…bouncing around like a prizefighter and flaying his forehand with a murderous intent…”

    “…the Nadal of 2017 is an intoxicating vintage. ….For the third time, he won the FO without dropping a set. ….on the other two occasions, he went on to clamp his teeth around those golden ears of Wimbledon’s Challenge Cup.”

    “Whisper it quietly, but the insistence of …. Toni that Federer remains the ‘maximum favorite’ …. could well be a false front. In this condition, and with his signature brand of cussedness, Nadal is poised to reprise his 2008 role as heroic usurper.”

    Re vs. Millman: “He closed one 34-shot rally with an over-the-netpost winner that defied all conventions of geometry. Two weeks of practice back in the Balearics …. have restored him to a vein of form with which very few, perhaps not even Federer, can live.”
    [Oliver Brown, Charlie Eccleshare, July 3, 2017. TheTelegraph]

    They believe too, Rafa.

    Have a great match today Rafa. Wishing you a strong win–SS will do it.🎾🤗👍

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

      • First of all, these are excerpts as stated. Not an article.

        Second of all, I can’t find where the article was copied here. Wanna give a hint? Hint=clue, mention, indication.

        RAFA ROCKS 150%

      • How kind of you to clear that up . I do believe that’s what my post was EXCERPTS not the whole article 150% . And as Jas _uk commented , Rafa was just making an honest remark . I think if you take it negatively or think it’s cowardly , it’s more of a reflection of you than Rafa. Now for the 100th time of asking , please do not read or comment on my post if you have nothing nice to say as I have never commented on yours, only to stand up for myself.

      • I honestly have no idea what you are talking about.

        I received an e-mail saying you responded to my post containing excerpts of an article. Your response was, “Thank you for your copied article.” And what does Jas_UK have to do with my post??? I was responding to Gold Wolf as my post clearly indicates.

        Furthermore, Jas_UK did not post the nonsense that I based my comment on.

        Furthermore, I said RAFA IS NOT A COWARD. How dare you. Ok, ok. Did you ever attend grammar school? It’s a legitimate question because by all appearances you have difficulty with the written word.

        RAFA ROCKS 150%

      • Never stated you called Rafa a coward or commented on Jas_ UK post ( re- read ) as for my education or so called lack of it , that’s none of your business.

  2. Evamosssssssssssss Rafa good luck. Champ🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🏆

  3. They’re dropping like flies!!! Just seen Feliciano Lopez retire in the fourth set through injury. He’s the seventh man in the draw to retire! Stay healthy Rafa, so that you can see it through to a winning end 😀

  4. Article can also be found on Eurosport . Looks like Rafa could be one of the last matches on tomorrow . UK time roughly 4.30. Susie have a great time at Wimbledon tomorrow, hope you get to see quite a few matches tomorrow and it won’t be a disappointment like today with Novak’s and Roger’s opponents retiring. But mostly I hope you get to see Rafa’s match . Have fun ,and if Rafa takes his shirt off again , no drooling 👅, you never know when the camera’s are on you Lol😀

    • Maria I’m so pleased rafa is on centre court as I have tickets there for tomorrow. Not seen him play live since Wimbledon 2008 in 3rd or 4th round and that was fantastic. Think I’ll see andy too if he’s on centre. Rafa is 3rd on – think I’ve heard about 5.30pmish. Thanks I’m sure I’ll have a fab time and no drooling I promise. Catch you Thursday

      • First time since 2008! Rafa definitely gonna win this year I believe. You could be good luck to him. Enjoy the great one live

      • Wauw – lucky you Susie. Enjoy 😍 Will be cheering from home 👏🏻😄
        VAMOS RAFA!! 🤗💕🍀🎾💪🏼

  5. Great warm up for Rafa! After the exhibition against Berdych, I was a bit concerned with the bad grass form. He should have no problem with Donald Young in around 2 but what is more important than anything besides the win is that he practices aggression on Grass so that Cilic will be on the defensive in the QF’s. Cilic will be Rafa’s toughest match before the final. He is a big hitter and that can cause Rafa problems especially on Grass. Murray should be a walk in the park in the Semis. Rafa owns Murray. Then, Roger or No4vak.

    • Eh, I’m not sure you guys have read my Aunt Maria (Siberia)’s prediction?
      It has already started coming true – She predicted Stan will be out before Round 2 and it came to pass!!!

      I’m afraid for Murray and Nadal who are next in line…….

      But as always, we’d see……..hnnmn

  6. Great match yesterday Rafa. Keep it up and good luck for rest of tournament. Yes we would like to see more pulse racing displays at the end of your matches. They show just why you have been voted the sexiest tennis player on the planet. I have been an ardent fan ever since you first came onto the scene as a young teenager.

    • Apparently Cassie this is the second year in a row he has been voted that. I can only think they must have been walking around with their eyes closed in previous years . Lol. Hopefully by the end of these two weeks it won’t be the only number one spot he owns.☝👏

    • Eh, I’m not sure you guys have read my Aunt Maria (Siberia)’s prediction?
      It has already started coming true – She predicted Stan will be out before Round 2 and it came to pass!!!

      I’m afraid for Murray and Nadal who are next in line…….

      But as always, we’d see……..hnnmn

  7. Good luck Rafa, in your match tomorrow against Donald Young. He hasn’t managed to take a set off you in your previous two meetings ( 2008 and 2015) and I don’t see that changing anytime soon ( especially in your current form).
    Loved your antics with your top yesterday, and you certainly had the crowd going and caused quite a stir.
    Some headlines today – Rafa Nude-al: Spanish sensation sets Wimbledon pulses racing (and cameras flashing) with on-court strip show
    The 31-year-old Spaniard whipped off his shirt after a comfortable victory today
    Rafael Nadal won over Court One crowd as he beat John Millman in straight sets

    LOL more of the same please

    Rafa seemed very happy with the way he played yesterday and has said that he has positive feelings in terms of health , and is looking forward to his second match on Wednesday.
    Rafa also went on to say – : ‘If I reach the final, I’d like to face a different opponent than Federer.
    I don’t like to face best players in the final and I think I played against Roger already enough times this year
    Rafa, I don’t care who your opponent is in the final, only that it’s your teeth biting into that trophy, and I am sure Carlos Moya will be there in person to witness it.

    • When did Rafa say that??? That is cowardice… Rafa is not a coward. That doesn’t sound like him at all especially at this stage in the tournament. It’s to early for him to be speculating on being in the final. He normally says next opponent is who I have to worry about. He might say that in all honesty after the semis if it’s Roger vs someone else but after the first round??? I would expect him to say “it would be good for the fans if we both can make it to the final, but the final is a long ways away.” That sounds more like Rafa. I want Roger Rafa #10! Rafa needs to beat the GOAT if he is to become the GOAT. That Aussie collapse is not the way you want the Fedal story to end. Rafa must win and on the biggest stage and on Federers best surface. Only then will the naysayers be silenced.

      • Popped up on my tablet couple of hours ago , admittedly it doesn’t sound like something Rafa would say . You can find it on tennis world usa.posted 8 hrs ago.

      • Sounds like an honest remark to me. Roger might have said the same about Rafa – had he actually played any of the clay season. I agree that it’s important for Rafa to win against Roger, and the sooner the better. I don’t care much about what pundits or the mostly disrespectful people on the tennis forums think, or about the GOAT thing, but I am bothered about Rafa possibly developing a mental block about playing Fed. I care about Rafa’s confidence a lot – the only person he needs to prove anything to is himself.

      • @Gold Wolf I agree you got it right.

        I agree it’s not Rafa’s style AT ALL to talk about a final when he hasn’t even played his second match of a tournament.

        Whoever posted that didn’t offer any analysis of Rafa’s statement. Both Eurosport, and Luigi Ricci have quoted Rafa as having said it but more often than not, when copying articles, M-E seems to troll the Internet for negative articles about Rafa and other players. I read the same articles. And I know Luigi to be a big Rafan. I have quoted him here on many occasions.

        This is my interpretation of Rafa’s statement. Rafa has always said, “To be the best, you have to play the best.” He has also said, “If I am high in the rankings, I am playing well.” Rafa is back to No. 2 in the WORLD, and poised to win the No. 1 spot again.

        Rafa is not a coward. HE IS PLAYING MIND GAMES with whomever thinks can beat him. Give your opponent a sense of security. THAT IS WHAT THOSE WORDS MEAN, to me anyway.

        Excerpts such as we are discussing deserve at least a modicum of analysis as far as I am concerned. Some articles and/or statements are self explanatory. This is one that requires thinking.

        RAFA ROCKS 150%

    • Eh, I’m not sure you guys have read my Aunt Maria (Siberia)’s prediction?
      It has already started coming true – She predicted Stan will be out before Round 2 and it came to pass!!!

      I’m afraid for Murray and Nadal who are next in line…….

      But as always, we’d see……..hnnmn

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