Wimbledon 2017: Tuesday practice photos and video

Rafael Nadal practises at Aorangi Park ahead of his second-round Wimbledon clash with Donald Young on Wednesday.


  1. Looking amazing as always Rafa 😍C’mon champ – Go nail todays match as well πŸ€— VAMOOSS YOU ROCK!! β€οΈπŸ€πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽΎπŸ’ͺ🏼🌟

  2. Rafa, the sun is out shinning for you today, ready for you to annihilate yet another opponent and send them on their merry way. You certainly have been treating the fans at Wimbledon, not only on the court ,but by mingling with them in Wimbledon Village, as you were spotted in Tesco express by some very happy shoppers. ( Hope you enjoyed your diet coke Lol). So head lines today are – Unexpected item in the bagging area? Rafael Nadal spotted using Tesco self-checkout .
    So happy to hear that the French people made a lovely gesture to Rafa at their plane Festival in Saint- Dozier last week by having a plane launched by the air Force in honour of him , as a tribute for his ten RG titles. The plane had a huge racket, tennis ball, and a number 10 on one of it’s side along with a Nike bandana.
    Rafa what a fitting tribute to you , from a country that has become a very special place to you indeed.

  3. I completely missed that with Karlovic out, our nightmare opponent Rosol may show in Round 4. He is playing Mueller today and with a win, would be one match away from Rafa-Rosol Wimbledon part 3.

    • He is not Rafa’s nightmare and that’s who and what count.

      This is a 2017-reinvigorated Rafa, a healthy Rafa, a confident Rafa, a pain-free Rafa, a mentally strong and focused Rafa, a two-time Wimbledon champ, a five-time Wimbledon finalist, a two-time FO/Wimbledon-B2B winner. Rafa will not give Rosol a second thought, were they to meet.

      RAFA ROCKS 150%

  4. All the best Rafa for the game against Donald Young and those legs and knees look pretty good great to me.

    Love and prayers,


  5. Looking good there champ.

    Donald Young seems like a nice chap, and America needs all the nice Donalds it can get, so do the USA a favour and send him back home soonest!

    Get it done Rafa!

    • Don’t follow the propaganda please. The mantra “Donald Trump is bad” is a complete joke. Look beyond the hysteria of CNN and dig a bit deeper. You will find many, many ugly things about the locked in and sold out machine of Obama (a puppet) – Khillary (obsessed with power, thank you for the mess you made in North-Africa!). Trump is an outsider and he is breaking that machine. Don’t believe the BS, the man is doing what needs to be done.

      • Why even give that silly comment countenance? I wish you would support Rafa half as much as you just supported you know who…

        RAFA ROCKS 150%

      • I made that comment because people who are extremely anti-Trump should finally wake up. There is something called fact finding and can work enlightning. This comes from a non-US, non conspiracy theorist who really laughed out loud on that day on November 2016.

      • To quote RNF, who said some months ago, “Never argue with an ——- because they will win with experience,” as I recall. I didn’t take notes.

        We don’t always see eye to eye, Jason, but thanks for explaining. I had no idea but remember two wrongs don’t make a right. Having said that, I’ve got a troll calling me vindictive. A troll who accused me of lying, a troll who accused me of picking at every comment. But this same troll didn’t accuse another member of the same when that member pointed out that there is no record of Rafa and a S. African player being friends. I said absolutely nothing but noted the duplicity of the troll. So there you have it. Remember RNF’s words.

      • That misogynist? No thanks Jason. Maybe if he grabs your wife or mom or daughter by the p**** you’ll like him even more.

        Anyway, this is not about politics… my comment stands, and it was all about Rafa dispatching Donald Young back to the USA:) On that I’m sure we can all agree.

  6. Rafa, can I get another SS win from you on Wednesday? I don’t want you tired out before your final, lovey.


    • Margo , anyone who reads these post will realise that it’s not me who is the troll, everything you have just said is what you have excused me of and more , you only have to read recent post to see who’s doing what , only I wouldn’t insult others intelligence. I will ask you again please don’t comment , but i think it will fall on death ears by past experience. Respect other fans who do not come on here for such unpleasantness.

      • Hey Margo & Maria (E.) 😊
        Wish you two could get along or call it the truces, or simply try to avoid communicate with eachother (if not possible in a respectful manner). – Don’t really wanna interfere πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š Just needed to get it of my chest…

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